Another step closer to nuclear war? | The Fox News Rundown

Another step closer to nuclear war? | The Fox News Rundown

On Saturday, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced plans to move tactical nuclear weapons into Belarus, a neighboring nation of Ukraine. Russia has suffered many recent setbacks at the hands of the Ukrainian army, and experts suspect the steady depletion of Russian forces has motivated the Kremlin’s latest nuclear intimidation tactic. Former National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley joins the Rundown to break down Russia’s strategy behind this announcement, how the U.S. should respond if international nuclear tensions are elevated, and the impact the political protests in Israel could have on the United States.

After a deadly mass shooting at The Covenant School in Nashville, President Biden has renewed his previous push for a national assault weapons ban. Police have revealed that despite the fact that the 28-year-old shooter had been receiving treatment for an emotional disorder, they had legally purchased several guns and hidden them before using them in their attack. Now, national conversations about mental health and gun control are happening once again. First, former NYPD Inspector Paul Mauro explains key aspects of the police response to school shootings and why gun legislation from Congress needs more nuance. Later, The Brady Center Against Gun Violence President Kris Brown joins to discuss the future of new gun laws and the issue of mental health in America.

Plus, commentary from co-host of Fox & Friends Weekends and Host of ‘The Will Cain Podcast’ Will Cain. #FoxNews

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I'm Charles Payne I'm Kat timff I'm Stuart Vonnie and this is the Fox News Rundown Wednesday March 29th 2023 I'm Dave Anthony It's his latest move in his war on Ukraine Russian leader Vladimir Putin plans to Put nuclear weapons in nearby Belarus This is a sort of effort by him to break The will of the Ukrainian people to Convince them that their resistance is Futile I'm Jessica Rosenthal after young Children were murdered in the latest Mass shooting this one again at a school The president called again for an Assault weapons ban but what is the Future of new gun laws after a recent Supreme Court decision these things need To be clarified they need to be Presented clearly and they need to be Hammered out in a good faith effort like The encountered and I'm will Kane and I've got the final word on the Fox News Rundown [Music] Russia's war on Ukraine is now in its 14th month and leader Vladimir Putin has Suffered setbacks and a lot of Casualties depleting Russian forces so He is once again raising a nuclear red Flag with a plan to move what are called Tactical nuclear weapons into Belarus His neighbor and Ally that borders

Ukraine these tactical nukes are Disturbing Republican Congressman Michael McCall chairs the house Foreign Affairs committee and also told Fox News Sunday tensions are rising I think this Is saber rattling on the part of Putin To Basically try to frighten with the Operations going on though Putin claims Just following America's lead that the U.S already put nuclear weapons in European countries these are Battlefield Nuclear weapons these are nuclear Weapons designed to change the tempo on The ground in a conflict so they're not A strategic threat to the United States Stephen Hadley is a former National Security advisor an editor of the recent Book handoff the foreign policy George W Bush passed to Barack Obama but there's Certainly a Potential Threat for to Ukraine and to our friends and allies in Europe so it's something to be concerned About why is Putin doing this this is a Sort of effort by him to break the will Of the Ukrainian people to convince them That their resistance is futile and Break the will of the Europeans and the Americans and others including our Asian Friends and allies who are supporting Ukraine so this is part of his Psychological warfare moving them from That country Russia to Belarus what what Does he accomplish strategically uh so

Belarus from the beginning has been Supportive of Russian deployments to be Used in the war but Belarus itself has Not committed its own forces in the Effort by Russia against Ukraine uh and I think Putin is trying to draw Belarus Closer and closer to the conflict and Putting tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus is one way to do that If one is used what happens because if You use it don't wouldn't it affect your Own troops too It's a question one of the things you Need to be careful about is are your own Troops at risk you know the winds in That part of the world move of course From west to east so the risk is that if Russia were to use a tactical nuclear Weapon The Fallout would fall upon Russian troops and the Russian troops He's using in Ukraine are not equipped To operate in a kind of post-nuclear Environment so he's there's a question Of how he would use them in a way that Would not threaten his own troops and There's a question of why he would use Them and one of the things he might do Is if this Ukrainian counter-offensive That has been promised were to really Threaten Russia's position in Ukraine it Is possible that Russia would use a Tactical nuclear weapon perhaps in a Relatively uninhabited place to signal That we were about to cross a Russian

Red line if you will what would the U.S Have to do what would NATO do if there Was a nuclear weapon used in Ukraine We've stayed out of it militarily other Than providing weapons I think uh the Administration I'm sure is thinking About how it would respond I think it's Unlikely that they would respond with Their own nuclear capability though of Course there is that tactical nuclear Capability a limited tactical nuclear Capability in Europe I don't think they Would respond in that way I do think Though there would have to be a military Response and I think it would be use of Weapons and potentially even American Aircraft and the like against Russian Forces on the ground in Ukraine to try To shift the balance in Ukraine's favor But this is a big move this would cross A red line that the Biden Administration Has established which is it's fine to Provide military and economic support to Ukraine but that the Biden Administration make clear that their Desire is not to have U.S troops or U.S Military forces in Ukraine to battle Russian troops I think that's a red line They will try to protect effect but It'll be stressed if Putin were to use a Tactical nuclear weapon because I think There would be a lot of pressure to make A military response and I suspect that The Ukrainian forces are would not be

Sufficient to make the kind of military Response that the administration might Think was required so it would pose a Lot of dilemmas for the Biden Administration it would be a very Difficult decision for them to make not To be outdone North Korean leader Kim Jong-un claims to also have tactical Nuclear weapons seen in the photo State Media released showing him inspecting a Bunch of green Warheads as North Korea Also launches more missile tests angry Over ongoing U.S and South Korean joint Military exercises in a never-ending Nuclear sanctions standoff there is no Evidence that if we stopped our military Exercises with our allies that it would Halt the North Korean nuclear program or Program to develop ballistic missiles so The question is where are we and what do We do the strategy so far has been to Enhance deterrence to strengthen our Ties with our allies in the region to Strengthen their defense capabilities to Convince them and to convince North Korea that our nuclear umbrella over South Korea and Japan is credible and That if North Korea were to be so Foolish as to use nuclear weapons Against our allies in the region there Would be an overwhelming U.S response Which would obliterate North Korea the Question is whether the South Koreans And the Japanese are going to think

That's adequate or whether this is going To provoke A Renewed discussion in those Countries about whether they need to Develop their own nuclear weapons in Order to deter North Korea and that of Course is a is a question that will then Implicate China because the last thing China would like is to have South Korea And Japan have nuclear weapons which Would be justified as is deterring North Korea but would obviously have a Potential for doing something with Respect to China so this situation is Troubling we have not found over the Course of almost five administrations How to roll back the North Korean Nuclear program and Kim Jong-un has made It the centerpiece of his tenure as Leader of North Korea you know you talk About China It seems like almost every issue we're Dealing with China is involved in some Way obviously the leader Xi Jinping had Just gone to Russia last week and There's worry that he might provide Weapons to Russia then you also have China still trying to work with our European allies on on a trade agreement So and they're in Africa investing there Latin America they're trying to get Involved they're everywhere we turn There's China That's exactly right they are have Pretensions now to be a global power

And to be a predominant power on the Global stage as well as of course what We would call a regional hegemen uh in Uh in Northeast Asia so that is the China Challenge and we are I think have Been slow to awaken to that challenge I Think the Trump Administration gets a Lot of credit for waking the American People up to the challenge of China and I think the Biden Administration is Working on a bipartisan basis to try to Put together a strategy that the Elements of which are already emerging For dealing with what is going to be a Challenge from China that we're going to Face for the decades ahead now to Israel And the widespread protests that pretty Much shut the country down Monday Tens of thousands out demonstrating Including many workers who went on Strike angry at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin netanyahu's plan to overhaul The country's Judicial System his Critics fear it'll give Netanyahu and His ruling party too much control over Courts later that day he relented and Put the plan on holds she is absolute When there's an opportunity to avoid Civil War through dialogue I as prime Minister am taking a timeout for Dialogue but will that be enough to calm Things down I think just to defer it is Not enough I think my own View and this Is Israel is a democracy they are going

To have to find their own way out from Under this crisis but my own view is They need a process of consideration of The criticisms that have been made of The existing system it doesn't have a Written Constitution it's rules about The role of Judiciary somewhat informal If you will they need day process by Which these objections and concerns of Both sides can be addressed and try to Build over time a consensus as to what Kind of changes are appropriate to Address the Grievances on both sides of This issue good luck I think that's what They need that's going to take that's Going to take some time I mean they've Had they had numerous numerous elections To try to even elect a prime minister That failed over and over again and now It's back to Netanyahu it's been very Difficult It's very difficult but one of the Problems was this issue was not part of Any of those election campaigns Certainly not the last one as I Understand it it was not something that Was on the agenda that Netanyahu put Before the country when he entered into Office so it's come somewhat on the Agenda with surprise and without Preparation and I think that accounts For the extreme reaction in the streets And that's why I say you need a much More deliberative transparent process

Where these objections and concerns can Be dealt with and some consensus can be Built in order for a solution if this Crisis is going to be avoided but how Does that affect us I mean it's Political in that country but the Middle East conflict Israelis versus Palestinians that seems to be the one That could grow into something larger Versus the political stuff in Israel or Am I wrong about that You don't like to see your close friends And allies debilitated by internal Political Strife similarly no one wants To see the situation between Israeli Settlers and the Palestinians descend Again to another itifada and terrorism And loss of life on both sides and there Has been loss of life on both sides Already it's in nobody's interest for That to build because it will strain Israel's relations with its own Palestinian citizens with its Palestinian Neighbors on the West Bank And it'll strain its relationship with The Arab countries in the Middle East Who have entered into these Abraham Accords where they have recognized the State of Israel and established Diplomatic relations with Israel this is A huge breakthrough on behalf of Israeli Security and Israel's position in the Region and it is put at risk if there is A new and spreading violence between the

Israeli Security Forces Israeli settlers And Palestinians Stephen Hadley former National Security adviser editor of Handoff the book that's the foreign Policy of George W bush passed to Barack Obama thank you again for joining us Delighted thanks for having me foreign [Music] This is Will Kane with your Fox News Commentary coming up This week there was yet another mass Shooting and again this one was at a School a Christian Elementary School in Nashville Tennessee three nine-year-old Children were among those killed along With three adults the suspected shooter A 28 year old who went to the school There when they were younger according To police was killed by law enforcement Police said the school had no officers Present or assigned to it Nashville Police spokesman Don Aaron said of the Shooter we know that she was armed with At least two assault type rifles and a Handgun President Biden said more needs To be done to protect schools without Turning them into prisons so I again Call on Congress to pass the assault Woman's man pass it it should not be a Partisan issue it's a common sense issue We have to act now people say why do I Keep saying this if they're not Happening because I want you to know who Isn't doing it but is it that simple the

Supreme Court's Brewing decision last Year found New York's law that required A license to carry a concealed weapon in A public place is unconstitutional the Ruling said gun cases moving forward Need to consider the historical Tradition of firearms right regulation South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham Introduced legislation to codify that Supreme Court decision into law along With the Heller Decision which affirmed An individual's right to keep and bear Arms because the second amendment was Designed to allow people to defend Themselves In dangerous situations Outside their home there's nothing in The Second Amendment about you can own a Gun in your home and nowhere else but During a recent Judiciary Committee Hearing Democratic senator Dick Durbin Of Illinois said the Bruin decision has Upended gun cases being heard in courts Around the country now the Supreme Court Has imposed a radical new framework Under judge Thomas's decision with Barely any guidance to apply it plenty Of opportunity for judges to cherry-pick From history to engage in judicial Activism in the name of originalism so Then what does all of this mean for the Future of gun laws and regulations as The president calls for an assault Weapons ban going forward regarding

Bruin I think we're in for some Turbulent Road as all of these states Try to figure out how they can Synchronize with the Bruin decision Paul Morrow is a former NYPD inspector and Attorney it is also though to go to Another piece the political aspect of it And I think that most pointedly resides In the president's use of the term Assault weapon because What are the nuances of this is that What an assault weapon actually is is Far from a determined fact most people Tend to think of an assault weapon as Being a fully automatic weapon that is a Machine gun you press the trigger and it Fires numerous rounds well AR-15s which The president is referring to here and Numerous people refer to as an assault Weapon doesn't operate that way you pull The trigger once it shoots one round It's not you depress the trigger once And it continually fires in fact machine Guns are very heavily regulated in this Country so The idea of quote-unquote banning Assault weapons is a very pointed and Likely effective political talking point But what does that actually mean because If you ban AR-15s that is a gun in which You press the trigger once and it fires One round you are going to take a large Category of similar weapons with it and I don't believe that's the cool hunting

Rifles and stuff and so I don't believe That that's the intent of what he's Talking about so these things need to be Clarified they need to be presented Clearly and they need to be hammered out In a good faith effort likely in Congress put on your your former NYPD Investigator hat here which obviously You do multiple times especially when we Speak to you but when the President says You know we need to do more to protect Schools without turning them into Prisons Let's talk about school security I don't Know how many times you've responded to A school or if you have but you know I Asked the deputy at my kids school after The Nashville shooting you know what Would happen if he was getting coffee or In the restroom and someone shot through Our glass door and you know he said There are devices in the hallway that Would actually alert 9-1-1 in in that Event do we just need to rely more on Tech is it time to spend money on Additional security Staffing or Harden Our schools in a different way I think it is Um and I don't want to take that default Response to the full solution which so Many of us are guilty of I'm just saying Yeah we need more of this we need more Of that and being blind to the cost Right these things can get expensive but

What I would argue with the lesson Embedded in what we know so far from Nashville is that the defensive approach The prophylactic approach does work and So I feel like one of the things that we Could be leveraging our retired police Officers to come in and potentially work In our schools to harden those places And just the fact that they're there Will have such a prophylactic effect That I think that we could potentially Cut down on some of these incidents Wow finally Paul when you hear this Shooter Nashville was being treated for An emotional health disorder her parents Were aware of her struggles they told Her to sell her guns clearly she hid Some of them I suppose no amount of Money in the world can really force you To get mentally healthy and that Bipartisan safer communities act signed Last year that includes Millions for Mental health treatment but what do we Do with this other than offer people Help and hope they take it I know and that's a really really funny Issue because what you're getting into There is a civil issue right and what Would have had to have happened here Realistically is the parents apparently Were under the impression that she had Divested herself of all of her guns she Had not Um so realistically what would you have

Had here the parents would have had a Committer or they would have had to call The police and have them come to the House and make sure the fact that she Didn't have the guns and you know you Get into very thorny issues of what if She didn't live with the parents they Make that call did the police have the Power to go in there New York has some Red flag laws that allow you to do this Kind of stuff Um Brewing may you know throw them into Flux as well look once somebody starts Shooting in a school no matter how good Your response is you've failed and uh I Think that's a lesson of Nashville Because the response here from the Police was quite good yep we have six People dead so I think a better level of Monitoring standard protocols for Response Hardening a Target as much as possible And a campaign I think you have to where You have to say you know look folks and This is on a nationwide level now Any doubts call it in And we probably do have to get to the Point where and I know it feels like People would be sort of turning on each Other but if you have a family member Who has guns and you you know suspect That there is maybe some mental illness There make the call because this is not The first ones of these remember that

Kid learns it same thing you know the Mother had this gun cabinet that he had Access to one look at that kid's mug Shot you can see God bless him that he Was uh in real mental distress And you have to say it was incumbent Upon his mother to make that call and She didn't but when it comes to the President's call for an assault weapons Ban that may depend on what side of the Political aisle you're on after the Supreme Court's Brewing decision came Down the National Shooting Sports Foundation said it applies a true Reading of what the Bill of Rights tells Us and does provide Clarity on a Fundamental right but Chris Brown President of the Brady campaign against Gun violence says since then they've Seen judges issue very different rulings Around the country host Bruin there's a Lot of confusion about how to apply this Rather complex standard and a lot of Thought from Advocates like me a lot of Head scratching about how this could Possibly be a workable standard in the 21st century Yeah let's talk a little bit about that So I I was reading you know one judge in Delaware said this new test Um to apply thanks to Bruin means a Ghost gun law Banning their Manufacturing possession cannot stand But a judge in California rejected a

Challenge to their ghost gun law the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals struck Down a law that said you can't have a Gun if you have a domestic violence Restraining order against you so Regardless of how you feel politically About Firearms this sounds messy what do You foresee in terms of I guess would This have to come before the court in in The form of another case regarding Firearms Yes and I think it will you mentioned This fifth circuit case and for your Listeners that's a case where it was Recently held that a law that's been in Effect for a while and is quite Important uh judge in the fifth circuit Which is a federal district court said Well actually now I'm looking at that Law and applying the Bruin decision Which has these new factors which Require me to look back in history and Understand whether there was a corollary To this law in effect in colonial times And I'm finding that there wasn't and Therefore I'm going to hold a law that Says domestic violence abusers Should have their guns removed I'm going To hold that as unconstitutional which I Think is not a good standard Chris what does all of this mean when we Hear the president say hey Congress it's Time for an assault weapons ban we all Remember well not all of us but most of

Us remember the last assault weapons ban Expired in 2004 there were challenges to That at that time how different would an Assault weapons ban or any Congressional Gun law be in in the context of these Recent Supreme Court decisions including Maybe even Heller which is more than a Decade old now Like a piece of wood and a buzz saw I Mean that's kind of what they have set Up for themselves in terms of the Constitutionality of any law with Respect to the Second Amendment and let Me just be clear when the Supreme Court Decided the Bruin opinion It was not setting a standard of Judicial review right and when I say That what I mean is the lens pursuant to Which every Court in the country has to Review a law before the Bruin decision Our laws around the Second Amendment Would be reviewed with a balancing test What's the interest of Public Safety let Me counter that by understanding the Origins of the Second Amendment and does This infringe the Second Amendment that Was the standard of review For 200 years up until the Bruin Decision right and the Brewing decision Said no no no no no no we have to look At this three prongs test and the one That is really challenging is is there a Historical corollary to this law in Colonial times and that will be right up

Front for Roberts to consider In this next session and I don't envy That task I think it's a tough one but I Hope that they reframe this because it's The only amendment to the Constitution That we actually have this test for Finally Chris the bipartisan safer Communities Act Right signed last summer By the president it allotted more money Among other things for mental health Programs the parents in this particular Case of the Nashville shooter told Police that she'd been under mental Health care for an emotional disorder They had her sell her weapons but she Clearly hid some I wonder if this points Out the cracks that rules can fall Through you know should these parents Have called law enforcement or files an Order with a court honestly it just Breaks my heart as a mother of a 21 year Old and 19 year old These parents were in a tough position And the reason why is because Tennessee Has not passed an extreme risk Protection Law you reference the Bipartisan safer communities act that's The federal law that incented states hey Tennessee we will give you free money to Implement this law to make sure that Parents with kids who are at risk that They are able to take action and remove Guns and put these individuals in the Background check system that's how that

Law Works Tennessee does not have that Law and unfortunately based on our Current system I would say there's Almost nothing available to these Parents to meaningfully remove guns from Their 28 year old daughter Chris Brown President of United against gun violence At the Brady Center thank you so much For joining us thank you so much thanks For having me Thank you And in other news I'm Gianna jalosi Residents of Greenland spring forward For the last time while the U.S and Europe debate about whether to stick to The twice yearly clock switching Greenland's Parliament voted to stick to Daylight Saving Time year round Officials say it's going to give Greenlanders another hour of daylight in The afternoons more time to do business With Europe and the rest of the world And quote an opportunity to slow down in A fast-paced world geographically Sparsely populated Greenland belongs to The North American continent but Geopolitically it's in Europe earlier This month a bipartisan group of U.S Senators reintroduced legislation to Make Daylight Saving Time permanent here In the U.S after it unanimously passed The upper chamber last year but failed To get a vote in the house because Lawmakers couldn't agree on whether to

Keep Standard time or permanent daylight Saving time since 2015 about 30 states Have introduced legislation to end the Twice yearly changing of the clocks for The Fox News rundown I'm Gianna jalosi Thank you [Music] New from the Fox News podcasts Network I'm Dana Perino join me for season three Of my limited time podcast everything Will be okay based on my best-selling Book of the same name make sure you Subscribe to this series wherever you Download podcasts and leave a rating and Review subscribe to this podcast at it's time for your Fox News commentary will Kane what's on Your mind there is so much to discuss When once again some deviant deranged Individual steps inside of a school and Kills America's children Audrey Hale did So at the Covenant Christian school in Nashville Tennessee killing three Children and three adults and we can Have plenty of conversations around the Cultural movement of this person but for Today I want to celebrate some real men The Nashville Tennessee Police Department covered itself in glory In the wake of this tragedy if you Haven't go wherever you need to go watch It the body cam footage from officers Like Rex Engelbert and Michael Collazo These officers arrived on the scene and

Within four minutes had taken down Audrey Hale you can watch as Engelbert Competently confidently goes room to Room hallway to hallway clearing that Building you'll be reminded of Leadership real leadership when you Listen to Collazo calmly tell his Teammates go go go lead with your rifle I'm with you to the right keep pushing Throughout the three minutes it takes These men to arrive at the second floor No hesitation going through any door no Pause coming around any corner until Engelbert is the first to go around that Last corner and take down Audrey Hale it Is an amazing Testament to the values of Real men If you want to hear more check out the Will Kane podcast on Fox News podcast Download rate and review wherever you Get your audio entertainment You've been listening to the Fox News Rundown now and now stay up to date by Subscribing to this podcast at listen ad free on FOX News podcasts Plus on Apple podcast And Prime members can listen to the show Ad free on Amazon music and for up to The minute news go to Pull up a chair and join me Rachel Campos Tuffy and me former US Congressman Sean Duffy as we share our Perspective on the discussions happening At kitchen tables Across America

Download from the kitchen table the Duffy spent fox or Wherever you download podcasts Love Fox News click the Subscribe button To get more of the news and opinion you Trust and click the Fox News rundown Playlist for the latest episodes

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