Democrat mayors head to DC as massive caravan marches toward US

Democrat mayors head to DC as massive caravan marches toward US

Former acting DHS Secretary Ken Cuccinelli on Democrat mayors asking the White House for help with the border crisis and the rise of border crossings and drugs under the Biden administration

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Today Democratic Mayors are in DC Requesting money from the White House it Comes as 7,000 a 7,000 person Caravan Look at that in Mexico making its way up To our Southern border and here's what The group's leader Says Administration has uh has lost the Ball had lost the power in in America Mexico is being uh used usually ganging Up with all the countries to make sure That all this immigration goes straight Into the United States where's the American intelligence don't they know That all the countries are conspiring Against the United States to make sure They have this Crisis here to react is senior fellow at The center for renewing America and Former acting DHS secretary Ken Cinelli Good morning to you Ken good morning good morning what's Your reaction when you hear the leader Of that Caravan saying that about the United States you know this reminds me of the Uh folks showing up illegally at our Border shortly after Biden was elected With Joe Biden for president T-shirts um they they know where this Comes from and why it's happening they This guy even knows that the countries Along the way aren't doing anything to To stop it that's not true to say They're not doing anything but Mexico

Has completely shifted its approach They're facilitating people getting Through again instead of trying to stop Them from coming uh this particular Caravan was theoretically a originally Waiting to apply for Asylum status and As refugees in Mexico and they got tired Of waiting so they're coming to the US Border to invade our country that's the History of this particular Caravan isn't It interesting it's been you know President Biden's been in office for Three years we've seen these numbers Increase if you look at the numbers We've had uh 3 m 3.2 million Encounters In the last year 600,000 Goda ways those Are the ones that we know about that Were caught on camera and those numbers Were recorded look at the amount of Fentol the terror watch list how scary Is that 172 encounters over the course Of all the years of Donald Trump there Were only 11 now in the in the course of A year 172 how nervous does that make You oh it makes me very nervous Especially when you listen to you know Some of your other reporting here just a Couple of minutes ago when you look at How the rest of the world in the Middle East has become unfriendly to the US Well those particularly unfriendly to The US can walk into the United States Thanks to Joe Biden I'm not giving away

Any state Secrets there that's in the News every day and they know it they Know it so this is a real serious National Security failure it's not a Looming problem it's a past problem that Continues to grow and that's all thanks To Joe Biden's open borders policies Facilitated by secretary mayorcas Ken Thank you so much you have a big job You're at the center for renewing American we need it thank you so much Ken great to see you this morning we do I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley aart and click here to subscribe To the Fox News YouTube page to catch Our hottest interviews and most Compelling Analysis

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