ABC accused of ‘election interference’ after Trump broadcast

ABC accused of 'election interference' after Trump broadcast

District Media Group President Beverly Hallberg reacts to ABC blurring out the text-to-donate ad on Donald Trump’s podium and the White House announcement of an Easter Bunny family. #FoxNews

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Well ABC's Good Morning America catching Some heat after viewers noticed clips From former president Trump's speech Following his arrest Well the clips were altered to blur his Podium look at that and the message that Read text Trump 88022 for donations to his campaign they Blurred that out ABC critics were also Quick to note the network didn't blur Clips from President Biden's rallies From the previous election cycle Beverly Hallberg president of District Media Group fellow at Independent Women's Forum joins us now Beverly should we Really be surprised at this at this Point We we shouldn't I don't think any of us Watching this found this to be a Completely shocking development now here Is where the new news outlets have an Issue plenty of their staff members have A deep disdain for Donald Trump yet they Know he is good ratings there's a reason Why many of these Outlets did cover his Speech following his indictment now I Think what we have to wait and see is Whether or not as President Biden hope I I think we're guessing he's going to Throw his hat in the race what are they Going to do for his rallies in the Future are we going to see the same type Of blurring Um we'll have to wait and see the

Contracts is going to be a little bit More Stark when you see some Democrats Get into the race but I think overall News outlets just have this hard time of Knowing that this is good ratings but Not wanting to give him any type of Credit whatsoever but here's the thing Donald Trump has raised over 8 million Dollars since his indictment so I don't Think blurring the tax prevented him From getting any donations yeah I think It might have even jumped to over 10 Million last I saw in Beverly here's the Thing like If they're going to blur the text to Donation link or the the number to text I'm fair enough if that's the style Guide if that's what you say it's our Policy as a network to do it but if You're going to end up selectively Blurring out the donation option only For candidates that people in your Newsroom don't like I mean it's it's Just like glaring it's in your face Isn't it Yeah how blatant do you want your bias To be and I think that's the tricky Tricky place they put themselves in like You said if this is the standard that They have that anything that is donation Related they're going to blur it moving Forward fine people can argue whether or Not they think that's a good strategy But then it gets to whether or not this

Is election interference if the news Outlets are going to very clearly Prioritize the donations of one Candidate over another I think it's very Easy to point this out as election Interference so if Joe Biden does throw His hat in the race we're going to have To see how they cover it so down the Road say Joe Biden does get up there and Talk um which that would be the day but If he does get up there and speak they Do not blur it do you think ABC should Be held accountable for what they did With Trump I think so and this is where you may Even want to go to the FCC and say hey Look the way that these news outlets are Covering these candidates is unfair There is election interference if you Are prioritizing one Canada over another Especially when you think about it in Terms of campaign dollars and how people Can donate you are clearly suppressing One candidate preferring another again I Don't think the audience is shocked when They see this but I think when we point Out things like this hopefully news Outlets realize okay we have to be a Little bit more careful we shouldn't Have to do that but we have to keep them Accountable because the institution of Media is a crumbling institution where a Bias has seeped in and I think it's Definitely going to seep into this next

Election you know Beverly quickly on This topic I am just so curious what the Internal conversation sounded like Leading to that decision that was it Took effort to blur out that particular Part of the screen multiple people made That that decision together that was a Choice right Oh it was definitely a choice and I Wonder if there was almost a settlement Where they thought no one's going to Notice we can blur it out nobody's going To notice this he's not going to get Campaign donations but yeah there was an Eternal discussion a very uh preemptive Decision to make to say we do not want To give him any credit whatsoever now I Do think the news outlets what we're Hearing from some people who work within Him they're saying look he was just Indicted this is about criminal charges We don't want to move forward with any Type of promotion of it so they're going To make that type of claim but the Reality is is this is somebody who is Running for office and this is Definitely a blatant move by a news Outlet yeah it'll be interesting to see What type of response we'll get from That but Beverly do you remember the Easter Bunny who jumped between President Biden and reporters last year Well now the White House is giving it a Little bit of a makeover the White House

Says after years of using loaned Easter Bunny costumes we are excited to have Our own Official White House Easter Bunny family what do you think is going On Look if if we want to put some tax money Into Easter Bunny costumes that'll have A huge issue with that but I think What's most notable about this is we're Moving from one Easter Bunny to an Easter Bunny family and the only thing I Can think of in reference to this is That I think it's a way to have more Bunnies out there to prevent President Biden from growing Rogue we have that Clip from a year ago where he started to Answer questions from reporters now you Have a multitude of bunnies trying to Prevent the president from doing or Saying something that he shouldn't do or Say so I really think that that is What's behind it just more bunnies Keeping President Biden in check that's Like a whole little group of bunnies Handlers in there I want to know who is In those costumes I actually support This Beverly the President should have These bunnies guiding him all year round Not just at Easter all year round Absolutely and look at the past the past With bunnies before has been that it's Always been a staffer in there I think You're gonna have like train people to Prevent him from talking to the Press I

Think I think there's a very clear Strategy behind all of this Beverly Hallberg this morning thank you very Much I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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