Biden to meet with Xi Jinping as threat from China looms

Biden to meet with Xi Jinping as threat from China looms

Hudson Institute senior fellow Rebeccah Heinrichs joins ‘FOX & Friends’ to discuss President Biden’s expected meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping. #FoxNews

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President Biden and Chinese president X Expected to meet on the sidelines of the Asia-pacific economic cooperation Summit In just a couple of weeks so let's take A look at the recent conflicts that are Putting the United States at odds with The Communist Regime China's increased Military presence on Taiwan launching Air and sea military drills around the Island the regime has been providing Crucial support for Russia's war effort In Ukraine expanding its purchase of Russian oil and gas since Moscow invaded Ukraine last year and China is one of The primary sources of fentanyl that has Trafficked into the United States last Year more than 82,000 Americans died Because of the drug and who can forget The Chinese spy flight that spent a week Hovering over the United States early This year those are just a few of the Recent examples so on that note let's Bring in the Hudson Institute senior Fellow and foreign policy expert Rebecca Hinrich to uh to weigh in on all of this Good morning to you Rebecca thank you Good morning thanks for having me thanks For coming on so uh Biden and president X are going to meet together sometime we Think between November 11th and November 17th because that is when this Apex is Happening in San Francisco what's your Reaction and what do you think that Conversation should look

Like well first of all I would also add To your great list that China has been s Almost completely silent when it comes To Iran backed uh terrorist activity Against us um military bases and of Course Iran act proxy attacks against uh Uh Israel and so we know that China Essentially backs the Palestinian uh the Uh terrorist attacks against um against Israel and so really we've seen a Developing access between China Russia And Iran so if the if President Biden Goes to Shian ping hat inand looking for Help in these areas it's further Evidence that the Biden Administration Still sees China as a potential partner Um in helping these things and doesn't Understand that China is working against The United States and anytime we see These activities whether it's in the Middle East or Russia versus Ukraine China is siding with our adversaries Because they want the United States to Be weakened and to weaken us alliances Yeah what do you make of the lack of Response I mean he allowed that balloon The Spy balloon to fly over our country For so long the fentanyl is killing so Many uh young children we interview Their parents all the time what do you Make of the president's lack of Response President Biden seems to Believe that that China can still be a a Partner in all of this and so every time

Whether it's blinkin or Joe Biden or Janet Yellen they go to China with hat In hand and they look for ways to Capitulate or appease or look the other Way thinking that this that the Aggression will stop that the Provocations will stop and instead it's Ramping up it's getting much worse and So we really do see a direct correlation Between the appeasement and increased Provocations in aggression we have to Take a different approach President Biden should go to xan Ping and say we Understand that you are enjoying the That you are benefiting from all of this Uh instability in the Middle East Russia Versus Ukraine if you think that this is A moment of opportunity where the United States is weak and on our back foot and That you can move against Taiwan you're Mistaken the United States will back Taiwan all these conversations of course Should be happening privately and then We should move US military asset Long-range strike systems into the Region we should take a harder approach Towards China revoke its licenses for Huawei and Tech and make sure that we're Treating China like the adversary that It is that is not a friend it's not Going to help us on the world stage That's the approach that President Biden Should take with she thank you so much Rebecca I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme

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