CNN torched for shocking mistake on Israeli’s hostage rescue

CNN torched for shocking mistake on Israeli's hostage rescue

Fox News contributor Joe Concha joined ‘Fox & Friends First’ to discuss why he is not surprised by the article, his take on CNN reporting Israeli hostages were ‘released’ instead of rescued and Biden’s latest gaffe. #FoxNews

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[Music] The New York Times publishing a pce on All the things they say will happen if Donald Trump becomes president once Again and here are the main points on Their list crack down on illegal Immigration to an extreme degree use the Justice department to prosecute his Adversaries increase Presidential Power Aggressively expand his first-term Efforts to upend America's trade Policies Retreat from military Engagement with Europe and use military Force in Mexico and on American soil Joe Kcha is a Fox News contributor and he Joins us now and Joe we should note that This article was found in the politics Not oped section despite the language of It being so over-the-top bias it's Almost as if the authors of it don't Want people to vote for Donald Trump and They're trying to tell them Why you think Carly Todd good morning Hope you had a good weekend uh yeah if Only we had some sort of way to know What a trump presidency would look like The New York Times is saying oh my gosh Who is this guy you see on your screen What is HE capable of oh that's right he Was president from 2017 to 2021 we do Know that he will secure the Border Especially if the Senate is flipped and Congress stays in GOP hands we we do Know that his economic policies gave us

One of the greatest economies we've seen In our lifetime that's not an opinion That is a fact and from a foreign policy Perspective again if you're looking at The precedent we may not be bogged down In Wars that seem to have no end and We've seen multiple fear-mongering So-called news stories from other Outlets before to your point Carly this Is not in the oped section these are News reporters one of the uh folks on That by line is Maggie Haberman who has Written multiple anti-trump books and Appears on CNN on a daily basis to talk About how horrible Donald Trump is so It's no surprise coming from the New York Times They have not endorsed I've Said this once I'll say it again a Republican presidential candidate since Elvis was a thing in the 1950s so this Is exactly what you would expect from The so-called paper of record Todd a Little bit surprised that Jonathan swans On this as well but I mean this is the Way that the paper's going so that's the Way the paper is going meantime CNN Under Fire for reporting Israeli Hostages were released and not rescued By Israeli Defense Forces stop Anti-semitism. org posting this come on CNN the four hostages were rescued not Released do better and Israeli student y Cohen writing hostage release seriously CNN you should be ashamed what a

Disgusting headline Joe is this an Honest mistake from let's say an intern Working the Saturday shift in these Almost summer hours you know cuz we were All there we all worked those shifts or Is there something more Happening Here well let's say it was an intern Working a Saturday on a nice sunny Saturday in in in June right and and They they mixed up released with rescued From there I would think and you see the Chiron that's that's the headline on Your screen right now uh well it could Have been corrected in all the hours Since on all the Sunday talk shows that CNN had somebody could have gone on the Air and said obviously they were rescued Lives were lost in that rescue and they Weren't released by Hamas so CNN very Easily can correct this they can still Do it today I have a feeling we're not Going to see that correction because This is who this network is at this Point yeah it was incredible news that Those four hostage were rescued Including that no that girl Noah who Became sort of the face of this horrific October 7th attack and one soldier like You mentioned did die during the uh Rescue effort they were absolutely not Released uh so there's also this President Biden he wrapped up his trip To France uh with a speech yesterday he Made a mistake confusing Ukraine with

Iraq Watch the idea that we become Semi-isolation now which some are Talking about I mean the idea we had to wait all those Months just to get the money for Iraq That we because we're waiting I mean it Just it's just it's not who we are it's Not who America is and America shows up When we need it just like our allies Show for us and the White House Transcript Jo they fixed the Biden Gaff They crossed out the word Iraq in It yeah they they've done this before Carly right and and this is the same President in a Time Magazine interiew Interview last week that said Russia Invaded Russia on two occasions go back And read that transcript sometime go Back and read the Robert her report uh In that transcript as far as the President not remembering when he was Vice president not remembering when his Son died and by the way I take issue With the portrayal uh in many media Reports that that I read this morning That says that Trump refused to visit The same American seator uh where Joe Biden was speaking this morning it's About 60 miles north of Paris obviously It honors uh those who were lost uh in World War I and and this is according to An AP report in 2018 the determination To ground Marine One the president's

Helicopter due to bad weather is made by The Marine Corps and the White House Military office which then presents the Recommendation to the White House in Collaboration with the Secret Service According to a secret service official So I I keep seeing reports that Trump Didn't want to go there in 2018 he Couldn't go there because he was told by His own people that the weather didn't Allow it for a helicopter to be flown uh In those conditions so I just want to Get that on the record by the way but Over all this is who Joe Biden is at This point you take him out of a Teleprompter and it's a clean up on L 5 17 and 24 the debate is everything on June 27th can he last for 90 minutes Without a script without a teleprompter And defend his record uh which has been Horrific to this point if you read every Poll as far as inflation crime the Border and other policies such as Foreign policy are concerned and he's Going to be in Italy uh later this week For the G7 so he'll have plenty of Opportunities to speak publicly overseas Once again there Joe thank you very much Thanks Joe I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme And I'm Angley aart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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