Bill Maher calls out liberal cities: Why isn’t anyone talking about this?

Bill Maher calls out liberal cities: Why isn't anyone talking about this?

‘Outnumbered’ panelists discuss the Black-on-Black crime crisis in Chicago and the impact on residents. #foxnews

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We are not imagining it and it's Happening all across the country America's crime crisis devastating crime Wave right now that's gripping Chicago Uh and leading to countless tragic Deaths though there Bill Maher you know The the big host echoing a question Which I raised just last week why are The media not speaking out about the Growing violence watch Why isn't anyone ever talking to the Like Chicago like most of the the Shootings are young black men killing Other young black men is that not Correct yeah that's correct okay much More than than what the cops do Why doesn't anybody talk about that well I mean why aren't there uh you know a A hundred giant black celebrities who Would have the respect of those people Saying what are you doing to yourselves Why are you killing each other [Applause] This dishonors our community come on uh We're better than this right I feel like it's never addressed Here's a narrative and that doesn't fit It that black on black crime and I say It all the time on this program anywhere Really I speak about it because if black Lives matter if all lives matter then You would see BLM the organization not Just scooping up money through its Coffers and raising money but not

Organizing anything of course you would See those reflexive blacks in the Community coming out and saying oh you Know you got to get up in their faces And you got to do this and you got to do That but not going to Chicago I mean Obama's willing to build that Monstrosity of a Presidential Library And regentrify the place and displace All the black grandmas But he's not going to go to his hometown That's basically on fire right now Because it's not just about black on Black crime and frankly it's crime Coming out of dominantly predominantly Black Neighbors in Chicago that is Spreading around the city it's beating a Woman to the ground during the feral Teen Takeover in downtown a white woman It's gone beyond that and I want to go To something because we've really got to Look at these things bigger picture Brandon Johnson in 2013 spoke at the Socialism conference he talked about Getting teachers to wear the red t-shirt On Friday then getting the young people To wear the red t-shirt I would Encourage anyone to do as I did go and Look at his speech at the socialism Conference in 2013 he said this 10 years Later they found a path for the CTU to Provide a socialist at the top and what They did was they used any body by any Means necessary black people that are

Committing these crimes ruin their lives So let's talk about what happens to Those who are in a sense incentivized to Commit crime their lives are over they Will not get a job they will not get a Future you get companies like Citadel Leave in Chicago Ken Griffin buys a Florida mansion brings a thousand jobs That are good paying jobs out now you Get an economic desert building so You're seeing the end of Chicago and Just like Detroit it lost 25 percent of Its population Chicago is dying and this Is the death metal of Chicago blacks Everyone will suffer and there's really No future being presented so what I love About David Kelly is that he literally Will go back and look for receipts so We're going to check out that 2013 Speech because that's the new Mayor-elect that's who replaced what we Arguably could say it was one of the Most far left mayors-on crime that we Had ever seen Lori Lightfoot and now Brandon Johnson Brandon Johnson who is Worse than Lori Lightfoot who is trying To engage in a little revisionist History I almost fell out of my chair When I read Lori Lightfoot remember She's the first mayor not re-elected in 40 years in Chicago she said but I know That there were people in my city that Are wreaking havoc every day and they Need to be off the streets okay where

Were you for four years you were mayor For four years and only 12 percent of Crimes had an arrest attached to the end The lowest level of arrest we'd seen Since they started taking statistics You're not a commentator you're not a Bystander Lori Lightfoot you caused this Problem Emily yeah well it's not a full Pivot though Kaylee because don't forget After that feral uh Mob as you call them As the kids wreaked havoc and Mayhem all Over Chicago three people got shot by The way and she said oh no there was Just a few with with poor intentions and They will be dealt with she said I Refuse to use your language which I Think is wrong to say there's Mayhem She's still Johnson still they still Will not call it for what it is the Black on black crime the horrible rates Recently they said it's been called the New low for Chicago when two teenage Boys stole a car smashed into a truck With a family driving and they killed a Little baby they were only charged with Misdemeanors of stealing the cars but Theft meanwhile against the backdrop has Risen 25 overall crimes up 47 after that Mob think about the charges they were All mostly misdemeanors I don't have Time to go through all of them I have Them written here can I just follow up With one thing because you put this Better than anybody I know

I was trying to explain to somebody how The numbers have been fudged with in These democrat-led cities and why well It looks like problems going down can You talk just quickly about the d-class And reclassification of crimes because These liberal activist District Attorneys have reclassified the crimes Um designations so they reclassify from Violent to non-violent violent and they Reclassify from Felony to misdemeanor so They can go ahead and say oh felonies Have gone down oh but this wasn't a Violent crime it's because they changed The definition like this Administration Loves to do I think it honestly in my Opinion comes down to that pushing this Social justice narrative sells more Nikes than telling the truth people Don't want to tell the truth in today's Society and that's why we have so many Problems but even more than that what Would actually do more to solve crime in America would be encouraging dads to Stick around would be encouraging women To seek out Partners in life and men in Life that would be good fathers who want To stick around that would do way more For for this country than anything else You are yes Lisa thank you hey everyone I'm Emily Compagno catch me and my co-host Harris Faulkner and Kaylee mcineny on Outnumbered every weekday at 12 pm

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