Charlie Kirk to Jesse Watters: Battle for Feinstein’s seat is ‘nasty’

Charlie Kirk to Jesse Watters: Battle for Feinstein's seat is 'nasty'

Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk reacts to a ‘woke Game of Thrones’ for Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s, D-Calif., seat, as calls for the senator to resign grow on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’
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Charlie Kirks the founder of Turning Point USA Charlie this is a mess out There in California what will Gavin do It's another mess you know on my way to The studio I had to navigate my way Through fortunate homeless encampments I'm actually here in Sacramento right Now I have no idea what he'll do and Jesse I know you're probably asking what Are people on the ground saying don't Exactly hang around Democrat primary Voters on my visits to California but It's interesting isn't it because you Said it perfectly it's this woke Game of Thrones the only difference is Everybody's Joffrey and everyone's it's It's it's like the Red Wedding on repeat And I mean these people are nasty yeah But I I just want to take a step back And I want to I want to just appreciate What we're learning the different Factions right as the Democrat Party has Become more Coastal obviously you look At certain coalitions like Suburban Women Katie Porter the Intel Community Is right in lockstep of the Democrat Party Adam Schiff and then of course the Over emphasis on Race politics with Barbara Lee and there's they're not Really sure who deserves it more and you Know they say well Dianne Feinstein some Rokana comes out and he says you know She should resign or she should step Aside because we need to get work done

Since when is showing up to work Requisite the Democrat Party it's true If that if if that was if that was Necessary then we should have some Changes at the executive level but I Find this to be fascinating also Horrifying to see which identity politic Group matters the most and if this is The demo if this is the best the Democrat Party has to offer Then I think uh it's it's shocking to Say the least how bad is Feinstein right Now I mean she must be in rough Condition she's got shingles sounds Nasty Where do you think she is in all this do You think she's comprehending I I don't know I mean again I hate to be Cruel but comprehension is not exactly Something you need to be a U.S senator Anymore just look at this I mean she did Have a spy driver around for two decades Charlie no that's that's also equally True and it's another point though that I think is important is how much California has run our American Political Dynamic over the last decade Former speaker the house current Speaker Of the House vice president United States very powerful Senators not to Mention slow well with his own problems So a lot of what happens in California Impacts the rest of the country right It's a state with 38 40 million people

That has a say in the rest of the 330 Million not just to say but almost Dictates the leadership because there's So much wealth and so much money and so Much power here so what happens here in California in this primary is incredibly Significant and it is a bloodbath it is A local woke Olympics on steroids and We'll see what happens we will see what Happens you're right this is a Significant issue for the entire country Because as you said this impacts a lot Of issues Charlie thanks so much hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to Subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and Catch our hot interviews and most Compelling analysis you will not get it Anywhere else

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