8 ISIS-linked suspects arrested in US in major sting operation

8 ISIS-linked suspects arrested in US in major sting operation

Former Trump national security aide John Ullyot discussed his reaction to the news during ‘Fox & Friends First’ as officials remain on high alert for national security purposes. #FoxNews

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President Biden returns to the world Stage today leaving for the G7 Summit in Italy in about 2 hours from now but here At home a group of Isis link terrorist Suspects were just arrested in three of America's biggest cities after walking Right into our country across our Southern border Lucas Tomlinson is live With the breaking details Lucas what do We know well good morning Carly and Todd Not only did those eight terrorist Suspects enter the United States Illegally through the southern border They apparently received quote full Vetting according to our own bill Malo The suspects are from Tajikistan the Landlock country in Central Asia it Borders Afghanistan to the South and China to the east recall the main Suspects in the terrorist attack on the Concert hall in Moscow that killed 145 People back in March were also from Tajikistan the FBI and DHS said in a Statement to Fox quote the individuals Arrested are detained in ice custody Pending removal proceedings as the FBI And DHS have recently described in Public and partner bulletins the US has Been in a heightened threat environment The FBI and DHS will continue working Around the clock with our partners to Identify investigate and disrupt Potential threats to National Security The suspected terrorists were arrested

In Los Angeles and across the country in New York and Philadelphia in recent days According to the New York Post who broke The story quote part of the Investigation featured a wir tap which Revealed one of the now arrested Individuals was talking about bombs Remember the Boston Marathon bombing I'm Afraid something like that that might Happen again or worse now FBI director Christopher Ray warned lawmakers back in April about what he described as the Increased threat of a quote coordinated Attack inside the US after the Moscow Massacre and of course again remember The suspects in that attack were also From Tajikistan guys all right Lucas Tomlinson live for us Lucas thank you Let's bring in former Trump National Security a John Elliot to talk about This very concerning story and John one Of the most concerning things about this Is that these eight people who were uh Just arrested they weren't Goda ways They received full vetting by CBP Nothing was flagged so they were Welcomed into our country given the Millions of other people who were Treated the very same way where does That leave us well you're absolutely Right Carly it's a disaster here one of Them one of these eight actually used The app they have an app with your phone Where you can actually go in and get

Preved and so we're now having Terrorists use the app to get into our Country and so look this is something Where it's absolutely this is an open Border and the terrorists know it and so Whether it's the Isis K guys who uh Terrorists who went after just a couple Months ago in Moscow and killed over a Hundred people who were who were there In in Moscow this is a a similar thing Could happen right now and then just Look at the white house right now there Was over over the weekend Carly what There was in front of the White House is You had people putting all sorts of just Defacing one of the statues throwing Bricks at at uh uh the Park police that Were there and so look this is something That not a single person got arrested There so we we've got people who can Come that close to the White House and Now we have known terrorists just since Since Biden's been in office Carly what You've had is you've had 320 known terrorists have come in there And been stopped at the border and That's just the ones that that we've Stopped look if if you're using the app And you're coming in and you're a Terrorist then guess how many that we Have that are just going right around The ice protection that we have now the Customs Border Protection is an absolute Disgrace yeah I fear it's just a matter

Of time before our Intel Services which Do an amazing job by the way not Discrediting them but they failed to Catch one of these Terror cells before It's too late and that was a sentiment That the FBI director expressed some Fear about when he uh testified a few Weeks ago listen we've seen the threat From foreign terrorists rise to a whole Another level on top of that Increasingly concerning is the potential For a coordinated attack here in the Homeland not unlike the Isis attack we Saw at the Russia Concert Hall back in March John if Trump is elected is there Anything he can do to potentially Substantially eliminate as much of this Threat as possible or John is it just Too Late no it's not too late at all because President Trump has said that we're Going to De Deport everybody once he Gets in office he said that we're going To start with the criminals but that We're going to put everybody who's come In here illegally under Biden and Earlier the the trickle that was there Compared to the wave that's going going On right now but he is going to deport These terrorists he's going to find Where they are and what president Trump Has said is that the police know where These guys are and and with the Intelligence you're absolutely right

That the Intel resources that we have Kudos to the FBI for finding these guys And it was a wir tap reportedly that Found them so good good on them and so What president Trump will do number one He'll close the border so they won't get In and those who are here he's going to Make sure that they are deported right Away or actually that they're arrested And that they're prosecuted Ed and then Possibly deported after that but we need These guys in jail is what we need Without question and there's also Everything that's going on in Afghanistan right now Isis K has been on The rise in Afghanistan since our Withdrawal and now that we're not there We have to use this over the horizon Approach given how catastrophic our Withdrawal was and and the loss of life That took place it doesn't seem like uh Sending troops back now is on the table But given the fact that Terror Organizations uh are on the rise there Would it be safe for us here at home if We did have a presence there well you're Absolutely right Carly what we did there Under Biden is that we gave up balram Air Force Base when I was at the National Security Council supporting President Trump he had the withdrawal From Afghanistan for the US forces to on A Glide path where we would keep bam and Now you know who's controlling BM is the

Chinese and so you're absolutely right That we need a greater capability to go After Isis we still have un over over The horizon capability but had Biden not Given away B it would have been much we Would have been much safer and could Have attacked Isis K right where they Are and they would be on the run and not Plotting attacks by coming through our Southern border meantime John in just a Couple of hours President Biden will be Headed to Italy for the G7 Summit as an Israel Hamas CE fire deal as well as China Russia Ukraine all these major Major foreign policy issues Loom large What deliverables must Biden walk away With in order for this G7 to be Considered a success John well what's happening here I I know One thing's for certain is that after What happened yesterday with Hunter Biden he's not going to give be giving The leaders parenting tips and he's also Not going to be giving them any talk on Gun control so look what he is going to Do is he's going in there and these are All globalists who are very afraid of President Trump coming in I think Laura's program last night talked about Exactly how the how so many of these Leaders are worried about what's Happened in terms of of more Centrist Forces that are coming in more Right-wing forces that are or just right

Of Center voices that are coming in so What he has to do is he has to push back On them and he has to show that somehow He's able to make it across the Finish Line because they're ready to bail on Him right now and they they need they're Asking for more money for Ukraine but They're ready to bail on him and you Know what they're telling him Todd is They're telling him that that hate to Break it to you Biden but they're Looking at the polls that he's looking At and they say there's a steep discount Right now on Hunter Biden's art from Anybody who wants influence from their Countries and Israeli media is also Reporting that Hamas just rejected key Parts of the US ceasefire deal so back To the drawing board on that one as well John thank you so much for joining us I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley Airhart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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