Biden thinks this makes him look ‘tough’: GOP rep

Biden thinks this makes him look ‘tough’: GOP rep

Rep. Michael Waltz, R-Fla., weighs in on the Biden administration’s role in the Russia-Ukraine war and its impact on the 2024 U.S. election. #foxnews

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We are a nation that surrendered in Afghanistan we are a nation that allowed Russia and Ukraine to fight killing Hundreds of thousands of people it would Never have happened with me as your President likewise the horrifying attack On Israel would never have happened Iran Was broke under the Trump Administration They didn't have the money to fund Hamas Or Hezbollah and all of the other Instruments of Terror that they used to Finance but those sanctions were lifted By a corrupt Biden Administration it's former president Trump ripping into Biden's foreign Policy failures while rallying thousands Of supporters at yesterday's annual NRA Meeting in Dallas former Green Beret Commander Congressman Michael Walt sits On the Foreign Affairs and armed Services committees and he joins us now Congressman thanks for being with us um You heard the former president lay out All of the the places in the world where America's presence seems to have rolled Back over the last just couple of years What do you think's the difference like Why how has this happened over such a Short period of Time yeah well a couple of things will One you know you can have the most Technically Superior capable military in The world but if our enemies and our Adversaries believe there's weakness in

The white house uh and they don't Believe we have the political will to Use it effectively then you're going to See what we're seeing right now which is Our which is our enemies absolutely on The March secondarily the president President Trump nailed it uh the signal That Biden sent the world with the Afghanistan debacle set off a whole Chain of events to lead us why we are Today and then thirdly uh his people Around him I don't think it's him Calling the shots anymore but binkin Sullivan uh and others having a Appeasement first approach you know They're they're the kid on the Schoolyard getting picked on and pushed Around by the bully and their approach Is to always go back to the table with The bully and say can I give you a Little more lunch money is there Something else I can do can I make some Other form of concession that's what They've done with Iran and now Iran is Flush with cash uh and uh you know have Their terrorist threatening to to wipe Israel off the face of the uh the earth I mean it is none of this would have Happened and that is absolutely I can Back it up with fact after a fact that None of this would have happened under President Trump yeah I understand that Chain of events starting with Afghanistan Congressman explain to me

Ukraine though because it's the outlier In this that's where appeasement doesn't Seem to be the strategy where a Continuous funding of the war effort in Ukraine is part of the bid Administration's policy and and and Positioning oh no go ahead yeah no I I No respectfully well disagree uh Putin invaded Ukraine uh with Crimea in 2014 under Obama and Biden and he got Away with it he got very little push Back in fact Obama refused refused to uh Give Ukraine any type of lethal Aid President Trump was the first to Actually start sending in javelins and Send in the Green Berets I'm proud to Say to start training the Ukrainian Military uh and then also president Trump started holding Germany and the Europeans to account so what did Putin Do he bided his time it's no coincidence That he went for round two uh in 2020 Excuse me in 2022 and thought he could Get away with it just like he did under Obama and then in terms of the strategy Since then Biden has had a too little Too late trickle it in uh a strategy That uh has bogged us into a quagmire That Putin thinks he can eventually Grind out and win no doubt I understand The motivation you just laid out for us In the opening that Putin might have Seen um both under Obama and then once Again waiting for that window of time

When there's a return to that same level With Biden but but I guess what I'm Having trouble rationalizing I see the Withdrawal from across the world I see The predictability I see the appeasement In so many areas and then there's Ukraine and I hear you say trickle it in And even if Putin goes well now's my Opportunity it seems to be the one Bombastic position held well not just by Democrats by Republicans as well but Held by Joe Biden well fair but he talks out of both Sides of his mouth he says Ukraine I'm Going to I'm going to give you arms but I'm not going to give you the arms you Need to win I'm going to give you arms But you can't Target uh Russia's uh Energy infrastructure uh I'm going to Demand the American people because it it He thinks it works for him politically Uh I'm going to demand the American People dig deeper in their pockets and And Republic an are stopping it but yet I'm not going to say anything to the Europeans and demand they dig deeper in Their pockets so it is he's talking out Of both sides of his mouth because he Does think it makes him look tough in The wake of the failures in Afghanistan The failures in the Middle East and the Failures uh everywhere else in the world Yeah you and I've had some fascinating Conversations by the way I had a debate

With Rebecca heinr of the Hudson Institute on the will Cane show about Why America's presence is so important Including Ukraine for someone who's been Skeptical like and I will say this I'd Love to hear more from president Trump On what his position would be going Forward on on Ukraine uh I I think it's Go ahead pretty straightforward he's Focused on ending the war rather than Some vague notion of winning the war Which Biden still hasn't defined so uh He has focused on driving the two uh to The table uh and that's taking a tough Approach with Putin as well as with the Ukrainians to say how do we get this to Some type of resolution that's good Stuff thank you so much congressman uh For your perspective and putting light On President Trump's as well there we'll See you next time I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley aart and Click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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