Andrew Yang: Trump would beat Biden this time

Andrew Yang: Trump would beat Biden this time

Former presidential candidate Andrew Yang joined ‘The Brian Kilmeade Show’ to discuss why he believes Dean Phillips is the best candidate for the Democrats in November ahead of the New Hampshire primary. #FoxNews

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And there you go and that is why Dean Congressman Dean Phillips of Minnesota Uh in Hampton New Hampshire yesterday Was talking about running for president He says I just want to get on these Ballots the Democratic party is trying To keep me out and he does not get it I Talked to him on television an hour ago And I talked to him often on camera he's Literally be befuddled on how uh the Party is so afraid to admit that that uh That Joe Biden's got some problems in The polls and people should be allowed To run against him maybe Andrew Yang Feels same way former presidential Candidate uh he's here with me right in Studio Andrew great to see you great to Be here thanks for having me New Hampshire let's go all right and what Generally do you mean by let's go just Make sure you show up or well New Hampshire let's go and vote for my guy Dean Phillips let we let's move on from Joe Biden uh as the incumbent uh I think Uh the state and the country are already For a different leader what what bothers You about him uh I think think so this May differ from from some others I mean I I think uh he's accomplished uh a Significant amount but I think he's the Wrong candidate for 20124 I think in the General election he would lose to Donald Trump as Dean has been making the case I Think there is a lot of frustration over

The fact that the DNC has not played it Straight up here in New Hampshire or in North Carolina or in Florida where They're cancelling primaries I mean how Can you literally give a speech Championing democracy on one hand and Then turn around and suppress it on the Other that is what is going on in this Democratic primary and Dean Phillips is Calling it out and he's about to show Everyone that people don't want just the The battle of the 80y olds how do you Know him Dean and I met a couple of Years ago at a campaign Finance reform Event he's a serving member of Congress Uh he said look I don't take pack money I don't take lobbyist money I think it's Terrible that all my colleagues uh are Um constantly scurrying off to dollar For dollars and I heard this guy and I Was like Wow uh this is a member of Congress I could get behind this so we Became friends and then he publicly said What I think most people were thinking Which is Joe shouldn't run for Reelection he then got attacked for that Uh which made me like him even more so So Dean and I have been friends for the Last couple of years is it age or is it Policy with Trump with Biden that has You so turned off uh I I think the two Are blending together to be honest with You um but uh someone in New Hampshire Asked me what's the difference between

Dean and Joe Biden I said about 2 years I mean that that's like a pretty big Gulf imagine having a 55-year-old uh uh leader who's robust And can play hockey uh and you're not Worried about them uh you know heading Into a retail establishment and Campaigning I mean the these are Basics But I've run for president I think Having an 81y old candidate would be a Massive handicap uh in the fall so Senator Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire Democrats said this cut 24 I President Biden has the strongest record to run on That we've seen in a very long time in This country I think um there is a lot Of anxiety in this country about prices That's why we need to continue the work That we've done but in addition to doing The bipartisan work President Biden and Democrats have stood up to Big Pharma For instance to lower prescription drug Prices we are investing in clean energy And helping Granite Staters lower their Energy Cost did she effectively counter your Argument I don't think she did she did Particularly uh on several levels I mean I I'm someone who agrees that America Needs to be more affordable uh and I Think the best way to do that is to have A new chief executive who is more in Touch with uh what's happening in the Country who wants to do things like uh

Have a Universal Health Care System have Baby bonds uh bring back the enhanced Child tax credit all of which are on Dean's platform um Maggie Hassen is Acting like you need Joe Biden in office To solve these problems and I think if Joe Biden even were to win re-election Which again I do not think would happen Against Trump uh you'd wind up with a Sharply divided Congress that's likely To get very very little done Dean is the Second most bipartisan member of Congress on record right now uh and he's Going to have a nonpartisan bipartisan Cabinet he's going to bring in people From outside of government he's actually Going to be much much better positioned To solve some of these problems but yet He voted with Joe Biden every step of The way uh you know uh I if you like a Policy and like I can't um speak for Dean's perspective on all of this but I Happen to like a lot of Joe's policies And if Dean becomes president he's going To be a problem solver as he was as a Leader of the problem solvers caucus um He's obviously not afraid to flout the Party I mean he's running against the Sitting president right now like you can Imagine all the slings and arrows that Are coming out for this guy he's got a a Backbone like a steel rod uh and so when The party is going astray he'll call it Out like the Border he thinks what's

Happening in the border right now is Backward and ridiculous he wants to do Common sense things like establish a Buffer zone have people apply for asylum In their own country as opposed to Having to come into the US to apply for Asylum we have uh Byzantine nonsensical Policies On the Border that Democrats Constantly ignore or apologize for and You know who's calling it out Dean Phillips well I'll tell you what uh one Thing is's pretty clear 33% approved Rating according to ABC for the President United States but in New Hampshire as a wrin candidate Andrew Yang he gets 6 63% of the vote other Gets 11 and 10 is to Dean Phillips uh Our poll has it at 32% Dean Phillips uh The crowds he's getting around the um so It's published by the American Research Group and it says Dean Phillips is at 32% as of this weekend uh he's drawing Crowds of of hundred of New Hampshire Voters everywhere he goes and if you Look at the standard that Joe Biden has To hit Barack Obama Bill Clinton in New Hampshire got 81 84% of the primary Electorate vote Joe Biden this is what's Going to happen in real life guys Dean's Put going to put up a shockingly big Number and that the Biden campaign is Going to be spinning it and apologizing For the fact that Joe Biden got whatever It's going to be 55 like 58% they'll be

Like oh that's good guys that's freaking Terrible for an incumbent Democratic President to get that among his own People in New Hampshire the threshold Should be 81 84% after he falls short of That you're going to see they'll be like Oh you know it doesn't mean anything it Means a whole heck of a lot Andrew uh Yang finally do you think New Hampshire People have a right to be upset by the Democratic party oh yeah some a very Prominent New Hampshire Democrat who Unfortunately couldn't go on the record Because that's a culture in the Democratic party right now so that's Like an abusive relationship if you're a New Hampshire voter listening to this if You're an independent you should be Pissed off to no end at the DNC because They are punishing you for having a Primary that you were required by state Law to have think about that that's Insane d24 let's change it Andrew Yang You're not insane I appreciate the Quality time and on the record I Will Go On The Record saying you're not insane Thank you very much I will take it Brian Thank you that's you Andrew EG thank you Hi everyone I'm Brian killme I want you To do me a favor I want you to click to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page This is the only way that I know for Sure that you're not going to miss any Great commentary any any great news

Bites any great interviews coming your Way on Fox you can get it all here on YouTube so subscribe right now

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