Climate expert warns of ‘new era that’s being descended’

Climate expert warns of 'new era that's being descended' publisher Marc Morano discusses athletes bringing portable AC units to the Olympic games despite its push to go green and warns of the restrictions on transportation by the climate agenda. #foxnews

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Paris had a plan to be the greenest Olympic Games yet but according to some To reports some of the biggest Nations Don't trust the water-based cooling System installed in the athletes Village And they are wheeling in their own air Conditioners Instead The Washington Post Saying quote wealthier Nations have Effectively undercut paris's Marquee Sustainability measure signaling that Yes they care about environmental aims But not if it risks the comfort of their Athletes joining us now with reaction is Climate Depot publisher Mark Morano it Seems to me like the Washington Post um Is saying that basically these athletes Are spoiled and you know they should Just get on board with the green agenda Put forward by Paris and France yeah I Mean this is a just a wonderful story to Expose the vacuousness of the entire Green agenda first of all I give the Washington Post some credit they've Called whole idea to be the the greenest Olympics ever now has taken a farsal Turn according to the Washington Post And they they actually did a survey they Called up a series of countries every Country that responded said we're flying In air conditioners they're using fossil Fuels they're bringing in the energy hog Plug-in window air conditioners keep in Mind the mayor of Paris just a few Months ago announced that we're going to

Trust the science the water-based Cooling you referenced was going to Allow temperatures to get up to near 80° F in the Olympic dorm rooms 79° and These are Elite athletes on different Time zones in a in Paris Summer and the Actual athletes themselves weren't Having it they've spent Decades of their Life preparing for this the entire thing Went belly up on them yeah they they Practice you know and and trained for so Long they're not going to let some green You know agenda get in the way of that The mayor of Paris says we have to trust The scientists scientists are telling us We on brink of a precipice everyone Including the athletes must be aware of This all right so let's move to another Um green uh topic here we have first Lady Jill Biden she was in Paris with Her husband for the uh or or in France For for all the events um there with the State visit um but then she flew back For Hunter trial but she doesn't want to Miss the big party the state dinner so She flew back again um so that that so So what do you make of this I mean these Are the biggest you know proponents of All this green agenda they're willing to Have people get go you know poor and not Be able to afford groceries over their Green agenda but she has to get back to The Party yeah again you expect world

Leaders spouses to do a lot of traveling The difference here is the Biden Administration is directly aiming at our Freedom of movement we already have uh We already have a declare in a declared Climate emergency massive travel Restrictions being proposed one activist Says the climate emergency which Joe Biden wants to do and it's been multiply Reported he's going to do at some point You're going to have only fly when it's Quote morally justifiable unquote kind Of reminds me of a Barbara strand who Was funding all these climate scientists And pushing the climate change at the Same time she flew her three dogs to Europe to visit what her while she was In one of her concerts they actually had A plane just for her dogs this has been Going on for years CNN proposing carbon Tra passports for Americans uh for the Government to monitor our travel but Yeah Joe Biden can fly freely this is a A new era that's being descended Americans aren't used to this a Class-based society where we The Peasants are going to be massively Restricted in our movement but our Ruling class can do whatever they want Fly endlessly and that that that's why This is significant because they're Imposing the climate agenda it's a Perfect example of this Eco feudalism Before we go so people know we're not

Making this up this is part of an agenda To limit people's long halls and short Hall flights by the years I believe 30 Right yeah 2030 it's 2030 the be the BBC Has come out and said it's not a Question of if but when we can start Having a flying free world they warned Of not being able to get fruits unless They're in season remember the old days 70 years ago you can't get strawberries Aren't in season well that's because we Had the ad Advent of modern airline Travel you can get anything you want now But because of carbon Footprints and Net Zero we're taking a complete reversal uh On all of this and again there's a war On air conditioning a war on freedom of Movement it's the intentional Restriction and rationing of food energy Transportation and they're getting away With it every day we go forward this Net Zero agenda takes a little bit more away Of our freedom and our prosperity do Well who could who could say that Supporting a 50 some year old man in Trial In court is not morally justifiable Mark Morano so great right so great to have You always thank you Rachel appreciate You got it I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilme and I'm Angley Airhart and click Here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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