AMERICA ‘AT RISK’: GOP rep sends ominous warning about Biden, China

AMERICA 'AT RISK': GOP rep sends ominous warning about Biden, China

Rep. Carlos Gimenez, R-Fla., joins ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ to discuss the Biden administration’s approach to developing a relationship with China and the House’s decision to expel George Santos. 

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A growing number of lawmakers are urging President Biden to restrict travel from China after an alarming breakout of an Unknown respiratory illness hits the Communist country Florida Congressman Carlos Jimenez agrees and he serves on The select committee on the strategic Competition between the US and China's Communist party and he joins us now Congressman always so great to have you On I couldn't agree more obviously the The China and the who who backs them up Have not been trustworthy when it comes To these kinds of issues but you wrote This letter do you think anything's Going to happen from it uh probably not I mean the Biden Administration tends to Do things uh not in a logical manner Look my mom once taught me uh fool me Once shame on you fool me twice shame on Me uh it was about that this time about Four years ago that we heard of this Illness that was attacking the Respiratory system of the elderly and Now we're hearing about an illness that Attacks the respiratory system of our Children and so yeah uh I think that There should be a travel ban with China Uh if we disrupt somebody's travel plans I don't think that's uh too high price To pay to assure our children's safety Uh and so I hope that the Biden Administration would do that do I think He's going to do that no I don't think

He will do that yeah well then if Something happens it'll be on them um at Least you guys have the letter out there I think that's a good good good thing to Do um you've been raising the alarm Congressmen on the number of Chinese Nationals that have been coming into our Country I believe there's an 800 % Increase coming through the southern Border you've seen um na uh Chinese Nationals come from Cuba um to your State what's happening why are they here Are they on some are they you know Getting directives from China what's Happening why are they doing this you That's a great question I'm sure that Some of them are just fleeing uh their Oppressive government in China but also I believe that inside there I'm sure There's going to be some folks with Nefarious um intentions towards the United States of America um look those Are those are the Chinese Nationals that We know are crossing those have been Encountered right uh we have two million People we have the faintest idea who They are where they came from where they Are in this country or what they're Doing in this country that's a huge National security threat and again it All falls on President Biden secretary Mayorcas for failing to protect the American Homeland and then for them to Say that somehow our our borders are

Secure is absurd uh we've had millions Of people coming in millions of people That we don't know who they are and yeah America is at risk right now yeah There's no question about it we found Secret biolabs Chinese biolabs in the Country um and you can't just leave China uh without the Chinese communist Government knowing so yeah maybe you're Fleeing but the number of that can Actually flee we'd have all of them here If they could all flee it sounds to me Like there's something more nefarious Going on and as you say uh our borders Are are not open and so I'm going to ask You a question here you Know the Republican conference has not Come together yet to impeach mayorcas Who has come to Congress and openly lied And yet members of Congress including Yourself have voted to um oust uh George Santos and he hasn't yet been you know He's been charged but he hasn't been Found guilty of anything yet and and That's going to weaken the conference so Could you explain to our viewers why That's such a priority especially in Light of the fact that mayorcas has not Been impeached for lying to Congress Yeah well because there was a process And so the our our ethics commission Unanimously found had findings that Found that George Santos had stolen Money from his constituents and donors

And so yeah for me that's a cardinal sin And he should be outed and and that's President setting well and so be it Nobody in Congress should be a should be A thief uh the thing with mayorcas is There is a process that's going on right Now it's headed by uh our chairman uh Mark Green from Tennessee and the the Comm the the committee on homeland Security which I happen to be a part of And so we have every intention of going Through that process getting findings And I believe that at the end we will Bring findings of impeachment uh Articles of impeachment against Secretary mayorcas but it's the process And we have to do it the right way That's the difference and that's why I Support I supported Ting uh you know uh Former Congress Santos and while I I Support wholeheartedly the efforts of Our chairman chairman green and getting The information getting all the facts And then putting in front of the American people so that they understand Exactly why it is that if we get to that And I do believe we're going to get to That why we are impeaching U you know Mayorcas yeah I don't know seems like The lies from mayorcas are hurting the Country a lot more than the lies from George Santos but I I'm I really Appreciate you explaining um your vote And and and making it clear to our

Voters I know there was a lot of Questions about that it wasn't the lies It wasn't the lies he stole money he's a Thief that's the problem now the lies of Meorc is and his and his policies are H Senator Menendez to be to be fair There's lots of problems going on that's Right that's up to the sen to decide That's that's the Senate to decide on on Senator Menendez I have I'm not Defending Senator Mendez now we have a Process that we need to go through with Mayorcas let do it the right way and Then impeach them the right way and Believe me I'll be there when that vote Comes all right sounds good thank you so Much for joining us Congressman Appreciate it my pleasure you got it I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley Airhart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling Analysis

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