Alan Dershowitz: How can Alvin Bragg put this man on the witness stand?

Alan Dershowitz: How can Alvin Bragg put this man on the witness stand?

Harvard law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz and Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett react to former President Donald Trump’s lawsuit against Michael Cohen on ‘Hannity.’

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[Applause] Joining us now by the way I got a copy Right here author of The Trial of the Century soon to be released Fox News Legal analyst Greg Jarrett and the Author of you got it it's right here get Trump and that's Harvard Law Professor Alan dershowitz in studio Thank you for having me John we Appreciate you being with us I know you Agree with me about you know the Extremists on any side we look I got Powder too my secretary had to be hosed Down taken to Mass General Hospital the Same day the Wall Street Journal got it Mine did have some Stuff in it that was very negative and She had to be treated wow nobody should Be treated that way I lived at my Assistant I mean was in tears for hours Scared to death rightly so Um never mind the fat wall that was put On my head that was an experience too a Long time ago I only had a fatwa put on By Martha's Vineyard and it's not it's Not as scary up there you know a little Sand in my face you know a few dinner There's love there until you said you Stood up for the law yeah and you said No what they're doing to Trump is unfair That's what happened that's right Exactly yeah all right let me ask you This first of all Let's talk about the lawsuit that Donald

Trump has filed against Michael move Good move Lawyers should not be violated Violent privilege number one number two He gets Discovery if he survives a Motion to dismiss and he's going to be Able to find out things that the Government wouldn't turn over to him in A criminal trial so I think it's a very Smart are you assuming that he's Preserved all this information and isn't It likely that a lot of it doesn't exist Well you know it's very hard these days To hide things forever with the internet With social media if you get the right People you can get things that people Think they've hidden so I'm glad we're Going to get to the bottom of this look Transparency is essential if people have Nothing to hide they shouldn't be Worried let's bring in Greg chair Greg Your take on Trump's suit against Michael Cohen Well it's a legitimate suit it's Actionable in a court of law it centers Around the many lies of Michael Cohen This is a guy who lied to the IRS why do U.S banks lie to Congress and went to Prison for it and Trump claims in his Lawsuit he too is a victim causing Reputational damage but on top of that What jumped out at me at the lawsuit is That it claims that Cohen committed Theft and unjust enrichment by

Defrauding Trump over a phony business Venture and pocketed an exorbitant Amount of money over something that did Not exist uh you know on top of that There's also a breach of fiduciary duty Which is pretty darn clear with Cohen And breach of contract you know it's bad Enough that prosecutors called him a Greedy liar and the judge who sentenced Him said he committed a veritable Smorgasbord of fraudulent crimes and Deceit uh can can you imagine a district Attorney using a guy like that as his Star witness the problem with inveterate Liars is you never know when you're Getting scammed and it's hard to tell The jury believe this guy he's told so Many lies you would need a calculator to Keep track of it and so questions it Raises ethical questions a district Attorney cannot put a witness on the Stand who he reasonably believes may be Lying to the jury now how can Bragg put This man on the witness stand he's an Admitted liar in a combat 12 people I Vouch for him now he's telling the truth You know Cohn wrote to me recently Because I threatened to sue him because He told the lie about me he had me on Jeffrey Epstein's island with young People I've never been anywhere with Young people you were on orgy Island That's what he says that's what he said Just asking and it's not is not true so

I am threatening to sue him because well Because you know when governments go After Witnesses they'll do anything They'll twist they'll turn they'll Threaten with they'll threaten relatives They'll threaten everything it's about Time a defendant said I'm going to fight Back I'm going to assume the person and I'll get Discovery too let's even the Playing field let's level the plane last Question will Bragg's lawsuit against Jim Jordan hold up uh Greg Jarrett No it won't hold up the judge will not Grant a temporary restraining order uh You know I it is so amazing that Alvin Bragg said any uh this is an Unconstitutional attack on his Unconstitutional indictment and then he Also said oh if I answer questions uh it Will disclose secretive confidential Communications well his assistant wrote A tell-all book disclosing all the Sensitive confidential information so This is a lawsuit that will not succeed All right Greg's book is coming out Shortly uh this book at Trump uh talks About all the cases legally that Donald Trump is facing uh big uh Applause for Alberta Gary hey Sean Hannity here hey click Here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube Page and catch our hottest interviews And most compelling analysis you will Not get it anywhere else

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