AOC doesn’t rule out ‘higher office’

AOC doesn't rule out 'higher office'

Former Rep. Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y., on what AOC’s chances would be to win a New York Senate race and if he plans to run for office again

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All right welcome back more on our top Story we are just hours away from former President Donald Trump's arraignment Here in New York as he has arrested this Afternoon it is the first time in America's history a former president Faces criminal charges in a case that Our next guest warns will bring down our Justice system it would have been Different if he had won the governor's Race former New York GOP Congressman Lee Zeldin Joins us now Congressman we know We're in unprecedented uh areas but Around the country they don't understand The politics of New York could you Explain without what's facing Donald Trump besides the politics behind the Justice It this is all politics Alvin Bragg ran And even pledged before taking the oath That he was going to be personally Supervising this case he did not know What the charges were that he was going To bring against Donald Trump he didn't Know what the facts were going to be That he was going to use but he was Going to personally supervise this case Then he actually takes the oath issues a Day one memo where he says across the Board at all different kinds of charges He was not going to allow his Prosecutors to go after all sorts of Other offenses he said across the board Would be downgraded to lesser offenses

So now New Yorkers experienced the first Few months of Alvin Bragg's tenure and They're seeing crime in many metrics go Up individual cases like the Jose Alba Case where this Bodega worker gets Attacked he has to defend himself he has An open Stab Wound Alvin Bragg throws Him into Rikers Island asks for hundreds Of thousands of dollars in bail and the Person who stabbed him ended up getting Charged with no nothing so individual Case after case have New Yorkers really Upset that they have this prosecutor who Seems to be more of a defense attorney Than a district attorney so not having a Consistent Law and Order prosecutor here When you fast forward to the facts of This particular case makes a lot of People in doing that basic smell test Realize that this is a political Prosecution well we see the same Treatment for Democrats because this Happens all the time when you have Successful powerful people they're Accused of different things and Sometimes they pay people off so that They don't talk about it it's not Illegal to do that and they sign Non-disclosure agreements we'll we'll we Look into all the Democrats that have Done this as well No Alvin Bragg won't and that's part of The problem we're crossing into a new Rubicon here where some Republican

District attorney somewhere in America Could in theory be bringing charges Against a democratic former president or Vice president so this is a really Slippery slope I'm more of a student of History and in other countries uh you Know Brian's more of a professor of History in other countries you know you Have the dictatorial powers trying to Manufacture charges to take out Political opponents this isn't something That we ever want to see here in our Country but today we will today we will And reportedly 34 felony counts will Find out what they are in about six Hours meanwhile uh We wanted uh lee to pick your brain About a quote from AOC responding to Potentially running for U.S Senate Challenging uh Senator gillibrand she Said don't ask me that question print That okay we did uh there's a word where I'm there's a world that is to say where I'm here for a long time in the seat in This position there's a world where I'm Not an elected official anymore there's A world where I may be in higher office So you know what I'm sure she's Ambitious the big question is could she Win at a Statewide level I think that she can win a Democratic Primary I think that she would have a Strong ground game she'd be able to Raise a lot of money a lot of the

Democratic Party primary base is in New York City where aoc's district is Located Kirsten joelbrand is not from New York City the Democratic party not Just has that far left base they have Certain minority constituencies that AOC Might do a better job penetrating in a Democratic Party primary if she decides To pull the trigger on a race like this I think she would be a very strong Candidate against Senator Kirsten Gillibrand who doesn't do anything just As invisible so how will that affect Whether you decide to run or not and are You considering it You know Kirsten gillibrand has kind of Been wishing this into existence Mentioning my name in media interviews And fundraising emails it's not anything That I was thinking about uh but the More she keeps mentioning my name and I Have to answer questions about it you Know I'm wondering maybe if uh if as we Go forward listen if AOC gets into this Race uh while I say she'll be a more Competitive Democratic Party primary Candidate if she was to win a primary She is a more deeply flawed general Election opponent so the race will be Shifting in the Republicans favor if AOC Gets into the race it is something that Potentially we might look at but you Know at this point we'll have to see how The race shapes up well your ears

Apparently are burning all the time Because people are talking about you Former Congressman Lee zeldin sir thank You very much for joining us on this Tuesday morning thank you Take care I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and Click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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