Charlie Kirk on Guns

Charlie Kirk on Guns

I do not believe that some automatic Rifles should be banned at all Um so that’s the first thing but um Your Australian example Violet crime Actually increased so you have to look At the entire ecosystem of crime not Just mass shootings because mass Shootings actually account for a small Percentage of all gun related deaths in America they get the most amount of Media attention they get the most amount Of Sadness and thinking that actually Contribute to a small sliver of the Percentage of all gun related crime do You know what the biggest part of gun Related crime in America anyone suicides Do you know 66 of that 33 000 figure About gun crime is suicides you know We’re the only country in the world to Count death by Suicide is a gun death so All of a sudden you remove that we have 11 000 gun deaths every single year it’s A lot less than 33 000. so the gun Advocates say oh compensate the guns Because 33 000 gun deaths every single Year well technically that’s true Because of how we you know we calculate The data it’s very very deceiving I Would argue that’s more of a mental Health issue and a systemic cultural Issue than it is an actual vehicle to Gun so I have 11 000. about 300 to 500 Of those 11 000 are accidental

Discharges are people that are shooting Ranges they’re in their basement and They die because of a firearm that they Were mishandling or that they weren’t Handling properly three to five hundred A year psychos down to ten thousand five Hundred not another 500 out of that is Actual warranted means of self-defense So it still counts as gun death but it’s Not murder if someone walks into your House with a with a battle ax to kill You and you kill that person with a Pistol that’s a gun death it’s not a Murder big difference I’d say rifle Means a self-defense so you got to There’s about ten thousand ninety Percent I’ll repeat that 90 of that Remaining ten thousand ninety percent Ish with handguns in urban areas and Gang-related violence ninety percent now What what drives gone what drives gang Violence is it the weapon itself of Course not just isn’t it just isn’t in Chicago look at it it’s it’s 20 square Blocks where you have the most failing Public Schools where you have the most Broken families the police are really Not you know they’re not welcome Culturally in a lot of those areas and I Always find it interesting that in the Gun control debate when the statistics Are that heavily slanted in that Direction immediately when something bad Happens the first thing that is that

Somehow I have to give up my weapon Because I did nothing wrong because I do It responsibly I manage it properly I Store it correctly I obey the laws and It’s my fault I have to give up a weapon Because some lunatic did something had Nothing to do with what I did I Completely and totally reject that

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