Cheating with ChatGPT? Students dish on temptations of AI in the classroom | Digital Original

Cheating with ChatGPT? Students dish on temptations of AI in the classroom | Digital Original

Students at the University of Texas at Austin tell Fox News whether they know or have heard of fellow students using ChatGPT to complete class assignments.
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Foreign [Music] Have heard of like a couple people using It for a certain things I do I do not yes yeah unfortunately yes yes I have I've seen people on Tech talk but I haven't seen like like my friends Using it right now [Music] Homework I want to say homework Assignments yeah for homework assignment Uh I'm sure I've seen it but not really For exams no I don't think it's well I Mean actually it's probably possible but I don't think so I mean most exams are In person so I don't really see how how You could use it in person yeah I mean I Think most people probably use it just For homework assignments but I think Everyone well I think like most people Who use gbt like they also will use it On part of their exams for essays and Stuff like that I see a lot of stuff About it online all the time Um there are a bunch of issues with Plagiarism and um AI that's enough for the assignment it's Just for like the assistants to complete The alignment but not like copy paste From the tragic routine [Music] No I haven't I haven't yet but I am but I am curious out of curiosity yet Honestly no oh yeah I have no I don't

Use it yeah of course so like if I was Falling behind on glasses I'd actually Use it as a 30 degree stores so I just Keep asking questions based on what was On the slides and it kind of got me like Really prepared for like exams and like Homosexuals only a time I've ever really Seen it was an episode of South Park I saw an episode of South Park and I was Like oh this kind of looks interesting But I haven't really experimented with It since This is pretty Creative and also it's really effective And efficient like when I type something And it will give the answer like quickly I thought it was really intelligent it Kind of scared me because I was like are Robots like taking over the world Um it kind of freaked me out but it was Cool how intelligent it really was Actually I just type the What is love Like this question yeah because I'm Curious about which rgbt will answer Because uh his AI model and he don't Know what the love specifically is but Please search on the internet and tell Me that love is somebody felt something Yeah it's It's just the Google answer I was Talking to someone and they were kind of Asking you to trade to a leader and I Was kind of going up to become president Of an org and so they were like let's

Search up like traits of a leader and it Gave me like lots of cool trades and Like all of like the explanations which Is very nice

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