Brian Kilmeade: Biden released the single most divisive campaign ad

Brian Kilmeade: Biden released the single most divisive campaign ad

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade calls out President Biden’s leadership following his re-election bid on ‘Fox News Tonight.’

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Hi good evening and welcome to Fox News Tonight I'm Brian Kilmeade let's get Started 80 year old Joe Biden is Officially running for president again Big surprise this morning he released The single most divisive campaign and We'll see in a long time I hope ever he Says if you don't vote for him you don't Care about democracy exactly my thoughts We'll have a lot more in Joe Biden's Announcement in just a moment but we Start with what Joe Biden didn't mention In his ad there was nothing in there Attacking police kind of good we're Saying we need to redirect police Funding because they have way too much Money that's a big change from three Years ago when he was running last time At the Democratic National Convention I Know seems like a lifetime ago Joe Biden Campaigned on the idea the police are Racist the dnc's platform stated this Quote millions of people in our country Have good reason to fear that they may Lose their lives in a routine traffic Stop or while standing on a street Corner really Joe Biden isn't talking Like that anymore and it's not hard to See why the anti-police movement that Joe Biden supported big time has Destroyed major Democratic controlled Cities take for example Seattle after 2020 the Seattle Police Department lost 400 officers they picked up and left put

Down their badges they had other stuff To do where they were appreciated And they just hit a 30-year low and the Numbers of officers on the payroll on Top of that Seattle state government Where both the Senate and House are Controlled by democrats has decided to To decriminalize drug possession Effective July 1st I can't wait there'll Be no state law in Washington against Drug possession that's not an Exaggeration it is absolutely true the State supreme court struck down a law Against drug possession and Democrats Have not come up with a new one yet in Fact Democrats refused a compromise bill With Republicans because it included Jail time for addicts who did not want And seek treatment The result of all that is that fentanyl Is flowing into Washington State big Time why wouldn't it specifically Seattle and who is hurting the same Minorities that Joe Biden claims to care About here's a local news report They say the impacts of fentanyl Continues to disproportionately rise for People of color the rate of overdose of American Indian Alaska native Individuals are approximately nine times That currently of white population in Our community also black or African-American individuals are Overdosing at approximately three times

That of a white population Doesn't seem to be helping people of Color right There's no there's now an unprecedented Level of fatal overdoses in Seattle Washington King County and Seattle are Recording more than 100 fatal ODS a Month so far this year in fact that's a Record that is happening because Fentanyl is illegal now so there's a lot Of supply and when there's a lot of Supply the price goes down More affordable watch Fentanyl is one of the most dire Public Health crises in King County with the Price of this synthetic drug playing a Significant role in the crisis when they First came into our community in 2015 2016 They were very expensive and hard to get 40 50 a pill now they're pretty Ubiquitous and run about Um one to two dollars a pill according To reports that I saw last week Okay how's this working out so Seattle Has decriminalized drugs and now a lot Of people are dying from those drugs That's the legacy of the democratic Party's 2020 deep policing campaign yeah Police are the problem but you should Know that Democrats in Washington state Have not given up on enforcing every law They just passed a new assault weapons Ban so you can't have a rifle but you

Can have Fentanyl and as much fentanyl As you want hey Sean Hannity here hey Click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere else

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