College students reveal concern surrounding AI impact on careers | Americans Weigh In

College students reveal concern surrounding AI impact on careers | Americans Weigh In

College students in Texas reveal whether they’re worried that the career they’re studying to pursue could soon become obsolete through AI’s advancement. #FoxNews

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Foreign Particular no I don't think so yes and No uh no I'm not worried about this so I'm actually saying psychology and I Want to be a clinical psychologist so Personally I'm not that worried because I think for me like talking to people is The most important thing and I don't Really think AI can fully simulate that Yet but like if I was in CS or something Like that I definitely think I'm coming Soon Yes it will render some jobs obviously It won't render everything else actually I don't really worry about this because Eventually Needs like workers and professional Employees to like make it effective I'm A computer science business major so a Lot of my career pads revolves around Trying to go into like software Engineering and I can't see that like Chai TPT in a lot of like the advanced AI is able to complete a lot of the Easier tasks especially for like Front-end development and um that is a Pretty big risk for full stack Engineering which I'm trying to go into But it also is opening Avenues into like Other things like prompt engineering Which is a new career pad it's really Helpful for like Humanities majors and Literature arts and identifying the Right questions to ask AI so I think

That's pretty cool I'm an exercise science major so I plan On becoming a physical therapist so Thankfully that's that's not really an Option for me I mean S in every technological advancement Certain jobs are rendered obsolete but The new jobs come so I guess I'm hopeful that I can have a tank top Um I am studying journalism and there's Always going to be a need for journalism I truly believe that however I do Believe it'll make it harder to Find out what's true and what's not and It will make it harder to find the Source of said writing as AI can take Many many works and compile them into One so I do believe that would be an Issue in the future I feel like some Careers could become obsolete because of It Yeah I'm just I'm studying law so I Don't feel like it could really replace Lawyers so personally I think that There's always going to be a need for Some human interaction because even Though we do have the technology there's Always going to be some kind of human There in order to like make sure there's A fail safe I think AI there's still Like a long way for it to go to really Reach like the quality a human can Produce

So I don't think I'm worried about it Currently

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