Biden to face reporters for the first time since Hunter’s conviction

Biden to face reporters for the first time since Hunter's conviction

Iraq War veteran Doug Collins joined ‘Fox & Friends First’ to discuss Biden’s involvement in the G7 summit in Italy and his reaction to the White House refusing to rule out a commutation for Hunter. #FoxNews

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Bring in Doug Collins ack veteran former Georgia Congressman Doug hanging over This Summit is the fact that the Establishment Elites in Europe just got A wakeup call in fact they got punched In the mouth from the right in this Week's election so how do you see that Impacting the summit hanging over the Summit and what deliverables ultimately Come out of It well I think it shows that the people Are sort of tired of what they're seeing In these economies they're seeing European economies that are floundering They're seeing the migration issues uh Affecting a lot of what they're going Through and they're the people are Basically saying no we're tired of this These high-minded ideals are not getting Us where we need to go so I think There's some concern about their own job Security there's some concerns about you Know where we're headed and I think this G7 Summit just sort of you know they They get to come together in their uh Resort area and say wow I'm having Trouble how about you yeah I'm having Trouble too and I think it's it's a way For the the heads of state to Commiserate together a little bit I Thought that the guest list Doug was Interesting Because Ukrainian President Vladimir Zalinski was invited to the G7 Summit of

Course not being a G7 country uh but um Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was not what's your read on That and could that be considered a Snub I would consider a snub look Vladimir zalinsky is showing up at Everything from a local store opening And in in other countries to to Everything he can because he's desperate For money he's desperate for resources He's desperate to Contin the fight that He's going on so again him being there In these long-term agreements that are Really nothing more than Pro we've Talked about more than promise rings Basically because the president can say We're going to be in there with you for The next 10 years but he has to go to Congress uh President Biden has to go to Congress and if president Trump gets Elected that makes this even more of of An interesting issue I think what's Really interesting about this agreement And taking Netanyahu out where they're Talking about a ceasefire is why Wouldn't there be some discussion there Why would you not want someone there if You're trying to get a ceasefire in a Middle eastern region that is a powder Keg right now it really just shows the Priorities that they're willing to touch On the perimeters of things that they Think that they can control but they Really don't want to get into the

Stickier situation such as the uh Israel Uh Gaza situation which they just don't Want to bring in to mess up their Situation yet another issue hanging over This G7 Hunter Biden's conviction the White House has not ruled out President Biden commuting Hunter sentence KJ was Asked about it here's what she Said you're not ring out the sentence What I'm saying is that the president I Have not spoken to the president about This and what I'm saying is he was asked About a part answered it very clearly Very forthright I don't have anything Beyond what the president said he's been Very clear about this okay just to be Clear you know to borrow a phrase from Kjp a pardon gets rid of the conviction A commutation gets rid of the sentence While keeping the conviction in place so Could it be any more obvious that Joe is Ultimately going to commute Hunter Biden's sentence because one that does Two things Doug it keeps him out of jail Hunter that is and it allows the Democrats to say we respected the rule Of law because we kept the conviction in Place let's be clear here and then we're Going to circle back so that we can make Sure that you so that you can understand So we get all the Press secretaries in This and as we go so we can understand Yes that's EX L what they laid forth Here when he did the interview a week or

So ago and he said he was not going to Pardon him that sort of set up that We're not going to get rid of it but he Never said anything about commutation And it's really interesting how that now That it's happened that commutation is Just ramped up in the last you know 12 To 24 hours so I would see that Happening later in the uh the if they Can get away with it they'll do it as Much uh later in the fall as they can Because this is a political issue and Again it will wreak of uh we're giving Preferential treatment here and I think That's the bigger problem here that you Look at Biden's got a problem of Perception in the country of one his Incompetency but number two how he's Dealing with the situation given the Fact that you know most people can see Why Hunter Biden was actually in uh Found guilty they can't see how Donald Trump and and was found guilty on these Other things so there always going to be A comparison between the two yeah and Hunter's next trial will be on alleged Tax evasion uh that trial is taking Place in September has to do with his Business dealings just a couple weeks Out from the election as well so Certainly one to watch Doug thank you so Much for joining us waking up early I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angy Aart and click here to subscribe to the

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