Democratic pollster says Biden could drop out after the holidays

Democratic pollster says Biden could drop out after the holidays

Democratic pollster David Schoen discusses who could replace President Biden in 2024 and former President Donald Trump gaining ground in key voting demographics on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’ #foxnews #fox #ingraham

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Joining us now and I'm delighted he's With us Doug shown Democratic pollster Former adviser to President Clinton Doug Um this is a truth I think the Democrats Don't want to hear about Joe Biden um And it's coming out in these polls day After day is there a possibility of a Plan B here given how dire this looks Yes I think there is Laura and plan B as I conceive of it and I think it's Realistic is that Joe Biden in the face Of more discouraging polls meets with His family over the holidays and uh Decides that for a variety of reasons The polls his age his health um the Investigations into himself now and Hunter Biden he decides not to run and Plan B and incredible as it may seem is Probably kamla Harris wait I just I think I just my Heart just skipped to beat KLA Harris Okay yeah it might she's more unpopular Than he is I know Laura but this is the Democratic party of 2024 and your Silence is entirely appropriate under The circumstances we Face all right Doug we'll get back to That I hope in a moment but I want to go Over some of the specifics on where Trump is showing these significant gains Over Biden this is since October of 2020 Independence he's up 21% black voters He's up uh 133% with Hispanic voters Black voters 15% and eight points with

Suburban voters a lot of those Suburban Women taking a second look at Trump so That type of erosion and then you add in The youth vote which again I I I kept Looking back saying this this has to be False this can't be true I don't see how AA Harris comes in and turns that around She's just a younger version of the same Old bad policies that don't work I I Think that that is right and I think my Party would do well to look well beyond KLA Harris but uh if at the 11th hour so To speak Joe Biden steps down the filing Dates in a lot of states are passed the Black leadership in the Democratic party Which is responsible after role for the Nomination and indeed election of Joe Biden I think we'll insist that KLA Harris be the nominee and the process Will effectively be wired for her Gavin Nome is the only one I think who would Have an outside chance of contesting the Nomination well and that's why he made The trip to Beijing and he was there to Welcome G you know he's a man who who Has a firm fitting on the international Stage Etc but Janet Yellen was asked um A very prominent Cabinet member of Course treasury secretary uh she also Went over to Beijing she was asked about These numbers this is what she said We're making considerable progress in Bringing inflation down but um Americans Do notice higher prices from what they

Used to be accustomed to I think it's Our job to um explain to Americans what President Biden has done to improve the Economy they keep thinking it's a Messaging problem Doug but the fact of The matter is people are going to the Pumps and going to the grocery stores And they can buy less with the dollars That they're earning they can't change That fact no no Janet yell and attempt At you know redoing the message lamely Is going to change that it's not going To change it I have said all along as You are now saying Laura that to just Believe they can explain the inflation Reduction act which does nothing of the Sort uh is a Fool's errand it's not Going to work bottom line they need need To change policies tighten uh the Southern border once and for all Acknowledge that problem cut spending Reduce the size of government take Meaningful steps to reduce the deficit Bottom line I don't think it's going to Happen uh in a any any chance it happens Uh in this election year but that's what The American people want because the Improvement you cited correctly is Because people are facing economic Stress with 20 25 30% higher prices due To the Biden policies of spend spend Spend during the uh pandemic and as it Was winding Down and all too many Republican

Senators affirming that spending uh Doug Thank you so much great to have your Perspective tonight hey Sean Hannity Here hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere else

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