Democrats are gaslighting Americans over this: David Webb

Democrats are gaslighting Americans over this: David Webb

FOX News contributor David Webb on a group of democratic mayors’ trip to Washington, D.C. and the latest development in House Republicans’ Biden family investigation. #FOXNews

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Let's bring in Fox News contributor David web to talk about this David good Morning to you so you just heard from Mayor Eric Adams there he's headed to Washington today to ask for more money To deal with this migrant crisis ahead Of his trip he also said this is an Unsus unsustainable crisis that is Man-made we must secure our border and Ensure whoever is crossing they go Through the vetting process and ensure That we have a decompression strategy so So far the White House has stuck to Their border policies but given the fact That these top Democrats from around the Country Are now calling for change what happens Next well first of all kudos to Brooke I Read her reporting on this and I have Overtime well done again so let let's Give her a big hat tip on this as for Mayor track suit which is what Eric Adams is you know he's just a prop the Rest of the Democrat mayor is just a Prop even in that statement he talks About the problem but he doesn't Identify who caused the problem Joe Biden Eric Adams all of these Mayors Sylvester Turner in Houston they all Stood up and danced to the tune of we Welcome El legal aliens and by the way The taxpayers didn't choose this problem The politicians like mayor Adams Joe Biden at the top of this camela Harrison

Everyone they created the problems with Their policies so there should be no Surprise here this is a propped up trip To Washington because they now have a Problem let's say you give work permits Which they have this Center open in the Lower east of east side of Manhattan I Believe let's say they give them work Permits where are they going to work Where are the jobs if it takes up to 10 Years to get your hearing are they going To work for 10 years somewhere look at Los Angeles perfect example United 11 a Local union for Hospital uh for hotel Workers 15,000 people on strike and These Hotel years some of them are going Down down to La's Skid Row which has Been there since the 1900s and hiring Illegal aliens to replace the union Workers so what's really going on here Is they're trying to Gaslight and blame The American people for the problems That Democrats Democrat administrations And leftist open border policies have Pushed and by the way on the Daran Gap Irano Mika who is the PUO INF froner Director with dual citizenship with us And Mexico an organization funded by George Soros out of Chicago is the Leader of the new Caravan he does media He talks about it he has pushed these These issues since 2013 since he's been The director and we are getting the Results of democrat policies left us

Open border policies and to the Taxpayers in these cities you elected These officials you chose this so now You have to live with a problem you help Create okay so there's also this let's Get to the ongoing investigation into The Biden family business and there is This $40,000 check that James comr is Now focused on address to Joe Biden here He is talking about it last night with Shan Hannity watch this most alarming About this $40,000 check it traces Directly back to China it it goes all The way back to that WhatsApp message That the ways and means Hunter Biden Gets put on the board of barisma fact Number one fact number two he's not Qualified to be on the board of barisma Fact number three the head of uh barisma Tell ask Hunter Biden can you help us Relieve the pressure we are under from The Ukrainian prosecutor fact number Four Joe Biden does just that after Hunter Biden asked him to he goes to Ukraine and gets the prosecutor fired First thing James comr said In that clip We just played most alarming thing about This $40,000 check it traces directly Back to China he also says this money Exposes President Biden of future Blackmail here we go again on this story David 40,000 do of millions of dollars Of over what 20 shell companies nothing To see here look Joe Biden remember he

Stood up and said show me the money Here's the money now it's only $40,000 but under criminal code that's a Direct tie and it should go further and To the Congress to James comr and to all Of them Jim Jordan and others that have Been fighting to expose the corruption In the Biden family they need to take This further can they get it through Christopher Ray and the FBI can they get Criminal referrals Beyond they should Subpoena Hunter Biden subpena the others And then yes subpoena the president of The United States enough we are seeing This on full display and all they seem To care about in the Biden crime family Is while he's in the presidency they're Protected and after he's out of the Presidency who knows what happens then All they care about is where we are now And where they are now they need to be Investigated those subpoenas need to go Out he has full subpoena Powers James Comr should use it David Webb thank you For joining us this morning have a great Day thank you Carly great to see you Always good talking to you I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley Aart and click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis

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