Anti-Israel protests cause chaos in cities nationwide

Anti-Israel protests cause chaos in cities nationwide

Fox News contributor Paul Mauro says protesters are funded by institutions and warns protests will continue throughout the summer on ‘America Reports.’

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Continue digging into all of this Joining us by phone is retired NYPD Inspector Paul Morrow and Paul we we Don't have any confirmation of it and There's not even really anybody talking About it online but we see three Individuals in that first row of cars Who are standing right beside the cars And have not moved for as long as we've Been watching these pictures we have Seen in Germany and other places people Use industrial strength glue to glue Their hands to the road and I remember Seeing a couple of female protesters who Were in the hospital they actually uh Emergency Services had cut out the road Around their hand and they were standing There in the emergency room with big Chunks of ashal attached to them and I'm Wondering and along with Bill is is that The situation Here looks like they are doing something So from what I can see it looks like one Of the female protesters has her arm in A tube that extends into the car what That almost certainly is is something They call a sleeping dragon and what They do is they chain each to each other One protester to another inside a pipe And so in order to disconnect them you Have to get through the pipe and then You have to get through the chains in This case what they seem to have done is One of the protesters is in the car and

One is not in the car I don't know what The status of the one in the car is but She may be or he may be locked in there As well all of these things are are so Sleeping dragons are common usually They're sitting there they're all Chained together and it's a nightmare I've been on scene where you have to get Them out you have to uh essentially like Blowtorch through them So it's very complicated it's just Designed to throw sand in the gears of The police to slow everybody up and as You said this thing's already gone on For hours there's no timeline for the Removal and that certainly is one of the Reasons why just logistically that's Very difficult to do you make sure you Don't hurt anybody and uh you know so This will go on for quite some time Going forward you know Paul I don't Think that we had conceived at this Point of the concept that potentially This was a coordinated effort we're not Saying that this is the case but did did Our are are the people in those first Three cars in line there uh part of this Whole thing and are people on the Outside connected to people on the Inside as you Suggest from what I could see in the Video and it's difficult to see but it Looked like one of them had her arm in The tube and if that's the case I would

Argue that that's almost certainly What's going on there and uh as I said That's a real difficulty you know this Is something that goes back some of this Stuff goes back to the 60s uh some of it To Occupy Wall Street more recently Where a lot of these techniques were Were sort of tested out and generally People who do these protests they They're in college they go back to their Lives but what some of them do is they Sort of graduate into management for Lack of a better uh term and it's a Career path they become organizers They're funded by nonprofits uh George Soros foundations and the like and they They get money to do this thing that's Their lives and and some of them Actually make decent money and so that's The institutional knowledge that they Allow that they're able to access and That's why you see some of the Techniques repeating over literally Generations and so you know this is the Kind of thing that we saw very very Reminiscent of Occupy Wall Street and What it argues is that this looks pretty Organized we see various cities popping Off on the same day this argues that This is going to be be with us through The summer I would say can I can I jump In here so um as we're watching Obviously this is Laura Manhattan uh Wall Street screen right but on on

Screen left the Golden Gate Bridge and The situation that's out there I mean People have been watching this wondering Like why wasn't there anything Immediately they could do when the Protesters were just simply standing There to remove them and Paul my Question to you is as we watch this Happening more and more popping up in Cities all over this nation these Protests and and some of which like case In point the one on our screen has Incredible Consequences what what can be done to Send the message don't do this Yeah that's the sent question isn't it So you know again I go back to Occupy Wall Street which is a good rubric for This sort of thing and you know every Time you make the mass arrests that Occur from these things you immediately Get sued they all have lawyers on on Speed dial and the courts are amable to Them and the police know that so they Take a very gentle hand everything now Is filmed everybody has a camera even More so than during Occupy Wall Street One of the ways these groups fund Themselves is through through lawsuits They are regularly engaged in lawsuits Against the city so what can you do to Prevent it first of all the earlier and Faster you get in there bet the better Sandrew you're absolutely right but what

You need is intelligence you have to Know it's coming this already looks like A pretty bad intelligence failure to me Yeah this is coordinated online Different cities they should have known It was coming but Paul there's a pretty Clear shot there we're getting a lot Closer that vehicle on the right the Black vehicle that fella does seem to Have some sort of a pipe on his arm and Then on the left the person in the high Viz vest has got some sort of a pipe on Their arm as well so it it may be that This was a coordinated effort Paul if You would stay stay with us and uh we'll See if we can glean some more Information maybe you can work your Sources in California Highway Patrol and See exactly what's going on hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to subscribe To Fox News YouTube page and catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis you will not get it anywhere Else

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