‘An incompetent band of fools’: Rubio goes off on Biden admin

'An incompetent band of fools': Rubio goes off on Biden admin

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., discusses how President Biden’s weakness is emboldening America’s adversaries on ‘Hannity.’ #FoxNews

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All right thanks to Joe Biden's weak Leadership America's enemies no longer Fear us and our allies no longer respect Us and it is more evident no matter Where you look around the world now the Leader of our oldest Ally France they're Now suggesting macron is suggesting that Europe put some distance between itself In the U.S so apparently they are ready To fight their own battles now good we Won't have to worry about Europe the Continent they can handle but Crone can Handle what's going on in Ukraine and by The way Egypt another supposed friend Who we send billions of dollars every Year to now they according to reports They want to send missiles to Russia our Adversary to destroy the equipment that We have spent and sent to Ukraine oh and By the way the only reason we know that Because all about Egypt is because of That massive leak of Highly classified Intelligence that Biden seems so Unconcerned about and has been unwilling To show us and by the way not that There's ever been any a good handling of Classified information remember Joe is Facing his own quote document Scandal Congress is now finally going to get a Look at just how much damage his Carelessness may have done but none of That can compare to the damage he's Allowed China to inflict on the entire World the Chinese are now actively

Rewriting the entire world order right In front of all of us right under Joe's Nose taking full advantage of his total Lack of any and all influence on the World stage and threatening any country Especially the U.S that dares to support Taiwan's right to Independence now they Bought American Farmland Ranch Land they Have bought it near several of our key Military bases they have flew that spy Balloon all across the entire country They were in fact collecting sensitive Intelligence and sending it to China in Real time they let the world know that They're ready for war with us on land Sea and by air and by the way now they Are signaling that Taiwan is next and Invasion is clear really imminent and They're daring America to stop it and as Usual Joe Biden is doing nothing in Spite of all these threats here now with More Florida Senator Marco Rubio is with US senator good to see you all right I'm Glad you the gang of eight as you call It are getting the classified Information that's going to be very Important here's my biggest concern and And you know a lot more about this than I do so when President Trump was in Office we had an alliance one that I Never thought I'd see in our lifetime The U.S Israel the jordanians the Egyptians the Saudis the Emirates I Didn't think I'd see that in our

Lifetime but we had it all against Iranian hegemony and a nuclear-armed Iran that is now deteriorated and I Believe because the world has watched And witnessed a cognitive mess as a U.S President and for example Saudi Arabia Has now aligned itself with China China Brokered a deal between the Saudis and The Iranians is now brokering a deal Between the Saudis and the Syria Brands Now we have Egypt where we send money to They're going to be sending weaponry and Help to Russia uh to Aid in their battle Against Ukraine they were supposed to be Our Ally they get billions of our Dollars my question is this now from my Perspective I believe we are witnessing A new Access of Evil emerge am I wrong Number one and number two uh am I wrong In thinking Joe Biden is incapable of Dealing with it So I mean Sean you just outlined a lot Of I was going to say look we have a World that realizes we have a president That can barely put together complete Sentences appears incoherent oftentimes Doesn't even know where he is in many Cases in some of these places that Allowed spy balloons to be flown over Our head that abandoned billions of Dollars of American military equipment Left over into the hands of the Taliban And spends all day talking about Electric vehicles and solar panels that

He knows we're going to have to buy from China we have a justice system that Indicts political opponents and former Presidents and leading presidential Candidates a justice system that Infiltrates sources and tries to spy on Catholic churches but allows criminals To destroy San Francisco and Baltimore And Detroit and Washington DC and Los Angeles and Manhattan You Name It We Have a military that doesn't spend its Time talking about new weapons systems Or how to care for veterans that are Committing suicides at historic rates They spend their time talking about Transgender issues and all kinds of Racial disparity stuff not defending our Country we have a media that's become a Joke a media that's wasted two and a Half years of our time on a Russia Collusion situation then they moved on From that to cover up the hunter Biden Situation it's now a full-blown Investigation our universities are a Forum for crazy things to happen you Can't even speak on a University campus People being assaulted by men wearing Dresses and these violent protests and Shutting down speech and and and our Culture what is what we focused on as a Culture we're focused on the fact that Now some man pretending to be a woman Gets paid millions of dollars to sell Nike sports bras and Bud Light so the

World looks at that and said this place Is a laughing stock and they react to it And I could go on for an hour about all The things that we are we are being Embarrassed on the world stage our Adversaries are taking advantage of it And our friends are saying hey we may Have to go on on our own here because These guys look like they're about to Commit societal suicide Let me ask you I'll read you some Headlines if I may uh Senator China Warns that its carrier killer missiles Will wipe out any U.S naval Force sent To defend Taiwan one leaked intelligence Shows China's Hypersonic missile can Penetrate U.S air defenses three Trump's EPA Chief is warning that Biden is Selling out U.S energy policy and Security to China for China declares That its military is now capable of Smashing Taiwan and they're even going As far as to showing their battle plans On state-run television of exactly the Targets that they plan to take out with Taiwan and they're warning every country And directly threatening the United States that if we dare lift a finger to Help our Ally in the region that they Will Target us and they will destroy us How do you interpret that yeah well I Interpret it two ways number one is that There's a capability Gap that we have to Close we haven't invested in the things

We need to because we've been focused on The Middle East we've been focused on Other parts of the world there are Things we're going to need to do to Create deterrence against China and Those systems that they're building but One thing is ability and the other thing Is the willingness and I want to be Honest here okay I want I don't care if You're a left-wing Democrat I don't care If you voted for Democrats ask yourself This honestly do we truly believe that The Chinese Communist party and Xi Jinping is intimidated by Joe Biden in This Administration are worried about Them do we really think that guys I Think people need to be honest about That this is not a president or an Administration that commands respect Much less fear or or or concern on the Part of our adversaries that's why it's No mistake that the Taliban moved in the Way they did and gave us 72 hours to Leave before they slaughtered Us in in Afghanistan threatened to slaughter us It's no coincidence that Putin moves on Ukraine and it's no coincidence that China's ramping all this up right now This Administration looks like an Incompetent band of Fools and it is Embarrassing Us in the eyes of the world And it is encouraging our adversaries And it is causing our allies or former Allies or friends to say guys we can't

Count on these people anymore they've Gone nuts over there they're destroying Their own country we better look out for Ourselves it's just real Senator Real Talk you've said something really Profound they can't count on us anymore Uh I would make the argument and tell me If you think I'm wrong that the Saudis They made a calculation and the Calculation is is that China is going to Overtake the U.S as the leader the the Sole leader of the world that America Has abdicated its role in the Free World And their place of leadership worldwide So I think they made a decision they Want to be on The Winning Side so they Are now aligning with China I think Egypt now has made the same Choice as You know as I mentioned earlier their Their actions with Russia in respect to Russia so my question is are they making A conscious choice that they think the Winner of this quote new cold war that This new uh axis of Evil as I'm calling It Iran Russia and China that they're Going to be the victors here is that Their determination I think the Saudis have said this the Saudis mortal enemy or the Shia in Iran And with the United States and here's The United States trying to cut a deal With Iran on nuclear weapons despite the Fact that Iran is trying to kill former Trump officials and so what Saudi Arabia

Saying is if you're going to cut a deal With them we're going to cut a deal Before you cut a deal and we're going to Spread our risk so with Saudi Arabia Egypt and countries all over the world Are doing now is they're Distributing Risk they want they want to deposit a Little bit of Goodwill and every bucket To see how things turn on they are Basically hedging their bets because They at least as long as Joe Biden is in The white house they don't know what to Expect but they turn on the news and They watch it and they read our Newspapers and all they read is Craziness from what happens to our Culture what's happening in our society Our universities our justice system the Administration our military you name it There is no part of our country anymore That has not been turned into a laughing Stock in the eyes of the world the Catalyst of this is the radical left That finds a home in this White House And the people that have put in office Which embarrass us every day I believe This new axis of of evil and I think the Choice of other nations that they're Going to bet on China and their new Alliance and their position of Leadership I think that they believe if There's any conflict that China is the More more likely to come out the Victor Do you agree with that do you think

America has the military might if Necessary nobody would ever want this to Happen to get into a military conflict With China if we did if that did happen Would we lose do we have the Hypersonic Missiles they're bragging about every Day do we have the capability to stop Their Hypersonic missiles Well I think we still have very Significant capabilities but that Doesn't mean the Chinese won't go Anyways that's how important Taiwan is To them but again none of your Capabilities matter in the eyes of the Chinese if they don't think you have the Willingness to do it and look if the United States wouldn't even tell the Taliban look we were planning to leave Anyway but you're going to give us a Month because we have people and things That we've got to get out of this Country and instead agreed to a 72-hour Ridiculous time frame that they gave us To leave and left all that equipment Behind if we couldn't even handle the Taliban a bunch of guys running around You know wearing whatever it is they Wear these robes or whatever you think The Chinese are worried about Biden Coming after them in a conflict like This they question our willingness they Think our culture and our society is Broken and weak and they think the guy In the White House and rightfully so

Doesn't have the willingness to do any Of the tough things because he's too Focused on promoting some radical agenda Domestically and talking about outdated Things around the world when they even Make sense all right straight up Question if in fact that I believe it Will happen sooner than later uh China Goes and tries to take Taiwan and I Believe they will be successful do you Believe that the U.S that Joe Biden will Lift a finger to help them because I Don't believe he will I think it the answer to your question Depends on who the president is do I Believe this Administration if it's just What they're focused on on a daily basis No I don't think that they would I hope I'm wrong but I don't think that they Will I don't think that they will Because I think ultimately they'll be Caught by surprise they'll be limited in Their in their responses by a bunch of Different things including in their own Party and at the end it won't matter Because they won't be prepared to do it They'll try everything possible and and And by the way the leverage that they've Given the Chinese overs is more than Just military when you're saying that You're going to build our entire energy Grid on things that the child that we Depend on the Chinese for how are you Going to possibly go to war with them if

They cut you off you don't we don't have Oil we don't have gas anymore because You can't produce it under Joe Biden We're going to have batteries and solar Panels made in China That's all the leverage they need to Ensure that we don't get involved Security Wise from your perspective is This the most dangerous time since the End of World War II and the end of the Cold War Without a doubt not only the most Dangerous the most important the 21st Century is being defined right now and Unfortunately the people in charge of American foreign policy and domestic Policy for that matter are turning our Country into a laughing stock all right Marco Rubio sadly I agree with that Assessment I think you're dead on right

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