Corruption in the ‘Biden Crime family’ runs deep: Monica Crowley

Corruption in the ‘Biden Crime family’ runs deep: Monica Crowley

Former assistant Treasury Secretary Monica Crowley joined ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ to discuss the latest news on the Hunter Biden investigation and the recently leaked classified documents.

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The house oversight committee issuing Subpoenas to several major Banks seeking Financial records as part of their Ongoing probe into Hunter Biden's Overseas business dealings the subpoenas Were issued to Bank of America J.P Morgan Chase HSBC Bank along with Cathay Bank which is based in Los Angeles's Chinatown Monica Crowley served as Assistant treasury secretary under Former president Trump and she joins us Now Monica good morning to you good Morning and happy Easter happy Easter to You as well Um tell me the significance in your Estimation of what the house has begun To investigate with the bidens yeah so Since President Biden entered office There have been numerous requests by Republicans to try to gain control or Access to the suspicious activities Reports that the Yellen Treasury Department was stonewalling and holding Back since the GOP gained control of Congress they've had subpoena power so Not only do they now have access to what Looks like upwards of 250 suspicious Activities reports General rated by Banks to the treasury Department to Raise flags on whether or not there was Illegal or any kind of suspicious Activity with those foreign transactions But now you've got the house moving on The banks now these are considered

Friendly subpoenas meaning that these Financial institutions actually asked For the subpoenas because then they will Be forced to to turn it over so these Banks now are going to be turning over Bank records for not just Joe Biden but Hunter Biden and the entire Biden family And we're going to be able to see in Pretty short order whether or not there Were these Financial business Transactions that have put America's National security at risk will we see That Monica is this the beginning is This the end will will we have Clarity Or just be even more confusing and Provide the Biden some sense of Plausible deniability I'm very curious What we will actually see yeah so the House Republicans this is just the Beginning of their investigation and Because the corruption would with the Biden crime family runs so deep it may Be a while for the House Republicans and Their investigation to really excavate The depth of what's gone on here but What we know so far from what's been Detailed and disclosed is that these Transactions were not just geared toward Enriching the Biden family which of Course they were but a lot of these Transactions that we know about so far Were actually also designed to help the CCP Advance their strategic and Military Interests we're talking about billions

Of dollars in some of these Financial Dealings that Hunter Biden was Coordinating so it's not just about Their personal enrichment but it's also About helping the CCP achieve their goal Of by 2025 economic dominance in the World supplanting the United States and By 2030 matching the U.S military yeah You don't you don't buy something for Nothing exactly the payments would Certainly be understood to be in pursuit Of some quid pro quo some objective some Some goal for China I want to ask you About this while I have you though There's been this classified document Leak in the last it's been about the Last 24 hours it's appeared on Twitter Um it's detailed a ton of American National Security interest in Ukraine uh Casualties in Russia American spying Operations when you look at this tell me In your estimation the significance of It and also whose interest where would This be coming from yeah it's a very Interesting leak because it does look Like it's an inside job it's actually Photographs of existing documents so it Looks like somebody with access to these Documents in the pentagon's intelligence Wing took photographs and then leaked it Now the Pentagon says that they're Engaged in a deep dive to try to locate The the source of this leak I guess all Of a sudden now they're they're

Interested in leakers I mean we've had The Pentagon papers over the years we've Had uh you know Julian Assange with got Access to it and published it he's been Punished but these kinds of Secrets We're going to have to see what they Really disclose but one of the Interesting points about this is that it Shows that Russia has been having a Difficult time in Ukraine right so you Have to look to the motive of someone Leaking this information is it someone Who is trying to continue the war in Ukraine continue U.S support for the war In Ukraine trying to create the argument That Ukraine is in fact winning this war And so we've got to continue our support To make sure that we defeat Russia or Ukraine defeats Russia so always take a Look at you know go go back one or two Steps to try to see the motive of Someone who might leak this kind of Information in the world of Disinformation and deep fakes and Everything exactly I don't know I don't Know what's real and whose interest Everything serves but Um it seems to be something significant Happened when it comes to these leaks uh Certainly something significant Beginning when it comes to the Investigation of the Biden's Monica Thank you so much always a pleasure Thanks will I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian

Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and Click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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