Concha: ‘This is 31 flavors of woke-ism’

Concha: 'This is 31 flavors of woke-ism'

Fox News contributor Joe Concha weighs in on limited camera access to the Trump arraignment and first lady Jill Biden requesting to host NCAA women’s basketball champion LSU and runner-up Iowa Hawkeyes at the White House. #FoxNews

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Let us bring in Fox News contributor Joe Concha Joe quick correction I said less Than six hours from now it does appear That Trump is going to delay that by two Hours so it could be one o'clock as Opposed to 11 o'clock when it does this Thing but regardless once he does get There we're hearing no TV only photos as A media Guy what's your reaction to that Well we won't get the full OJ right we Got OJ yesterday with the the plane and We got it with the overhead so the uh The whole motorcade coming in but here You have the Trump team you see the Uphill battle that they're facing they Didn't want any cameras whatsoever and When you're going against a radical District attorney in a city like New York as blue as it is of course that Request is going to be rejected but I Wonder here if Alvin Bragg of his goal Is to win this case or simply to Embarrass the president in this Situation and currently a presidential Candidate because Alvin Bragg wins here Either way if he loses then at least He's the guy who tried to take down Trump through this indictment and he Gets a gold star for it and if he wins Stock up on the ticker tape down to the Canyon Heroes the city here like New York gosh I would have to disagree Though because I feel like in this case Trump comes out on top because you're

Still like people everyone's talking About him you know and in that sense but What did you make of um Todd Blanche him Bringing him onto the team this is a guy Who could get cases dismissed as we've Seen in the past as far as his record But you're exactly right about Trump his Numbers have only gone up as this has Gone on over five million dollars right Yeah in the end I'm just saying that Brag here doesn't see a downside for What oh he's doing his standpoint from His standpoint because you listen to Jonathan Turley and Andy McCarthy and Every respected legal analyst says that This case is so weak it's the reason why The feds didn't pursue it uh why is Alvin Bragg doing this because he Promised he would and also with I'll Answer your Blanche question in a second The thought process has to be we Obviously go all out to win in this Court at this level yeah but you also Want the top Minds who are playing that Chess game looking ahead in the Appellate process because you don't Really know what's going to happen in This court this is a trial court like You keep saying in a very very blue District when you get into the appeals Levels if it gets there you want to have Your record as set as possible so that You guarantee a win at the Appellate Level if wait for it if it goes up to

The Supreme Court because this is a President so I think this is a top top Move thank you for letting me co-opt Your segment and do the answering Portion for you you're the guy with the Legal department so I appreciate that We're going to get back into your Wheelhouse Nancy Pelosi says that Russian President Vladimir Putin Interfered in the 2016 election because He feared former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton listen Interference in our democracy by Vladimir Putin because Hillary Clinton Was the person he feared most in terms Of his lack of democracy in Russia Huh based upon what Joe what are you Talking about it is this kind of Reckless and stupid rhetoric from the Former house speaker that leads to this Following result yougov does a poll in 2018 and they find that more than Two-thirds of democratic voters believe The Russians not only interfered in our Election but actually hacked voting Machines and changed vote totals right Because that's all we heard out of the Media and out of people like Nancy Pelosi and by the way the Kremlin fears Hillary Clinton can we remember the Reset button while she was secretary of State with Russia I have a feeling they Didn't fear her very much but again this Is the same Nancy Pelosi who said that

Donald Trump now has a chance to prove His innocence in court which at last Check wait again you're the guy with the Law degree it's guilty until proven Innocent at least it was until uh recent Regimes took over it seems to be a Little bit opposite but the black letter Of the law says you're right Joe thank You well this one uh this one gets made LSU champ Angel Reese is laughing off First lady Jill Biden's wish to invite Both LSU and runners-up Iowa to the White House Reese left off the headline And called it quote a joke on Twitter This is just another instance everybody Gets a medal everyone I mean what in the World is this yeah can I show you I I Write down a little notes to myself Sometimes before I go on a segment next To be prepared I have a from the Everyone gets a trophy device so you Know we were right there but this is 31 Flavors of wokism right uh does the Anybody think the University of Iowa Which just got spanked by 17 points in Front of the largest audience to ever Watch a women's basketball game really Wants to go to the White House and stand On the silver metal platform next to LSU Where clearly these two teams don't like Each other very much the winner goes Plain and simple and I'm glad that angel Reese of LSU even found this proposal Laughable by actually tweeting about it

So I have a feeling it's not going to Happen Ashley Todd that game was wild Man those women boom boom elbows all Over the place told you it made the Men's game look like you know Cinderella's castle I have a Nine-year-old to play soccer trust me it Is ruthless mean girls but on a field Joe Concha thank you I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart And click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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