911 call from Louisville gunman’s mother released

911 call from Louisville gunman's mother released

Louisville Metro PD Interim Chief Jacquelyn Gwinn-Villaroel joined ‘The Faulkner Focus’ to discuss the department’s response to the tragic shooting. #FoxNews

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Police in Louisville Kentucky have Released the 9-1-1 calls from this Week's deadly Bank shooting one of the Calls came in from the gunman's mother But he was already inside the bank My son might be he couldn't have a gun And he's heading toward the Old National At uh on Main Street here in Louisville Main Street Old National Yeah so this is his mother I don't know What to do I need your help I think he he's never heard me want to Be a really good kid please don't come Up and he said he was headed to the Old National Bank did he say what he was Going to do there I don't know I don't know anything she But we don't even own the guns I don't Know where he would have gotten all We've already had calls from other People and I do not need you to go to The location at this time okay it's Dangerous there More desperate calls for help were Coming from the bank employees who were Hiding and watching the gunman fire at Will How do you know you have an active Shooter on the site I just watched it In a closet hiding Just stay on the line with me Everything Is that true shots fired Just stay quiet and stay where you're at

Okay Do you know what kind of injuries there Are I don't know We do have multiple people calling now Okay can you stand alone with me just a Moment please She was trying to stay quiet it's so Hard when you're so scared Police video giving us now that Firsthand look at the chaotic moments When the heroic police officers raced Into danger they ran toward the bullets A warning these images could be Disturbing Down get the officer That video from the body camera of Officer Corey Galloway is what gives us That audio and in that close-up look he And Nicholas Wilt were first to arrive Officer Wilt was critically injured After one of the gunman's bullets hit Him in the head Louisville interim Police chief Jacqueline Gwen Villa Rowell joins me now and it is so Wonderful to have you in Focus first of All my prayers and all of our hearts are Just thinking of you and your city and Your Police Department you have been a Pillar of strength as we watch you Nationally first of all just tell me About that moment with Galloway and will And and what their training was getting Them to do in those moments

Yeah first off thank you Harris for Having me here what you saw in the video You saw two officers Who knew that lives were in danger and They reached deep down within their Training and they knew exactly what they Needed to do and that's to stop the hurt Stop the threat Stop the Violence from Occurring in more additional lives being Lost and their bravery their their Strength to just stay in the fight in Order to save others is what they're Being taught and then they when they Swore in to protect and serve that's What was demonstrated On April 10th that is what you saw Harris that's what you saw amazing Officer Wilt I know in the first news Conference when you said this it made me Cry He had only been on the job four times I Believe because he'd just been sworn in A couple of weeks before What kind of young man is he at 26 who Could be so present in that moment how How proud were you when he was sworn in And what were your hopes for him and we Pray that he'll be okay Yeah the pride that I have for the whole Class and and for will is just you can It's evident in the graduation video and Just to see how eager and excited and Happy he was to to do exactly what he Wanted to do and that is to be a police

Officer and for me they have the honor And I say that the honor and the Privilege to swear these brave men and Women in it just gives me the energy in Order to keep on doing what I need to do As their chief But one of the heart-wrenching moments That I had is when I went to the Hospital to see his mother on that day On April the 10th and she's sitting There in that waiting room waiting to Hear what was going on with her child And she looked up at me when she when I Walked in and she says Chief you just Wore him in And I looked at I said yes ma'am I did And he is doing and did what he wanted To do and she says yes and then we Embraced Um That's that's the moment you know that We are doing the good work and the the Courage that was displayed um everyone Should just actually Echo it across the Nation that that is the kind of officer That we want to be police officers Throughout I want to share with the audience Something that I came across I sort of Suspected it because you are the calm in The storm You're an ordained pastor how does your Faith influence maybe inform what you Had to say to your city and and will

Continue to have to say to your city and Your officers By faith in my god Um drives me it is it is it is the Platform in which I stand on Um prayer I know the strength of praying I prayed on the scene I prayed Throughout this this entire situation And one of my prayers is the prayer of Solomon of wisdom and as I leave this Department and and actually continue to Protect and serve this city I'm always Asking God for wisdom and the decisions That I make how I'm directing my men and Women to actually go about their Day-to-day jobs and so with that I have The strength and God's grace in which You're saying to allow me to do the good Work and to continue on in in order for Me to say a prayer for the family and I Know that Prayer Changes Things and um And I'm hoping that my God is actually Hearing me and so that is what you're Saying because I stand here today as the Interim police chief only by the grace Of God Amen Again we pray for those who survived With injuries all of them outside of the Department as well and I thank you so Very much for taking us inside of a life As as a leader in police in policing Today but also giving us an idea of what It really means Um to have that hunger and that thirst

To protect thank you very much good to See you thank you

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