‘Arrogant’ Biden White House blames Trump for chaotic Afghanistan exit

'Arrogant' Biden White House blames Trump for chaotic Afghanistan exit

Fox News senior strategic analyst Gen. Jack Keane (Ret.) provides analysis of the Biden administration’s 12-page review of the botched withdrawal. #FoxNews

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The body Administration releasing its Review 12 pages of the Afghanistan Withdrawal and a last minute news dump I Mean they got 10 minutes to read through It did the Press score the 12-page Summary repeatedly placing blame on President Trump saying in part President Biden's choice for a how to execute a Withdrawal from Afghanistan were Severely constrained by conditions Created by his predecessor but National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby Still says there's a lot to be proud of We're children being killed there were People hanging off of Air Force jets That were leaving and you're saying that You guys are proud of the way that this Mission was conducted I don't know Nobody's saying that everything was Perfect but there was a lot that went Right so yeah there's a lot to be proud Of for all this talk of chaos I just Didn't see it not from my purchase it Was tough in the first few hours you Would expect it to be Astounding here at react retired Four-star general Fox News senior Strategic analyst General Jack Keane a General he said this is the plan I got I Did the best I could uh and I'm proud of It your thoughts Well first of all yes president Trump Had announced that he fully intended to Withdraw from Afghanistan we don't know

What his final decision would have been And we don't know what kind of Conditions he would have set if he Continued to make that decision to Withdraw I'm assuming there would have Been some pretty significant conditions But he wasn't the president we don't Know that for a fact so when you look at What was facing President Biden All of his military leaders to include The Unseen Commander all of the NATO Countries who had troops in Afghanistan Some seven thousand the CIA director all Were telling him to stay It was uncertain what would happen to The Afghan security forces and the Government but the certainty was Isis and Al-Qaeda will rise again in Afghanistan the reason we wanted to stay In Afghanistan was to make certain that That did not happen our NATO allies Didn't want to stay because it was in The interest of the United States those NATO countries wanted to stay and keep Their soldiers exposed Brian because it Was in their National interest President Biden I know people are in the room was Arrogant about this he was the smartest Guy in the room it was what he was Saying I know more about Afghanistan Than anybody else and we're going to get Out that was his decision and he owns Everything that took place after that Decision he could have reversed it and

Said I agree with you let us stay and Let's make certain the force structure Is right we don't want Isis we don't Want Al Qaeda to rise again He or he made the decision he said a Date certain and when the government Began to collapse after the security Forces had no air support whatsoever President ghani came to Washington DC to See President Biden and ask him you Pulled away all of the air support I Need contractors to keep my own Air Force flying his decision was to pull Them away as well The fact is even when the the re the Withdrawal was turned into a retreat he Still could have set some conditions Down and said well wait a second This looks like Saigon we're not going To do this I told the American people This is not going to happen so what what Options did he have then Tell the Taliban we're not going to Leave until we get all of the people out That we want to get out of here and We're going to do it in an orderly Manner I'm going to bring more troops in Not just to secure the towers at the Airfield but to secure space around the Airfield so we can clear everybody who's Coming into that Airfield and believe me Mr Taliban leader we know where you are Now you used to be up in the mountains And hiding from us now you're up

Occupying all the physical structures of The previous government So we'll come for you If you don't adhere to our conditions he Had plenty of opportunity to set a Predictable methodical withdrawal as Opposed to a chaotic Retreat and that is What unfolded in front of the American People you can't now come back And try to remake this in front of the American people they saw it for what it Is regardless of what their view was on Stay leave Afghanistan or Ally saw it They felt humiliated by the United States and our adversaries have been Taken advantage of us Brian ever since That decision and what we all saw on our Videos what took place there they have Felt the United States is weak and They've been coming for us ever since Yes our enemies our allies doubt us and Our enemies think we're vulnerable hence We get the invasion Ukraine they weave In Ukraine in this as if we show how the World came together after a couple of Things they don't want to stay and People like you understand why where is It it's right by Iran it is right by China and right by Russia right by Pakistan all our enemies are right there We have a Looking Glass in all of them a Way to get intelligence you explain that To the American people you keep a You keep a small 4 course the benefits

We would have understood that there was No clamor number two he had a chance Mackenzie got a call from the Taliban Commander are you going to take the Airport are you going to take Cabo or Are we the Army is collapsing And what happened we only want the Airport you could take Kabul and the Taliban ends up being our security Force It's astounding he's for that and I just Got one last question for you uh on the You leaking of the Ukrainian offensive The battle plans by the Pentagon Inadvertently how damaging that the Russians now have it Well look at the Russians are very weak Militarily poorly LED poorly trained no Morale whatsoever the last several weeks They've been conducting an offensive Using the 300 000 mobilized forces that Putin has put Together and they fail they have not Taken the territory in the Dom bass Region this is the second time they've Had abject failure nothing is going to Change in terms of Russian weakness the Will of the Ukrainian fighting force is Very significant they will take Territory back as a result of their Offensive despite the leak but the leak Is outrageous we've given the enemy an Advantage they don't deserve to have for Sure Incredible uh General thanks so much for

Straightening out the record the best we Can appreciate it have a great Easter I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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