Author warns Tucker about mob rule in America

Author warns Tucker about mob rule in America

Author Heather Mac Donald discusses how Democrats are allowing the United States to descend into mob rule and lawlessness on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

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Heather McDonald is the author of when Race Trump's Merit how the pursuit of Equity sacrifices Excellence destroys Beauty and threatens lives that book is Out today Heather McDonald Congratulations on that book and bless You for pointing out that it destroys Beauty which some people still care About thank heaven so it does seem like These outbreaks of lawlessness and MOB Rule are the easiest kinds of crimes to Stop Well that would depend on being Believing in the police Authority and The elites have done everything they can Possibly do to discredit legitimate Police Authority by calling it racist we Are seeing civilization break down in Front of our eyes it's a willed and Voluntary breakdown and it will continue And worsen until we stand up against the Phony charge of racism whether directed At the police at medicine or the Arts And start defending America's Civilizational inheritance I I love this Idea that what we're seeing is the Product of starvation or deprivation or Poverty these mobs are all organized on Social media the participants all have Smartphones that's not my idea of Starvation or deprivation What I you wonder though I mean if You're the opposite the so-called Opposition party which of course most of

The time colludes with the Democratic Party but if you're an ambitious Republican like running on making the Country safe and clean and getting the Junkies out of the parks and the Marauding teenagers out of 7-Eleven like That's not hard why does nobody do that Is everybody's so intimidated that no One will just say that obvious truth Yes they're absolutely intimidated Because the left will say they're Playing the race card it's very odd Because the left says there's no racial Disparities in crime and yet if somebody Talks about crime they'll be accused Soto voce of being racist so the left Actually knows something that is not Letting on the fact is is that law Enforcement is not racist for having a Disparate impact on black criminals it Has a disparate impact on black Criminals when it's enforced in a Colorblind manner because the black Crime rate is so high who suffers from That black crime rate overwhelmingly Black victims and yet we're not allowed To talk about those black victims Because doing so means talking about Black crime and America turns its eyes Away from the pathological inner city Culture that gives us these mobs that Gives us these barbaric drive-by Shootings and that will Tear down everything unless we stop

Capitulating to the racial hustle Tucker You see a video like that and you really Feel like wow it's not just coming it's Here and we do need to stand up against It if you if you care about Civilization Um Heather McDonald sure appreciate your Coming on thank you for writing this Book I'm going to read it Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube Channel to catch our nightly opens Stories that are changing the world and Changing your life from Tucker Carlson Tonight

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