‘CHAOS’: Biden slammed for ‘encouraging’ border crisis

‘CHAOS’: Biden slammed for ‘encouraging’ border crisis

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., joins ‘FOX & Friends’ to discuss the ongoing border crisis and heightened fears of terror threats on U.S. soil. #foxnews

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GOP Senator marubio sits on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and joins us Now Senator it's still coming they're Laughing at us essentially this guy's Making money off this Caravan and he's Saying what is wrong with America how Frustrating it is for you well it's very Frustrating because in fact our Intelligence agencies our government Does know that there are governments in The region that are actively pushing People in this direction for example Nicaragua is monetizing it right Nicaragua says you can travel you can Fly into Nicaragua without a Visa and so People fly in from Cuba up until the Other day from Haiti from other places And then you know they're facilitating The route we know that the leftist President of Colombia is actively Pushing Venezuelan migrants to leave Colombia facilitating that pushing them Towards the United States so we know That governments up and down the region Are doing that we know for a fact that There are trafficking networks with Links to terrorism that are in the Business of moving and trafficking People for money it's how they raise Money for terrorism but of course it's Logical to conclude that if they use That if that's their business to make Money if they're a ren car agency and You rent money to make you rent cars to

Make money why wouldn't you rent a car Or give a car for free to a terrorist Since you're a terrorist organization They're in that business it would easily Translate to them helping terrorists get Into the country as well it is a Calamity they are turning America into a Refugee camp and it has to stop this is Not Migra this is a mass migration event Bordering on an invasion area event and They're allowing it Biden is encouraging And he's allowing it and now he wants Billions of dollars more to make the Process move even faster he's got his Mayor leaving left out to dry because Cities are outraged they don't have the Money for these people I mean Senator en Last time you've been to New York but They're now handing people tents and Tell them they head to the park the Hotels are all filled with illegals Prostitution is overwhelming Queens with These illegals because they have nothing To do they think the process would be Getting them jobs only 1% of the illegal Immigrants showed up for a job interview So they don't want to work this is a Self-inflicted devastating wound To America understand that no country in The world would tolerate this none so Right now in the Middle East in the Middle of a war Egypt has said we stand With the Palestinian people but not a

Single one of them is coming into where Not a single Refugee is going to live in The in the in the um uh in the Sinai so They have sent military tanks they've Sent Weaponry to block Palestinian Refugees from entering the Sinai okay And and and Jordan has said the same Thing they're not allowing refugees no Country in the world allows Mass Migration Except for Western countries like some In Europe that now regret it and Increasingly the United States we are Talking this is not an immigration issue This is a mass migration it is chaos it Is uncontrolled and of course they're Winding up in cities they have to live Somewhere and and I I made the point the Other night okay last year I'm just Using one number 900,000 people uh uh Confronted at the border released to the United States if just one/ tenth of 1% Of those people are terrorists that's 900 terrorists you only need a few Terrorists to do a lot of damage imagine 900 of them and that's just in one year And the OB and and the Biden Administration is not just allowing this They they are encouraging it through Their behavior and the reason why they Don't stand up to it is cuz if they do They have the left radical wing of their Party that will Rebel and Revolt people That believe that anyone who wants to

Come here should be allowed to come here No matter how they come here and be Allowed to stay forever and it is a Radical view but it is Tak it it is Basically dictating their policy well Good uh they've alienated a lot of People it's going to make it easy for Republicans to win elections I'm Steve Duy I'm kill me and I'm Angley airheart And click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling Analysis

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