Cutting The Red Tape On Cures For Life-Threatening Disease | The Bret Baier Podcast

Cutting The Red Tape On Cures For Life-Threatening Disease | The Bret Baier Podcast

Senator Mike Braun (R-IN) and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) join to discuss the goals of the Promising Pathway Act and why there is a bi-partisan push to reform the FDA.

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[Music] Tonight in our Common Ground segment we Discuss a bipartisan effort to help People with life-threatening diseases Joining us are New York Democratic Senator Kirsten gillibrand and Indiana Republican senator Mike Braun ascenders Thanks for the time Senator Jill Brown I Want to start with something we just Covered uh right before the break and That is your hearing today on uaps the Essentially unexplained aerial phenomena We used to call them UFOs but your Takeaway from that hearing in the Presentation It was a very thorough presentation by The director of an office that we Created two years ago called Arrow Dr Fitzpatrick helped set up space force he Was Former Intelligence in the Navy he's A very knowledgeable person on these Topics and what his job is is to Scientifically review all data Concerning unidentified aerial Phenomenon and he's been reviewing over 600 of these unidentified aerial Phenomenon some are easily determined to Be drones some are determined to be Balloons weather balloons even the spy Balloon we just saw out of China but his Job is to make sure we always have Domain awareness and we know what Technologies our adversaries May well Have developed so that we can protect

Our personnel as well as protecting our Bases and assets and our national Security I mean there are a lot of unexplained Things here and they're looking at 650 Different incidents but they say there's No evidence any of them is Extraterrestrial in origin Senator Braun You're uh you interested in this Well I guess I am in an ancillary way Because we've all wondered about it and Uh I'm glad we're at least getting a Herring that puts a little bit of a kind Of formality to it so uh I think maybe No news is good news on that front but That doesn't mean we shouldn't be uh Talking about it You know some of the Unexplained things Could be adversaries could be like we Saw the Spy balloon flying across the Country from China I want to talk to you Both about China briefly and this is Mike Gallagher the chairman of the house Select committee on China talking about Its aggressiveness take a listen if you Start to read what Xi Jinping is saying To his own party members it really seems Like he's preparing for war they're Setting up you know hospitals across the Strait on the Chinese side of the strait They're preparing their citizens to Endure enormous economic pain in the Event of War they seem to be increasing Their aggression on all fronts we really

Need to be clear-eyed about what's going On here we have an increasingly hostile Regime trying to undermine our Sovereignty attack our interests and Invade Taiwan that's a very precarious Situation we need to push back Senator Joe Brown do you uh share that Sentiment do you think China is getting More aggressive and are we the U.S doing Enough about it Here is under she they have Exponentially increased their investment In their military they have devised high Technology for drones for satellites for Space assets they have developed the Hypersonic missile which is intended to Evade radar so their actions alone are Very aggressive on top of that is a World view where China is working very Hard to project power in every Sphere Not only did they try to help negotiate An agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia but they also are in Conversations with Russia about whether To help Russia in the war against Ukraine these are serious issues and When you come to the issue of Taiwan the United States has always had a one China Policy that strategic ambiguity Ambiguity to say this isn't something That we are making a finite decision on But this type of aggression we need to Be clear-eyed just as the congressman Said we also need to prevent War because

Wars are never in our best self-interest And there's lots of ways to do that but By lining ourselves with allies Worldwide showing strength through not Only those Partnerships but projecting Our power worldwide through our Diplomacy also matters so this is an Issue that has been very intensely Reviewed by armed services and Intel Committees Senator Braun you come from a place of a Business World a background and Obviously China is also aggressive on That front with currency and and other Things For me it's very clear when you you need To extrapolate behavior from the past Into the future their Road and belt Investment in Africa South America They're playing the long game and Currently I think they're more dependent On us than we are on them because we've Got a larger economy but if you look at All of the stuff they're doing they do Play that long game that handshake Between she and Putin right before the Olympics kind of put a Symbolic kind of uh deal between the two Of them Russia is a resource State China Is obviously the biggest manufacturer Now in the world and a lot of that Economy that has shifted from us to them I say beware so I think you take them Seriously they're our geopolitical Foe

And their behavior in the past is most Indicative of me in terms of what they Intend to do in the future Finally you all are both working on this Promising pathway act to help people With life-threatening diseases explain What you're trying to do here Senator Joe Brown first Well very simply we're trying to Quicken The amount of time that patients can get Life-saving cures for these very very Difficult diseases like Alzheimer's and ALS we want to make sure that trials can Be shortened that we can get the Life-saving medicine and Therapeutics to These patients right away and we have a Way in our bill to do that This is a bipartisan effort yes it is we Actually introduced it uh two congresses Ago in a different format uh took input From ALS other diseases that have such a Sharp prognosis to them and we crafted It into the promising Pathways act last Congress this Congress it's bicameral Bipartisan but mostly it's Common Sense There's so much in the health care Arena We found it in education we founded Across the board as a freshman Senate Office to find ways to do bipartisan Things and I'm glad Kirsten's on this I Think this bill is something that has Good prospects for maybe making it Through this Congress and looking Forward to working with her

Is part of this also that the FDA is Broken in a way in this process or are You just seeing a crack that you need to Fix So they are stodgy by nature and I think That golden standard that they put out There of being safe rather than sorry is A good one to stick to but when you've Got a window where you've got promising Therapeutics approaches working in your Window is only three to five years and The patients all uh you know in a in Unison want to take that risk I think The FDA has got to be a little less Dodgy error on the side of what makes Sense quick in the process And Senator Joe Brown last word does This get through easily I'm hopeful this Is the kind of bipartisan Common Sense Solution that the people ask us to come To Washington to actually get done Well Senators we appreciate your time Thanks for coming on Common Ground thank You

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