Anti-Israel protesters disrupt Blinken’s testimony

Anti-Israel protesters disrupt Blinken's testimony

The protesters demanded an immediate cease-fire during the congressional hearing with Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. #FOXNews

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We have Fox team coverage Trey yinx is In southern Israel and actually let's Just go to the hearing first of all they Are underway and we'll kick it over to Secretary of State Anthony blinkin about To give testimony at the Senate hearing On Capitol Hill the protesters have been Trying to disrupt the chairman paty Murray she rebuked them and wants the Senator excuse me the secretary To to give some testimony today John They are there because because there are Many problems in the world lots of Different hot spots this hearing might Was you prepared to go before the war October 7th but now it's has a renewed Focus John yeah and particularly with All of the attacks against US forces in The region let's listen in for just a Little minute Here committee will suspend and I again Ask that those in the audience respect The people in the room and allow us to Continue the hearing the hearing will Suspend until the uh disruption is Removed fire now cease fire now cease Fire now cease fire now demilitarize the Border people are not Anable thank you secretary blinkin if You can continue please so I was saying I know that several committee members Have traveled to Israel over the last 3 Weeks they've heard directly from Israeli officials what they need to

Defend their people and prevent another Attack like this one and that's exactly What the Supple bental provides with 3.7 Billion for security needs including to Help Israel bolster its air and missile Defense systems the supplemental also Requests additional authority to draw Down DOD stocks and enhances the Security of our Embassy as President Biden has made clear from the outset While Israel has the right indeed it has The obligation to defend itself the way It does so matters in our discussions With the Israeli government the President and I have both stressed the Need for Israel to operate by the Why AR we handing and arresting Them let them be at the table why aren't They at the table St fire now I beg you St fire now secretary blink you may Continue thank you thank you chair so I Was saying the president and I have both Stressed in our conversations with the Israeli government the need for Israel To operate by the law of war and in Accordance with International Humanitarian law and to take all Possible measures to avoid civilian Casualties for Ukraine President Biden Is requesting 16.3 billion to supply Ukraine's defense without which Russia Will move quickly to try to seize and Exploit any possible opening and to Ensure that Ukraine can sustain the

Economic base and Recovery that its war Effort depends on this funding will not Only re rebuild Ukraine's economy and Offset the damage brought by Russia but It will also help to reimagine it Investing in new Industries Infrastructure and Supply chains Connected to Europe and to the world Secure and resilient clean energy Anti-corruption bodies Civil Society Media to be strong enough to deter and Defend against aggressors Beyond its Borders Ukraine needs a resilient Economy and a vibrant democracy within Its borders since Russia lunch this war The robust funding supported by Congress Has enabled the people of Ukraine in Their courageous fight to defend their Nation it's helped make sure that Russia's Invasion and Strategic [Music] All right John so I I was just going to Say as we watch these protesters uh I Thought this could go on for maybe a Half an hour or so but they're standing Up on mass now so so they'll all get Bounced very quickly they will um the Thing is I think they're being super Unproductive we have they have a right To do it I guess but they you know They're going to be escorted out because You would think that they would want to Be quiet for a moment and listen to what

The secretaries are going to say well I Thought that I thought that they were Actually letting him speak about Ukraine And would get back into the protest when He got back to Israel but I guess they Decided to uh to do it at that moment And again the fact that they're all Standing up now holding signs and Chanting that means they're all go to Get tossed out well also the other thing Is That they Are not they're interrupting obviously The the hearing it will get underway we Will provide you that information as Soon as we can but for the ones that are Sitting John that are not standing up Disrupting I don't know if they can Bounce them but we can imagine that this Is going to take a while because after These guys get taken out those guys are Going to stand up after the secretary Says five words yeah I guess you know Just holding up your hands quietly uh You're okay you're within the rules but When you stand up and you hold a sign And then you start chanting that's well They also get cameras right so another Reason that they are doing this is Because there is news this this is Happening so you have photo journalists There taking the pictures and it's one Of the things that these protesters want More photographs of themselves that they

Can put on social media yeah so as this Is taking place in the Senate at the Same time over in the house they're uh Undertaking a measure to delink the Money from Ukraine for Ukraine from Money to Israel Mike Johnson putting Forward a bill uh for about a little More than 14 billion in direct Aid to Israel and then leaving the question of Aid to Ukraine on the sidelines for the Moment but blink and Lloyd Austin will Be making the point at this hearing that The two should be linked together as the President has requested some 109 billion Dollars in Aid

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