CNN: Most Americans Say Biden Is “Too Old To Be An Effective President,” Country Is On Wrong Track

CNN: Most Americans Say Biden Is "Too Old To Be An Effective President," Country Is On Wrong Track

Comments made on 3/4/24.

These are the numbers that are troubling For the president here's one from the New New York Times Sienna College poll Is President Biden too old to Be an Effective president among all voters 73% Say yes 25% say no here's the troubling Part even in his own party president Needs big Democratic turnout in the fall More than half 56% of Democrats say they Think he's too old to Be an Effective President 43% say no so that is one Challenge for the president as he runs Out the primary season as he gives that Big speech uh Thursday night address That uh the problems are deeper for the President again he is the incumbent President 24% of Americans say the Country's on the right track 2/3 2/3 say It is not 65% say the country is on the Wrong track as the president prepares to Deliver his State the union address one More incumbents are often judged by Their approval rating you start to get Eight months out from an election uh That's a problem that's a problem that's The number the president has to change 36% approve of his performance right now In office 61% disapproved that means a Lot of Democrats

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