At least 12 Israeli soldiers killed in Gaza: IDF

At least 12 Israeli soldiers killed in Gaza: IDF

FOX News’ Trey Yingst reports the latest on the casualties from southern Israel. #FOXNews

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Yesterday's ground operation in Gaza Bringing the IDF casualties inside Gaza To at least 12 Trey angst is live in Southern Israel with the very latest Trey good Morning yeah Todd Carly good morning the Israeli military has updated the death Toll from the incident that took place Yesterday morning where an anti-tank Guided missile was fired at a group of Israeli soldiers inside Gaza that death Toll has now reached 10 people in Addition to two others that were Announced earlier yesterday by the Israeli military who were from the Gavati reconnaissance unit so clearly There are difficult battles taking place Inside the Gaza Strip last night when we Were along the border we could hear the Gunfire in the distance the Israelis Were calling in air support to try to Support those soldiers on the ground but This will be a difficult Street by Street battle as Israel looks to push Deeper into Gaza in their efforts to Destroy Hamas also we're getting more Information on the jabalia refugee camp Targeting yesterday by the Israeli Military the the Israelis say around 50 Militants were killed including ibraim Bayari a top commander who was Responsible for leading the entire Jabalia Battalion a battalion that was Actively engaged in combat against

Israeli forces inside Gaza the Israelis Are getting new questions today about The number of civilians that were killed In those strikes and these are Legitimate questions that need to be Asked to the Israeli military About how many civilians they knew were In this area and how many they believed Were killed as a result last night I was On a briefing with Jonathan kriz a Spokesman for the Israeli military and He discussed this issue saying the Target for the Israelis was this top Hamas commander and as a result there Was collateral damage and the Israelis Are investigating into this incident but Again it gives you a sense of of the Environment the Israelis are fighting in And we do expect more civilian Casualties amid this ongoing War we Should know to and as Jonathan talked About earlier the Rafa Crossing between Gaza and Egypt will be open today According to Egyptian officials to allow For some injured Palestinians to leave Along with for Nationals this is a a Very positive development for the American citizens that are currently Trapped inside Gaza we've been talking With some of them they remain terrified About what's taking place they've been Stuck in Gaza since October 7th and they Are hoping to get home to their loved Ones in the United States hoping that

Crossing will remain open for those Nationals to leave lot of attention That

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