Concha blasts AOC: Isn’t she under investigation for the same thing as Trump?

Concha blasts AOC: Isn't she under investigation for the same thing as Trump?

Fox News contributor Joe Concha weighs in on the White House’s response to Trump’s indictment after reporters grilled press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. #FoxNews

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All the way President Biden laughing off a question About one of the most historic Indictments in U.S history prompting Reporters to go head-to-head to head With White House Press Secretary Kareem Jean-Pierre on the administration Silence Concerned at all That a local D.A in Inductibility said the president that Local DA's that don't like former President Biden could indict I'm not Going to comment from you Does the lack of comment mean that you Do not think Anything happening in New York today is One of the top issues facing the country At the moment that's your assessment That's not my assessment we're just Going to be very mindful these are Ongoing cases 100 cases involving Americans who who Who's Freedom was I Hear you right this is something that All Americans watch in In real time you called January 6 Historic it was absolutely historic and None of us had ever seen that before Nobody's seen this before either Fox News contributor Joe Concha joins us Now you know they're both historic but They'll only comment on one so what do You make of all this Green jump here went full Biden

Classified documents mode right remember When she was just saying I'm not going To comment I'm not going to comment so I Guess practice makes perfect Ashley in These situations uh it's It's oddly Inconsistent right when you can comment On one ongoing investigation which has Something like 500 cases going on but Then obviously with the indictment of a Former president which we've talked About is historic unprecedented it's Never happened before they don't want to Talk about it for some reason because I Think that they don't want to step on The story they want Trump to be the Focus and the minute Biden says anything That's even seen remotely as political It helps make Trump's argument that this Is political and there was a CNN poll Out just yesterday 76 percent which is a Very hard number to get to in this Country 76 of the American people Believe that this is political well they Didn't want to talk about it or Celebrate it but a number of other Prominent liberals appearing to Celebrate Trump's arrest indictment and Arraignment watch It's all happening the gang is all here With you on a history making afternoon Donald J Trump is under arrest yes he is Leaving these photos up for you as we Begin our coverage tonight so you can Take it in are you guys sick of talking

About this already I mean this is Unprecedented it it is he's being Indicted because he's committed certain Crimes it's not sad that's American Justice this process demonstrates that We should have one law that applies to All people no matter who you are where You come from Show your reaction so I guess the charge Against Donald Trump or 34 in this case Is about campaign Finance violations At Last Chance isn't AOC under Investigation for the same thing so it's Funny that she was invited on the late Night shows to talk about something that She very well could be charged with and If you get the wrong district attorney Involved right or wrong attorney general Or the wrong partying party power Involved suddenly you may start to see This happening to Democrats and that's The whole point we shouldn't be Celebrating this in any way shape or Form because when you weaponize the Justice department it can be used both Ways and that's the thing when these Folks are so happy so giddy about this Uh they don't understand that this opens Up a Pandora's Box that could lead to Something that makes this country more Like a Banana Republic which is supposed To be a store where I get my clothes From and not the world's leading Superpower Ashley you know and it's it's

Strange to think you talk about Pandora's Box and this can of worms it Could be you know hypothetically opened After this I think whether it goes to Fruition or you know it gets canned but I just wonder if this if the roles were Reversed if they would just ignore the Story Oh no it would be a chilling threat to Democracy and we would hear all that Hyperbole or they might ignore the story To your point either way you would not Get the play obviously that this is Getting in remember again this should Get a lot of play because we talked About how unprecedented this is Todd but At the same time every other story Everything involving this Administration This president in terms of inflation Crime education the Border foreign Policy will all get swept under the rug For the foreseeable future because this Trial isn't going to happen until January Iowa think about that so it's Like the January 6 commission that took Up the summer of 2022 up until the Midterms it made the midterms partially A referendum on Donald Trump it wasn't Even on the ballot this is what the I Think the goal is ultimately here not to Win the case to keep it front and center In the headlines because it makes Donald Trump look bad even though it Strengthens him within the Republican

Party you almost expect every even year Going forward the Democrats are going to Trot something else out that the strikes A nation to get Democrats in office um But this was a little a bit of a Pushback and I found this fascinating Overnight Twitter labeling NPR as U.S State Affiliated media what's your take On this fascinating right so NPR Receives something like 70 million Dollars in funding each year even though They're completely solvent because They've been around since 1967. and its Original intent when it was created by Congress more than 50 years ago was for Quote instructional educational and Cultural purposes unquote it is now to The left of AOC its journalism is Nothing more than opinion that is Presented under the guise of opinion let Me give you one example NPR last year Would read the Declaration of Independence in full every July 4th it Did that for 33 years and suddenly it Suspended doing that because they felt It was more important to talk about the Rights being taken away from women Because of the Roe v Wade decision That's all you need to know about this They don't need any more funding they Are state-run media and it's a shame Because its original intent was to Educate people and and actually give Them news instead it gives them

Democratic talking points well the Original intent of the DA's office in New York City was to you know prosecute Crime and that obviously is completely Different as well this is true Joe Concha thank you sir thank you great to See you I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and Click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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