Democrats are hiding Biden: Ari Fleischer

Democrats are hiding Biden: Ari Fleischer

Panelists Ari Fleischer, Mark Penn, Lee Carter react to liberals panicking over President Biden’s re-election campaign on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’

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Here now with reaction Fox News Contributor Ari Fleer the Harris poll Chairman Mark Penn along with pollster Lee Carter you know Ari I began Specifically with those pieces from The Washington Post in Politico they have a Lot of sources and Democrat circles this Is based on at least 42 Democrat sources there's a lot of Angst you know this we're both former Press secretaries you don't want these Pieces landing on your Desk no and let talk about one of my Favorite things in that Washington Post Article was Democrats at the White House Saying they want them to walk less so The PE public doesn't see him have Difficulty walking so what's the most Concrete thing they've done they have Stopped him from walking up the big Majestic steps to the top of Air Force One and he goes in the baby steps on the Bottom but Kaylee as you know once you Enter the bottom level of Air Force One There's no elevator there's nothing that Gets you to the higher levels making it Easier there's an inner staircase so the Only thing they're doing is hiding Joe Biden there is no reason to have him Take those lower steps nothing is easier For him he still has to climb but it's The only way they can hide him and That's unfortunately the reality of what You have to deal with when you're

Dealing with an 81y old they are hiding The president so the country cannot see The difficulties he has that's a shame That is not what you do with a president It's it's basement campaign 2.0 except This time it's the Oval Office you know Mark in one of these pieces Ron Clan was Asked at one of these Swanky events that Both parties have he was asked you know What's the backup plan to which he Replied there is no backup plan that Seems inconceivable to me given the Polling given the president's age do you Think there's a backup Plan when your age is twice your Approval rating that is a problem no Question about it but but I don't think That there is going to be a change here In the nominee in that NBC poll 77% of Democrats picked Biden for the nominee He's got the full party Machinery he Wants to run again he is running so I Don't think there's a plan B Biden has a Year I've worked with presidents before So is Ari a year was a long time in Presidential history and let's face it If people thought the economy was going Well they wouldn't care about his age It's really about the economy Immigration crime and key issues he's Got a year to fix yeah Year's a long Time Lee and I I mean you look at the Polls eight National polls have Trump Beating Biden that's got to cause

Trepidation among Democrats but among Republicans polls haven't always Translated to electoral victories I Think of the Red Wave for instance so Where are We when you look at what happened with The Red Wave there was there was Something else that was going on there Though because a lot of people were Saying that the economy was the number One concern but really there was also Abortion on the ballot and a lot of Women's issues that hurt uh Democrats it I hurt Republicans in addition there Were a lot of weak candidates um on the Republican ticket so this is a very Different situation because you're Looking at polling that says this is Trump versus Biden not just generic Ballot Just this is exactly what people Are looking at it does not look good uh For Joe Biden right now and there's a Couple of things that I would be most Concerned about if I were him number one He is losing significant numbers among Younger voters he carried young voters By a lot uh last time it doesn't look Like he's going to be able to do that The other thing that is really damning In some these polls is his favorability Among Independents two and three are Saying they look at him unfavorably 55% I'm sorry 65% of even Democrats say they Don't think he's fit mentally fit for

Office so these numbers are really Really staggering and he can't just get Through them by denying it um and he's Not going to be able to do it by hiding Either I mean to AR's point you can't Stop him from walking you can't stop him From Talking he's got to get out there And tell his story and and you know you Heard Yellen today say it's her job to Tell his story no it's not it's his job He's got to get out there and convince The American people he's up for the job And right now it's not looking good all Right you know to that point you know I I worked on a campaign you always know The Achilles heel of your boss you know Their strengths you know their Weaknesses this is a huge weakness for Biden his age how as a team do you Unwind that do you reverse the Conception the perception rather of the American People well there's only one way and That's to turn him into benjam button And watch him get younger and that's not Going to happen and so it really is a Huge problem for the Democrats and what A massive opportunity for Republicans Whether the nominee is President Trump Or Nikki Haley or somebody else as I've Like to say and I've said it forever Don't don't compare Donald Trump to the Almighty compare him to the alternative And the alternative is Joe Biden I I am

I'm just struck by how the Democrats are Create committing political suicide it Is beyond belief that they are putting Up the worst two candidates against Donald Trump in the country there is Nobody who is lose easier to Donald Trump than Joe Biden and KLA Harris yet That is the path that Democrats are on It's inexplicable and that's why I think You're going to see huge pressure built Around Joe Biden to get him to drop out Right before the convention I think that Pressure is going to build Mark you know In the wake of the 2023 elections not a Good night for Republicans yet again not Not a good night in 2022 for Republicans But in the wake of that election Politico said there there are two camps Of Democrats there's the time to freak Out Democrats because they see the Weakness of Joe Biden and there's the Time to chill out Democrats because they Keep doing well in elections which Camp Are you chill out or freak Out I've been in the freakout camp for a Long time I've been calling attention to These same numbers I mean Trump has been Ahead in in the Harris pulse for months Uh Biden's been in this kind of doldrums Particularly I thought he had a very bad Summer uh but I come back to you know Biden like Trump in many ways has Managed to have nine lives time and time Again everybody thought he was out you

Know last time in the Democratic primary And suddenly he was in everybody thought He was going to lose and he went and he Won so I do think you're going to see Democrats hold on to that but the Reality is we've got to see economic Improvement that's what this election is Really about not about age Lee one thing That that Biden team has done well is Mobilize an army of influencers to reach Jenz to reach Millennials you mention Trump is doing very well with this Cohort um unusually well for any Republican but the day before the Midterms Biden brought all the Tik Tock Influencers into the oval and the days Before I should say with an aggregate Following of 67 million Obama met with Them they toured DC how powerful and how Difficult is that to combat this Army of Influencers that has a huge Megaphone be really hard to combat the The army of influencers because they can Mobilize on key issues because some of The polling that I've seen suggests that Seven and 10 Independent Women are going To be driven to the polls this election Cycle because of abortion in three of Our key States uh abortion is going to Be on the ballot seven and 10 Independent Women nine in 10 Democratic Women and so if influencers are really Able to get out there and mobilize on That issue I don't think they're going

To be able to mobilize on Joe Biden but If they're going to be able to mobilize On women's issues they could have a lot Of success and I think that Republicans Must come up with an answer that is an All of the above answer that isn't just To say they have to change their Position on abortion but what they do Need to do is change perceptions on how They view women and so they need to come Up with a women's agenda that are going To mobilize them just as much because These influen are going to be hard to Beat especially on that particular issue Great Point Ari fer Mark pen Lee Carter Thank you hey Sean Hannity here hey Click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere Else

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