CONCHA: “Not A Coincidence” Hunter Biden Is With Joe In Ireland After Hunter Pursued Irish Biz Deals

CONCHA: "Not A Coincidence" Hunter Biden Is With Joe In Ireland After Hunter Pursued Irish Biz Deals

Comments made on 4/14/23

We uh it's amazing how much the hunter Biden story is like the third rail of News stories for other news Organizations clearly we've seen Evidence Bank receipts emails from that Laptop from other places that say that This is something we should be paying Attention to and the fact that Hunter Biden now is in Ireland with his dad oh No it's not a coincidence because Apparently this guy is worldwide right I Mean he's in China he's in Ukraine he's In Russia he's in now Ireland apparently Doing all these business deals again for What services exactly does somebody like Hunter Biden provide these situations Tom he is the pit bull of foreign Enough word because the influence Peddling I understand oh but it's not Illegal under the letter of the law It's so concerning regardless and we Haven't gotten necessarily to the full Law on this so before we start saying oh It's not illegal there's a lot more Information that still needs to come out In the water precisely China is our Biggest adversary and Hunter Biden Profited in China for services that we Have no idea not even just hunting by The way James Biden or the uh the niece Of of Joe Biden as well who's a guidance Counselor in Delaware is getting tens of Thousands of dollars exactly so we Wonder why this is Joe Biden not

Standing up to China the way he should Perhaps he may be compromised maybe he's Not either way journalists should be Asking that question and pursuing the Story instead we're the only ones Talking about it guys well

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