CNN: In First Senate Campaign, A Young Joe Biden Suggested His Opponent Was Too Old To Serve

CNN: In First Senate Campaign, A Young Joe Biden Suggested His Opponent Was Too Old To Serve

Report aired on 4/24/23

Until 51 years ago Joe Biden was a 29 Year old Delaware city councilman he was So young that when he was elected he was Not even the age that he could be sworn In he didn't turn 30 until after that Election and he was attacking his Opponent a Republican senator kale Boggs Over his age Boggs was 63 at the time Now we should note that 17 years younger Than Biden is today that's more than 20 Years younger than Biden would be in his Second term if he was re-elected if he Runs for reelection and what's Interesting about this is Biden in that Campaign he had some quotes where he Said Boggs had lost that old twinkle in His eye was one of his quotes this this Approach was so explicit that the local Press dubbed it the dear old dad Approach to campaigning take a look at Some of these newspaper ads that the Biden campaign uh ran during that Campaign you can see that he cited Things uh like the 1948 poll tax he had Ads where he talked about Joseph Stalin And Jazz musicians doing uh heroin and He he hammered home this line to Contrast with Boggs who was a two-term Senator and a two-term governor uh he Used this line he understands what's Happening today uh take a listen to one Of the radio ads that his campaign ran Hammering that home In kalebog's day when Stalin ruled

Americans had visions of Russian Soldiers in our streets In Joe Biden's day Americans have Visions of American criminals in our Streets Joe Biden he understands what's Happening today Uh so that was then uh this is now and It's going to be interesting to see how Biden handles those age related Questions uh if he does announce for Re-election

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