300 more US troops deployed to Middle East

300 more US troops deployed to Middle East

Recon Marine veteran Mike Sarraille on the growing involvement of the U.S. in the Middle East and why Iran must be dealt with. #FOXNews

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The Pentagon is deploying 300 more Troops to the mid East as us bases in Iraq and Syria attacked get this 27 Times and the past 2 weeks 27 times in Two weeks and we know the Iranian Proxies they've told us already now Let's take a look at where the US troops Are roughly stationed as of right now uh Let's these are where we are at these Are the attacks that have taken place The 27 here uh these are the contractors 45,000 are uh in this region this is Where we are the Naval bases are these These destroyers aircraft carriers in The region ready to attack should other Nations get involved in the Israeli War And let's take a look at where our Troops are deployed a total of 45,000 The ones that concern me most concern us Most because they're under attack the Most is Syria and Iraq but keep in mind Too when this is these are the areas of Meanor concern but keep in mind we got 13,000 in Kuwait you can hit Kuwait Bahrain which is part of the Abraham Records you wouldn't think it would be Attacked but if you attack American Assets you'd be looking at somebody Who's attacking for Hamas uh Qatar is a Bit of dicey that's where we know that The higher-ups in Hamas actually live a Luxurious life have their limousines and Have their uh Four Seasons and the UAE 3,500 troops we have a lot of Assets in

This area a lot of reasons uh to be Concerned and ultimately this is the Most concerned 27 attacks we responded Once with me right now is retired Navy SEAL and Recon Marine Corps veteran Mike Celli he joins us Mike how frustrated Would you be knowing that you've been Under rocket attack uh for the last Three or four weeks and you were told Basically don't do anything we'll knock Him out of the sky you'll be okay Meanwhile we got a couple of dozen that Were hit and a contractor the tide of a Heart Attack so Brian as a ground troop I I Can only believe that they are extremely Frustrated I understand that the US is Showing restraint in order to prevent This becoming a broader open conflict Within the Middle East but uh if an American Service member is killed or Maed the US has no other recourse but to Retaliate against R uh Iran with extreme Prejudice so we know our guys are just Sitting here and we know we have a lot Of people in this area in Iraq we know In Syria got 900 guys just sitting there We hit a weapons Depot so our guys are Just sitting there knowing there's a Problem here there's a problem here and The there's a war raging there and they Know they're under attack how how much Missile defense do these bases Have the bases are probably well armed

In defense of any indirect fires coming In uh but again uh that said for a Ground troop a young Sergeant in the Marine Corps sitting there it's sort of In anasis to to to their existence and That if somebody throws a punch at you You retaliate back Swiftly and very uh determinedly so so Michael you're in Israel all of a sudden You realize Hezbollah might want to get Involved we see some consistent rocket Attacks and some retaliation we realize Hezbollah Assets in Syria some rocket Attacks and retaliation and then over The last few days guess who else gets Involved the houthi rebels they're Declaring war in Israel how do you f how Do you game plan this out knowing Different fronts are opening up by the Hour well I think the question Everyone's asking is this the first Domino with Yemen declaring war on Israel to a open Roder conflict remember Uh Yemen's been in Civil War since 2014 When the houthis uh removed hadti President hadti who then fled to Saudi Arabia uh now the houthis are a jihadist Organization backed by Iran and quite Frankly they were on the terror watch List until February of 2021 when President or the Biden Administration Removed them but uh I think for Saudi Arabia and UAE who were actively Involved in uh in in uh Yemen uh

Basically due to Iranian influence this Doesn't mean state-to-state Warfare They'll most likely do clandestine and Indirect operations as well as economic Sanctions to limit Iran's uh influence Or or Brad broadening the conflict Further so Iran did war games a couple a Week ago at which time they're rolling Out tanks that we gave them in 1978 uh They have some s some weapons they have Some assets but they're not a Sophisticated Army everybody you Mentioned one thing in Common Iran how much longer we going to Pretend it's not Saudi Arabia that's the Problem it's not Oman that's the problem It is Iran that's the problem sooner or Later we're going to have to say it out Loud final thought Mike I I I'll tell you this Iran knows They can't win in an open conflict Against the US and Arab states so they Will continue with the indirect and Clandestine War for supporting these Jihadist organizations but Iran has to Be dealt with and quite frankly we Allowed their oil exports to increase From about 5 billion to 40 billion over The last years those economic sanctions Need to be reimposed in crippling and Diplomacy ultimately by the Gulf States To end their influence as much as they Were riching that's a problem they were In a box they are not in a box now Mike

Thanks so much appreciate it thanks Brian I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian kilme And I'm Angley aart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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