Dana Perino: I do not have confidence Biden can do this

Dana Perino: I do not have confidence Biden can do this

The ‘Fox & Friends’ co-hosts discussed their take on Fox News’ Dana Perino casting doubt on Biden’s capability to make major national security decisions on a moment’s notice. #FoxNews

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Yep so go well you know so yesterday of Course uh the big news was uh Hunter Biden convicted all three counts um and And it's interesting because uh Democrats don't think voters are likely To hold the president accountable for Hunter's Behavior but David Axelrod came Out and he said you know the real Question is the toll it takes on Joe and His family you know he is a really old Guy and we've seen he is diminished and Just a couple of days ago uh you just Mentioned the juneth celebration he Froze inexplicably Dana Pino uh has got Some concerns and she's been just as Close to the power as anybody can ever Get here's what she said last night on The Five father time is undefeated okay and I what I find alarming is that there is Only one person empowered in our Government who can make the major National security decisions that we need And they have to be made on a trigger's Notice and I do not feel watching him in The last several months but in Particular even in the last three weeks That you can have confidence that that Would happen so for example you're the Commander and chief and I say I'm the Chief of staff or the military aid or The National Security adviser and I said Sir this is happening right now what do You want us to do are are you confident

Are you Confident that he would be able to do That I want him to be able to do that I Feel a lot of empathy for him and I Worry for him about him I don't want to Get mad at him I love the fact that People want to help him it's a tight Election it will be but I think everyone Has to think really hard about this her Comments are important on on Multiple um tracks and anyone that knows Dana uh Perino knows that she's Incredibly Fair uh and she respects the Office of the presidency um because she Had to assist a president especially a President doing war and so she's careful In her criticism of a president when it Comes to their mental St stability Because it's not what's good for the Country it's not what's good on the International stage and as I heard her Yesterday on the five I thought about The other Americans that are fair-minded Just like her that are independent Voters that Necessarily you know may they may Disagree with Joe Biden on on policy but You know or they may agree with the President on policy but also are Concerned about the status in the tener Of the country they may be thinking the Same thing and I just think honest Brokers if you're just looking at Joe Biden right now and you look at him

During the last presidential campaign And then you look at him back during the Obama Administration those are three Different guys they're just like like It's just different and I don't think That's something that we celebrate anley I don't think it's something that we Beat up on him on but it it's also a Place of concern for the American people Because then you ask the question if He's like that who's running the country And are they elected yeah I mean these Are our concerns and Dana has been there She's worked at the White House she Knows what it takes to be a president And be able to travel to all these Different countries and represent us as A strong individual and when you look at Joe Biden oh apologies who's calling you Somebody in Nevada H he's on television Nevada I wonder if it's one of the Osman Could be Donnie I I'll pick up in a Minute but our president has to be a Good representation of our country and That's what's so sad when you look at Joe Biden he is imagine if another Country as powerful as America had a President that can barely speak falls Down a lot What would think of that Individual so I wish him all the best But is he the best representative and in A moment's notice like Dana's saying When we have wars in other countries and Terrorists that were just caught and

Arrested here in our own country is he Going to be able to make a decision in a Moment's no and that is the I'm Steve Duy I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley aart And click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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