Biden ridiculed for his ‘finish the job’ cry

Biden ridiculed for his 'finish the job' cry

Former George W Bush speechwriter Marc Thiessen calls out President Biden’s re-election campaign on ‘America Reports.’

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Let's forget Martin former White House Speech writer for President Bush into Fox News contributor to Sandra's point There this is called for number three Biden said oh everybody likes the job I'm doing well here's what a Fox News Poll found National Security is Underwater foreign policy is underwater Border security he's way underwater but He is most underwater on The Flipping Economy which is what presidencies are Won and lost on no 100 he thinks he's Doing a great job and then he said you Know that he brought back our leadership On the world stage he inherited that he Inherited a world where America was in Retreat when he what he inherited were Four Abraham Accords the first Middle East peace deals in 25 years where's the Fifth Abraham Accord it's not there he Hasn't done it he he inherited Donald Trump had uh had trade deals with Canada With Mexico and with South Korea the President who the country who he was Standing with where's the single trade Deal that that Joe Biden has negotiated So Mr diplomacy hasn't gotten a single International agreement signed in his Presidency so far but he's the one who's Bringing back America International Diplomacy then he says finish the job we Have the worst inflation in 40 years the Worst collapse in real wages in four Decades the worst border crisis in

American history worst crime wave since The 1990s worst labor shortage worker Shortage ever in the history of the United States finished the job most People say finish the job I don't want anymore We're just getting going yeah and this While two-thirds of the country continue To say and it is growing that they're Living paycheck to paycheck exactly Battling that inflation all right I Mentioned the moment where he was asked About his age after he just announced His his re-election bid and here was That moment I noticed the pulling data I keep Hearing about is that I'm between uh 42 and 46 favorable rating Etc and uh But everybody running for reelection in This time has been in the same position There's nothing new about that you're Making it sound like Biden's really Underwater And number one okay yeah okay go ahead Mark so just for the record so if you go Like to the 538 average of pro of polls For presidents in this this parent in Their presidency you look at every President going back to Harry Truman He Has the lowest approval rating of any President going back to Harry Truman Except every once in a while he he Trump Pulls ahead of him but over the last two Years he is the most unpopular president

In the history of this country going Into this re-election the only reason he Has a chance of winning is because Donald Trump is less popular than he is And because the people who disapprove of Both of them disapprove of trump more They they he gets he has a 39 Advantage Among people who disapprove of both men So they basically they look at him and Say he's a terrible president but he's The least worst candidate from their Perspective so so president yoon's visit Here was the first visit from a South American president of South America South uh Korean president in 12 years Yeah but president Trump went to Korea Twice I went with him and I remember the Second time he went to the DMZ yes which Of course brings this full circle back Round to Trump's negotiations with Kim Jong-un and there was a heady time in This nation's history when it looked Like South Korea might be making some Moves toward denuclearization now Kim Was cheating all the time but at least Trump had him on the hook I mean he wriggled off the hook a long Time ago and he's just doubling down in His efforts to go nuclear yeah no Absolutely and there was very little Chance that Trump was going to succeed In that but at least he was trying uh we Were no there were no tests anyways There was a brief pause and test but

They were I don't think North Korea was Ever going to do to give up its nuclear Plans but so you know what this is why It's so important we have to what we Have to do is we have to deter them from Using their nuclear weapons and also Deter them from using their nuclear Weapons as cover to care to carry out an Invasion so what's the most important Thing we can do to do that it's not the Stationing nuclear submarines it's Succeeding in Ukraine because if what's Happening in Ukraine right now Russia is Using its nuclear Arsenal to try and Deter us from helping conventionally to Stop an invasion of its neighbor and so If they succeed in that what does North Korea see they see I should get new I Should get icbms that can reach the United States because then I can invade South Korea and the U.S won't even count Them conventionally and what's going to Happen then is South Korea is going to Say well that's the case I'm going to Get nuclear weapons too and Japan is Going to say I'm going to get nuclear Weapons too and all of a sudden you will Have a nuclear arms race in the Pacific And then what else Iran is going to look At that and say well I should get a Nuclear weapon because then I can attack Israel and the U.S won't come to its Defense and then Saudi Arabia will get Nuclear weapons in the Gulf States and

Then you'll have a Sunni Shia nuclear Arms race in the Middle East so all of This hangs on what happens in Ukraine so If you want to stop a war in in on the Korean Peninsula if you want to stop a Chinese invasion of uh of Taiwan we have To stop Vladimir Putin from using his Nuclear Arsenal as cover to invade and Conquer his neighbor when you stay up Late at night thinking about this stuff Do you ever get back to sleep again I I Sleep you're scaring me Fair Point Mark just to bring it back to Um the the campaign Um a moment ago President Biden was Asked by a reporter would he be running For president again for another term if Former president Donald Trump was not Running and he said I would still be Running what was your reaction to that I mean I think the reason why the Rationale for Democrats of why he is the Candidate to go with is because they Think he's the best position to beat Trump because he's done it he's done it Once in 2020 and then on a proxy battle In the in the in the 2022 midterms uh he Defeated the the Trump's hand-picked Candidates uh he had Joe Biden had I lit Gave you that Litany of the failures his Disapproval rating is at 54 he turned in The best performance of any president in A mid first midterm election since John F Kennedy except for George W bush after

9 11. why is that it's not because People approve of Joe Biden it's because They disapproved of the alternative and So if Republicans can just nominate Somebody who will not alienate all those Swing voters this election is going to Be decided by a few hundred thousand Swing voters in five states they're the People who will decide whether Joe Biden Gets four more years or whether a Republican comes in we have to find Somebody who can appeal to those people And get the people the 54 of this Country who disapprove of Joe Biden get Them to vote for the Republican Candidate well that's probably going to Be Trump isn't it it may be but it's not To say right at this point in the last In 2016 uh Jeb Bush was the was the Bygone favorite for for the nomination So lots of things can change all right Mark good to talk to you thanks for Hanging around hey Sean Hannity here hey Click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere else

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