California sheriff warns criminals are getting more brazen, violent

California sheriff warns criminals are getting more brazen, violent

A California sheriff with 30 years of law enforcement experience says criminals are becoming more violent and brazen, putting police and the community at risk. #foxnews

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Foreign I've been in law enforcement since 1993 So I'm in my 30th year this is my I'm Going into my fifth year as the sheriff Of Riverside County And In my career law enforcement has changed Drastically from the time I was a patrol Deputy until today where where we find Ourselves today uh it's sometimes Unrecognizable My name is Chad Bianco and I am the Sheriff of Riverside County I would say that in the last 10 years Criminals have become Increasingly more violent and Brazen and It's this is across the board this is Not just the sheriff's department this Is not police departments it's not even The state of it's not just one isolated Place it's across the country and we are Seeing what we are seeing in in response To these very LAX laws on on crime the The the push to decriminalize everything The push to lessen the penalty for Something or even take away the penalty For crime is basically emboldening Criminals to do more it's it really is It's common sense you can see this Happening and for for our lawmakers to To not sit back and and think about the The consequences of what they're doing Over you know some social agenda is it's Really horrifying for long enforcement

And it is horrifying for the public that Has to deal with it The the brazenness and the violence of Of criminals that we are seeing today is Uh it's an interesting phenomenon But I will tell you one major difference From when I was a deputy back 25 years Ago 30 years ago and what we have now is There was a there was a respect between The criminal And law enforcement they knew that we Were coming to get them and we were Going to arrest them and when they got Caught they got caught they knew that They got caught and they gave up and They suffered the consequences and as we Come to today's Point in time when we have this this National push even from a from horrible Presidential cabinets and from from from Their administrations when when they Ridicule police and when they blame Police for things it doesn't necessarily Cause the general public to think that But that criminal element that is uh That is pretty much anti-law enforcement Anyway they get more emboldened they get More they they feed off of that and what We are seeing now when you have when you Have politicians that are that are Telling people to stand up to fight for Yourself and fight for your rights Against these cops that's what the Criminals are doing

But that hardened criminal they are Emboldened to fight with us they were Emboldened to uh to resist arrest They're emboldened to run they're Emboldened to steal cars and not stop When we pull them over uh we are our law Enforcement our deputies our police and Our and our deputies are are far more Likely to be involved in use of force Situations than when I was a deputy and It's solely because of the resistance From the people that we're trying to Arrest We only apply Force when there is a Resistance our use of force is to some Type of resistance if there wasn't Resistance then we wouldn't apply Force So what we are seeing now with this Emboldenment of of the criminal of the Criminal element is they just have Absolutely zero spec for people they Have zero respect for life and they have Zero respect for law enforcement so we Come in contact with them the chances That they are going to fight with us to In an attempt to get away are more Likely to happen than not happen

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