Air Force Falcons presented with Commander-in-Chief’s trophy

Air Force Falcons presented with Commander-in-Chief's trophy

President Biden presents the Commander-in-Chief’s trophy to the Air Force Falcons at the White House. #foxnews

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And so many of the fans of the White House for this ceremony It includes our second gentleman Doug And the chairman of the Joint Chiefs and Staff General mark milley He played hockey And you wouldn't want to screw around me If you had your uniform on I don't think But I'd also like to I also like to welcome the chief of Staff of the Air Force General Charles Brown it's all stand up so everybody can See this is your team all right And the vice chief of space operations General Davis Thompson General stand up So you can see you Representative Don Davis is here a proud Graduate of the academy congratulations Old buddy Lieutenant Channel Richard Clark Superintendent Air Force Academy Where is where is there you are get up Here man When I met the team I thought he was a Middle linebacker Uh he's looking good General You know I I play a little football Growing up in high school and wasn't bad In college I was bad Um but uh I learned so much about Teamwork and respect for my coaches and And uh just like you fellas did and uh Coach Calhoun it's an honor to have you Here it really is an honor to have you

Here and in fact uh you've been here for This trophy so often I think is going to Start calling the Blue Room long blue Line room trophy I uh In a few weeks I'll be headed to your Home turf for commencement you're going To get stuck with me being a Commencement speaker and uh where 10 of These Cadets behind we officially become Officers in the United States Air Force And uh and space force About 65 years ago during the first Remarks or the first class of the Air Force Academy President Eisenhower I Wasn't there president No matter what the Press says About President Eisenhower said and I Quote the basic soul Of what you establish now will live on End of quote the basic soul will live on Well what is that soul I believe the soul is the breath the Life and the essence of Who We Are The soul is what makes us us Simply put you can't talk about the soul Of the nation without talking about our Service academies and I believe that And you can't talk about the service Academy without talking about Duty Teamwork service and excellence That's all about you Five all-americans 15 Bowl wins and now 21 commander-in-chief trophies

And I expect you to carry it home coach You see it over there That's you know that trophy is bigger Than the Super Bowl trophy No it really is so so you may need help Carrying it it ain't right more than any Other Academy With stats like that you might assume That it all end up here today that it Was inevitable but you knew it wasn't Inevitable you knew how the hard work And teamwork and having each other's Backs how much it would take to keep This Legacy leaving living on And so by game day play by play you Grounded out together You beat Navy you beat Army you beat Colorado for good measure Says then whose state it really was And after looking at the scoreboard they Must have been thinking you took your Service motto aim high always above Pretty seriously And at home on the road you also broke Record after record the number one Defensive team in the nation by yards Allowed pretty darn impressive man And the number one rushing offensive Nation averaged over 300 yards a game As they say As I say in Delaware you done good kid That's pretty impressive 300 yards a Game and how about a fullback and Co-captain Brad Roberts who became the

First ever to win the national rushing Title congratulations buddy A quarterback and cope Captain azique Daniels who said two school records one For the longest run from the line of Scrimmage 94 yards as a quarterback they Must have been really chasing you man And the second the longest completed Pass 92 yards that ain't bad I I Folks or offensive lineman Isaac Cochran Who became the Academy's first All-American player in 30 years Isaac Warrior There you go pal And Isaac if I say anything you don't Like let me know ahead of time will you Congratulations buddy that's incredible And on top of all this you defeated the Baylor Bears and the Armed Forces Bowl The coldest bowl game ever just 11 Degrees I don't know how you all set that up but You did well Or as you call it in Colorado Springs a Balmy spring day You had all those wins while drilling Training and serving day in and day out At the Academy as Cadets after every Game you hung up your uniform And you immediately put on another one Representing your nation the United States of America Simply put you've not only carried on

The Academy's football Traditions you've Stepped up to join a long line of American Service members each a link in A chain of Honor each one And you know that when it comes when you When you do become officers that is the Team that matters most We continue to have each other's backs An Air Force Team a space force team Together you represent the very best of Who we are as Americans and that's not Hyperbole Your school motto if I take a little Liberty with it you you put Integrity First Service before self And excellence in all you do and all you Do That's not all your school motto it's Who you are it's who you are Proud not only to have achieved but all That you can do if you continue to work Together That's who you are That is why you're the soul Why President Eisenhower said all those Years ago that soul will now live on Another generation thanks to you and all Our brave service members and their Families So as your commander-in-chief it's my Honor toward you the Commander-in-chief's trophy as I said Coach why don't you show people how you

Can pick it up all over your head for a While And I said it's bigger than a Super Bowl Trophy it's pretty incredible isn't it I Know it's not the first time you've seen It So congratulations and one more thing Let's fly Let's fly May God bless you all and may God bless All our Airmen and graduates and of a Particular thanks to your families and Now I'm going to hand this over to coach Calhoun to say a few words coach you Could use either Mike Congratulations [Music] Mr President how grateful we are and uh It's all of us I mean truly the Remarkable leadership of our Superintendent his wife uh Lieutenant General Rich Clark and Amy the Fantastic Standard that they set they're at the Academy their inspiration their Principles their discipline but most of All just their day in day out commitment To our young men and young women there At the United States Air Force Academy On behalf of our athletic director Mr Nathan Pine and uh and the entire United States Air Force Academy how fortunate We are to have great great support not Only in here with uh within the confines Of Washington DC but throughout our

Nation and unequivocally we already have 10 that have graduated uh that are out Doing Splendid things in both our air And our space force and uh hopefully Real soon Here in four and a half weeks we have Ten more that will serve and serve so so Well and uh it's our honor to be here But even more so it's our honor to serve The greatest nation in the world the United States of America and uh at this Time I'm going to bring up now he's from New Jersey not Delaware okay Our two captains haziq Daniels Quarterback and uh and running back Brad Roberts and uh sir they have a couple of Small items here for you [Applause] [Applause] Down Thank you very much

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