CNN data guru ‘speechless’ over new poll

CNN data guru 'speechless' over new poll

Political analyst Janelle King discusses Black voters’ shift in support away from President Biden. #foxnews

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Okay vice president kamla Harris set to Headline a juneth block party during a Stop in Atlanta today her second visit To the city in less than a week so this Has support for Biden among black voters Slip in key States As Trump makes gains The number uh the numbers are e even Leaving a data G Guru uh speechless Watch totally Cal look at this Joe Biden Was up by 80 points among this group Back at this point in 2020 look at where That margin has Caren down towards it's Now just get this 37 points I'm like Speechless because you always look at History and you go okay this is historic Moment if this polling is anywhere near Correct we are looking at a historic Moment right now where black voters Under the age of 50 which have Historically been such a big part of the Democratic Coalition are leaving it in Droves wow that's on CNN let's win for America action Co-founder Janelle King joins us now so Janelle put it into perspective we've Talked before do you think black voters Are leaving the Democratic party and and I guess supporting Donald Trump I think that's the hope for sure Um they're absolutely leaving the Democratic party I believe that black Voters right now that we're politically Homeless to a certain degree because We're looking for who's going to have

The plan who's going to be able to Present the policies that's going to Actually produce change I believe that Black voters are over the entertainers And the athletes being the Representation of the community and That's no shade my husband played Football so it's nothing wrong with These with athletes entertainers but That being said I think now it's time to Start focusing on other images of the Black community and that's what they're Looking for they're tired of being Lumped into this category with this Lowball perspective of how you ACH how You go after these voters instead we Need to focus in on the policies that's Going to change lives and I think right Now now was the perfect time for the Republican party to pick up uh these Voters uh Donald Trump was in Detroit And the Pastor said uh you're the only One who's come here he said uh Barack Obama didn't you know we see Biden at These big Hollywood parties with all These celebrities and it's just not Relatable um Jim kber says he doesn't Believe that Trump's going to get 30% of The black vote uh he might not get 30% But his numbers are appearing or polling Better than they were four years ago With the black vote Tim Scott said two Things driving the black votes back to Trump jobs and Justice what do you say

The reason Is yeah absolutely I truly believe that As a right now economics and economic Issues is what's driving it because what It did was it put uh the The Gatekeepers In the Democratic party on display these Are The Gatekeepers who told uh these Voters that if you continue to support Us your life will change your life will Get better we're 50 years later and it Seems like things are getting worse um It's it's it's these voters that feel Like we're now having to experience uh The bad policies in other words they're Experiencing it like we know at the Grocery store they're experiencing it And the cost of housing and child care Um Health Care no one has a plan so it Just seems really really confusing when You keep saying this and then you have Black conservatives like myself like Lawrence that are out here and we Leaving the breadcrumbs so that whenever They're ready to leave the Democrat Party there are things out here that They can go and find that will help lead Them towards good policy and that's just What's happening yeah to another topic Uh it looks like the New York Magazine Is going through this article where they Says it's essentially a contradiction to Be Republican and a woman it's saying That the value systems of being pro-life Pro- family uh where you stand on the

Economy you can't be a woman and have Those point of views do you agree with Them well no not at all and what I've See is a contradiction and quite Confusing is that the party who can't Define a woman is now telling the Conservative woman that you're not woman Enough which is just really bizarre to Me um followed by all of this extreme Push towards uh the the emphasis on Physical Beauty where I personally Believe that what conservative women Have is the confidence to display both Sides of who we are yes I'm a woman who Will pull out my gun if I need to but I'm also someone who's going to be soft And and take care of my husband I don't See anything wrong with that I think That there's a way to do this and do it Effectively yeah it was a hard article To read wasn't it Janelle it was page After page of them just bashing every Republican female in Congress and all The negative things that they've said Are done and how you can't be proog God You can't be pro-life as a woman you Can't and still be a woman you need to Vote Democratic and it totally puts down Every conservative woman in our country I love the knockout punch of they can't Even Define what a woman is so why even Write this AR that was great Janelle King always powerful words thanks God Bless you Janelle thank you I'm Steve Dy

I'm Brian kilme and I'm meart and click Here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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