Americans hurting from the nation’s crime crisis speak out

Americans hurting from the nation's crime crisis speak out

Fox News host Lawrence Jones discusses public safety in America with victims of violent crime on ‘Cross Country.’

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Bitcrime isn't just limited to just a Handful of States criminals have been Emboldened all across the country but It's the average day Americans suffering The most assaults murder robberies out Of control fears that used to live in The shadows have become a reality for Many of us I spoke to a group who have Become all too familiar with that loss Watch Thank you all for joining me tonight Thank you so much Elizabeth I want to go To you first because you still have the Scar Of your experience from a career Criminal How did we get here a lack of the wrong Bills A lack of not you know making sure that The people are safe and who do you hold Responsible for the You know honestly I'm gonna have to say I'll hold the the city responsible Because this guy was under their control You understand they're the one that made Him free on parole So I I blame them yeah Jessica you never Thought that the tragedy would hit you At home when you lost your son my son CJ Was 18 years old a senior in high school He was killed at a gas station on New Year's Eve in 2018. can you Um you lost your partner

As well he was 33 years old and he was Murdered by a couple of friends in 2015 In the city of Oakland in front of his Home Wow Andy uh you do Crime Stoppers what Do you think needs to happen to Fix what's happening in our society Today I've been a victim Advocate now For 30 some odd years and there's a Mantra that I've had that's never rang Truer to what I'm seeing right now is That Crime Victims are the only Unwilling participants in the criminal Justice system everyone else chose their Role from law enforcement judges Prosecutors defense attorneys media Victim Advocates but I've never met Anyone who said pick me pick me I want To be a victim of a crime so it's the Least we can do particularly in Government is to be looking out for the Victims rights their well-being their Due process and for some reason in the Last few years I've seen a seismic shift Where we're actually more concerned About the defendant's rights and in some Cases we actually treat defendants as Victims themselves Kenya I want to go Back to you because you say look There is a lot when it comes to our Leaders and we got to change that but You say it also starts in the home what Did you mean by that it's crazy how Um you know a lot of parents are scared

Of their children and if you're scared To discipline your child then of course They're not ready when they go out into The community and how do you expect Someone else to discipline them if their Own parents can't even discipline them Elizabeth I want to go back to you Because you're still living with this do You feel like there is A wake-up call or anything when it comes To our community leaders because it just Seems like we're on repeat every single Weekend at every single day of the week That we're playing the same old stories Of people being victimized I mean you Know Like they were saying there's only so Much too that the system could do I mean No matter how much cops they put out There or how many cameras they put out There you know the people have to play a Major part as well just like how they Were saying about you know kids in the Home you know the people have to play a Major part as well we have to go out There to with a better attitude of life Because this is our community Andy I I Gotta ask you this because I I think she Hits on a point no one thinks it's going To impact them until it does Um No and I like I said for the last 30 Years I've been monitoring watchdogging Into criminal justice system and I can

Unequivocally tell you the revolving Door at the courthouse particularly in Regards to bail reform has led to an ins A significant increase particularly in Violent crime can you What would you say to our leaders Because This crime crisis Is disproportionately hurts black and Brown neighborhood it's hitting everyone Um I personally don't feel like Um local and state federal leaders do What they are supposed to do or Adequately address issues within our Communities Um with a lot of situations things are Swept under the rug we're lied to make To feel like we can be comfortable in Actuality we can't be comfortable with a Lot of things they're supposed to be Implementing a lot of programs such as The violence prevention program which They have implemented but it only goes So far and that's one of the reasons why Our communities you know throughout Oakland and everywhere is suffering Exactly why it's so true Jessica what What about that we want our voices to Amplify we want to be heard Um we we oppose efforts to defund the Police in fact we advocate for adequate Funding to train for police conflict Resolution skills and tactics to Discourage excessive and irresponsible

Use of force Elizabeth great Um my last question for you What do you think If we want to solve this issue today What is something that we can do Immediately to improve our environment Well first things first we have to get The people the help that they need the People are crying out there for help so Give them the help that in that their Need if it's a mental state if it's a Physical state if like they need to Figure it out because we can't just have Them walking in the streets we don't Know who these people are we're just Minding our business trying to get to Where we have to get to Jessica Elizabeth keniel Andy thank you All so much for joining me tonight I Appreciate y'all hey Sean Hannity here Hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere else

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