Biden slammed by OK, TX governors visiting Israel hospital

Biden slammed by OK, TX governors visiting Israel hospital

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott joined ‘Your World with Neil Cavuto’ to discuss their firsthand experience visiting Israel and President Biden’s handling of the country’s national security.

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Let's go to the governors of Texas and Oklahoma who are in Tel Aviv right now Greg Abbott and Kevin St respectively Governors thank you uh why are you there Do you Governor Abbott First listen we're here to send a Message and that is the state of Texas The state of Oklahoma and in the United States of America we stand with Israel Uh we are very concerned about Misinformation across the globe about What's happening on the ground here Listen we just talked to victims in a Hospital here in Tel Aviv who who looked In the eye quite literally of evil of Their attackers who are trying to Eliminate them because they are Jewish Attackers who are are So bad they threw hand grenades into Medical tents hand grenades into Ambulances they they they care about one Thing these terrorists do the Hamas Terrorists they care about killing Jewish people that must end in the United States we need a Biden Administration who's going to step up And provide the robust support that's Needed to wipe Hamas off the face of the Map you know Governor this occurs though With a backdrop Governor s where um Getting Aid to Israel might be styed in The house they had the aid only Israel First package uh that they want to make Sure it's paid for before they they they

Get it out there how do you feel about That well I I don't know when we're Talking about spending 900 billion in Our defense budget and a portion of that Going to fight this pure evil uh it's Going to come uh to Europe next it's Going to come to the US but I want Oklahoma I want Texans I want Americans Understand basically there are 3,000 Very Organized terrorist military groups that Entered into their country and mowed Women and children down I just we just Heard the stories governor naid and I Are in the hospital right now with 23y Old girls that were inside a bomb Shelter as uh grenades were launched in On them so uh if this happened on us Soil we would be fired up and we would Absolutely go after these terrorist Groups uh and and so this this this is Nonsense this is pure evil and we need To fight this war we need to make sure That uh that Israel has the support of Their big Ally and that's the United States of America Governor Abbott you've Been dealing with obviously a migrant Surge of of of enormous proportions and And FBI director Bray uh as well as Other top us intelligence officials fear That among those sneaking in are those Who could harm us and maybe uh take some Inspiration from what Hamas did Israel a Few weeks ago and do it here how do you

Feel about That listen Neil we're extraordinarily Concerned about it let's be clear about One thing and that is four years ago we Had the lowest illegal border crossings In 40 years when Joe Biden came into Office however he eliminated all of Those good policies and now we have open Border policies where this past year 2.4 Million people were apprehended coming Across the border illegally uh as you Know uh Neil that includes the highest Number ever of people who are on the Terrorist watch list we're Extraordinarily concerned about Terrorists in our country The top job of the commander-in-chief is National Security Joe Biden is failing At National Security because he's not Keeping potential terrorists out of our Country uh the FBI director Rey nor the President have any idea whether or not There is somebody from Hamas uh roaming Around the United States of America who Could strike this kind of deadly attack On our own country we need a president Who's going to step up and secure our Entire country against dangerous threats Like Kamas gentlemen I know you have to Go and you've been on a busy tour there Get home safely uh but the governors of Texas and Oklahoma respectively uh Greg Abbott and Kevin stit gentlemen thank You again hey Sean Hannity here hey

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