Biden is trying to take credit for Trump’s decision: Hemingway

Biden is trying to take credit for Trump's decision: Hemingway

Mollie Hemingway, editor-in-chief of The Federalist, joins ‘The Faulkner Focus’ to discuss the White House’s review of the withdrawal from Afghanistan. #FoxNews

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Take a look at this flashback now to President Biden speaking in the Immediate aftermath of the withdrawal Mr President there had not been a U.S Service member killed in combat in Afghanistan since February of 2020. you Set a deadline you pulled troops out you Sent troops back in and now 12 Marines Are dead you said the buck stops with You do you bear any responsibility For the way that things have unfolded in The last two weeks I bear responsibility For Fundamentally all that's happened Of late Let's bring in Molly Hemingway she's a Fox News contributor also Editor-in-chief of the Federalist Molly That a lot to unpack here let's start With this the NSC and the broader White House has always insisted that they Measure the success of this operation by The number of Americans and Afghans who They saved what do you say to that well You know this decision to leave the Afghanistan war is the only thing that Is popular about how we exited the Afghanistan war there's broad agreement That that needed to happen you saw that Bipartisan agreement and President Biden Is trying to take credit for that Decision which originally came from President Trump and not take any Accountability or responsibility for the

Manner in which this happened the manner In which it happened was something that Was heartbreaking for so many Americans To see and so I think you know if he Wants to take credit for it he needs to Take responsibility for all of the all Of the problems that happen and you just Didn't hear that I'm glad you mentioned The 11 Marines the Navy corpsman the Soldier who were killed in that attack This report does not explain the Decisions that led to that and does not Fire it does not recommend firing Anybody who was responsible for these Decisions there's it's just a it's a Shock I think for Americans to see this Type of report after we all experience Now what the report does include on line Three is the Declaration that the U.S Accomplished its mission in Afghanistan That's verbatim now Mali they say The goal of the mission and the broader War was to remove the 911 terrorists From Battlefield which admittedly Happened but nowhere in the report is There mention of the reality which is That those same terrorists Um once again infiltrated and then took Over the governing apparatus inside the Country well this really speaks to a Much bigger issue in how our military Has not taken responsibility for how it Prosecuted this war when it began it had A very limited objective it was in

Response to Afghanistan harboring these Terrorists who committed 911 we took Care of that in very short order and did A very good job in the first 18 months Two years it then morphed into this Expansive democracy building exercise Which by all accounts was a failure as Evidenced by the fact that we handed the Country back over to the Taliban as you Note and it was very expensive it cost So many lives and it led to a you know a Lot of confusion in what the purpose of Our military is at the end of the day Not only does the Taliban take control We leave billions of dollars of Equipment in their hands and we had this Disastrous withdrawal we still have Americans and allies that are there that Have not been that have not been taken Care of it I mean it's just it's it's Very implausible to talk about this as a Great success given those facts now what About the Afghans because another key Argument from the administration here is That they made like they reiterated this Yesterday they have made life better for Tens of millions of afghans Is that the case I mean I think if You're arguing that our approach to Building democracy in Afghanistan Succeeded I I don't really I don't see The facts on the ground supporting that Case you look at by our own metrics and I mean I don't I'm not a supporter of

This idea that you should um that you Should turn our military into a Democracy building or nation building Entity but because this is not Everything because it doesn't work so Well usually but that did not take place In Afghanistan and you see it by our own Standards of what we would want to see In terms of women being educated or Other issues just didn't happen now Weeks after This unfolded the then Pentagon Spokesperson who was John Kirby joined Harris on this program take a listen to Their Exchange Are we still relying on the Taliban this Isn't about relying on the Taliban this Is about working with with these Aid Groups and helping identify people that Need to get out of Afghanistan and Getting them out so the television are Not helping us do that they are still Getting out of Afghanistan these people Are still getting out and look we know We know we have work to do and here's The Department of Defense we know we Have a moral obligation but I didn't Hear an answer to the question are we Still working this isn't about relying Or working with the Taliban What do you make of that I mean it's it Was what was so surprising about seeing How Kirby handled this press conference Yesterday he was at the Pentagon at the

Time of the withdrawal I remember him Talking about how Um that drone strike which Lucas Tomlinson talked about which Inadvertently or you know made the Mistake of killing an innocent Afghani Family Afghan family including seven Children he was the one from the podium Saying that that was you know that that Was a military objective that had been Achieved that they believed that they Were terrorist related he himself talked About the chaos in the in the pull out From afghanist Afghanistan and then Yesterday is saying he doesn't know what They're talking about it is a very Difficult scenario because the Taliban Are in charge of the country so of Course we're working with them on trying To to um resolve all the outstanding Issues I don't know why he was denying It then or Um or really what happened yesterday in That press conference yeah and we could Carry on with this all afternoon I'm Sure Molly but one of make sure I get Your take on this while I have you the Tennessee State house yesterday voted to Expel those two Democratic lawmakers Reps Justin Jones and Justin Pearson Um Republicans ruled that they violated Decorum after they led a protest on the House floor take a listen You who believe in Justice and advocacy

And who believe in democracy thank you [Applause] Those protests happened obviously in the Wake of the recent Nashville school Shooting a covenant hundreds descended On the Capitol Building chanting for Lawmakers to impose new gun control Measures one Democrat tore into his GOP Colleagues after the expulsions listen To what he said You are talking about kicking somebody Out of this body Grow up if you can't sit through a Conversation or a debate on something no Less an expelling a colleague Grow up get out of here you don't belong Here You want to call the question Well President Biden condemns Republicans in a statement last night Saying the expulsion of lawmakers who Engaged in peaceful protest is shocking Undemocratic and without precedent Molly What do you say yeah these uh the Legislature was not pleased with these Members for how they helped this unruly Protest and they didn't just engage in The type of uh behavior that you might Expect of members of Congress they had Bull horns they were they were egging on The protesters and the legislature is Not tolerating that now it's not just This incident there's actually a history With these two members of them engaging

In bad behavior in the legislature that I think played a major role here but Whenever there's a horrible attack like We saw in this shooting at the Covenant School people tried to exploit it for Political action and the legislature There seems to be saying we will Continue to do our work we won't be Bullied we won't be dealing with unruly Protests like this and we cannot condone This type of behavior but yeah it does Seem to have very high level Democrats Upset including former president Barack Obama which suggests um that they're Really stung by this sort of surprising Action from from And we also know from our own reporters Molly that all three of those members Anticipated uh sort of penalties Consequences none of them anticipated They might actually lose their jobs Gotta leave it there Molly thanks so Much for taking time with us thank you Hey everyone I'm Emily compagno catch me And my co-host Harris Faulkner and Kaylee mcineny on outnumbered every Weekday at 12 pm Eastern or sets your DVR also don't forget to subscribe to The Fox News YouTube page for daily Highlights

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