Biden accused of sending ‘mixed signals’ to Israel

Biden accused of sending 'mixed signals' to Israel

Ret. U.S. Army Big. Gen. Anthony Tata and former U.S. Army intelligence officer Abe Hamadeh joins ‘FOX News @ Night’ to discuss the Israel-Hamas war.
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In the author of total Empire retired US Army Brigadier General Anthony Tada and A mamad former US Army Reserve captain And intelligence officer gentlemen thank You both for coming on here General to You first I want to put this up this is The Wall Street Journal editorial board From today how Hamas defines the Ceasefire going on to write Hamas Promises more massacres in Arabic while Asking for humanitarian reprieve in English it knows from experience that Some westerners are gullible enough to Fall for it and we know they're falling For it General because we see it every Single day yeah that's right with these Harvard students and college campuses All over uh you know there's a real uh Sickness in the minds of some of these Uh people that are supporting Hamas Terrorists that brutally slaughtered uh The Israelis uh in uh when they crossed The border on October 7th and so Israel Is moving very deliberately with three Divisions in in Gaza and and they have a Good plan and I I continue to believe That they're being very methodical about This yeah and listen Captain hamay Abe If you don't believe this then you just Hear it from one of the Hamas officials Who said This isra is a country that has no place On our land we must remove that country Because it constitutes a security

Military and political catastrophe to The Arab and Islamic nation and must be Finished we are not ashamed to say this With full force yeah bottom line is they Want Israel eradicated your Thoughts that's exactly right and that's Why you're seeing this quickly dulge Into a regional conflict I mean right Now you're seeing you know the Iranians Militias in Syria and Iraq on on the Move but you also saw in Yemen with These houti missile attacks coming in And trying to strike Israel so this is Quickly turning into a regional conflict Where Israel needs to have its focus on Gaza because you know they have two main Objectives right now in Gaza it's to Eradicate hamas's leadership and it's Also to free and rescue those hostages That have been taken so you know Israel Right now needs much more moral support From the United States and I believe the Biden Administration has been sending a Lot of mixed signals first of all Telling them to delay their Invasion and I think that's allowed Hamas to regroup But it's also sent a signal to all these Other terrorist groups around the around The region to to arm and to you know Right now attack Israel yeah they need Better signaling that's for sure uh General this is from Naser immani he's An analyst close to the Iranian Government he tells the New York Times

The following quoting here there is no Need for Iran to get directly involved In the war and attack Israel itself Because it has the resistance axis Militia who follow Iran's policies and Strategies and act on its behalf right Now Iran is in control mode it is Telling all of them including Hezbollah To keep things boiling but have Restraint and that's the truth they just Keep attacking US forces keep attacking You know Northern Israel and waiting for The next Response Y General let's go back let's go to Abe You can when we get the general back We'll let him answer that what are your Thoughts on that Abe well I think that's Exactly the mo of Iran I mean their Their most successful military operation Is Hezbollah I mean it costs them not That much money if you think about the Damage that they can inflict on Israel So the the idea right now is to to boil This over keep it simmering I mean this Is a 27-day war as you mentioned in Program compared to the Six Day War in 1967 and and in 1973 that was over in Less than a month so you know right now Iran knows that this is much more of a Psychological operation information Warfare so that's why it's very Concerning when you have these college Campuses you know they're basically

Hunting down Jews Trace it's very scary And you know I think you know my friend In Las Vegas just posted a photo today Where one on her way to school it said Kill the Jews free Gaza but you know They're just getting a lot of Misinformation right now from Hamas They're propagating Pro Hamas propaganda Yeah let me just get the general here For 15 seconds we got got you back General is the war going how you think Uh Israel wants it to go I think Israel Is Prosecuting this in a very methodical Way and I would just like to say that I Think we need more people like Abe Veterans in Congress and so I fully Support Abe's run for Congress and and Uh he's done a great job uh representing Uh military veterans and he's good Analyst to boot so uh thank you a General we appreciate your time hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to subscribe To News YouTube page and catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis you will not get it anywhere Else

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