Democrats torched over ‘crazy’ proposal protecting LGBTQ+ migrants

Democrats torched over 'crazy' proposal protecting LGBTQ+ migrants

Fox News contributor Sara Carter joined ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ to discuss the ‘crazy’ proposal and California leaning on the National Guard to curb the fentanyl crisis. #FoxNews

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If Democrats have their way illegal Immigrants who identify as lgbtq may not Be held in custody after crossing the Border special status the bill aims to Protect quote vulnerable people it also Applies to those who do not speak English And as calls grow to impeach DHS Secretary Alejandro mayorkas he is Focusing on an AI task force just who You want in charge of that all right Well Fox News contributor Sarah Carter Has seen the crisis at the border and She joins us now Sarah always great to Have you good morning Um What do you make I mean like I've always Known that you know what the priorities Of this Administration but it was still Very jarring to see this list and to see That political persecution which was Always why we let people come into our Country was at the bottom of the list I I think it's crazy Rachel and it goes To show you the hypocrisy in this Administration but we've seen this Um this isn't you know now it's very Public but uh for the last uh three Years that I've I've been watching as People are claiming to be lgbtq in an Effort to stay in the country so they Already know that this is a loophole Um I guess this is the way that the Biden Administration can make it very

Very public so that people can continue To come into this country illegally all They do have to do is claim it they I Remember talking to a young man who had Crossed the border when I was in Yuma Arizona and uh he had said to me you Know I was told if I say I'm gay I get To stay so I don't think that's going to Be a problem for me and I said well are You gay and he said no no I'm not I'm Just going to say it so uh they already Understand the loopholes the cartels Will already brief them on these Loopholes and and they'll get to stay in The country so will the ngos by the way Oh yeah absolutely absolutely and a big Part of this a big part of this is what Is happening over in Central America and Mexico when the ngos and other lawyers Immigration lawyers as well that work For the mgos brief what they are clients Future clients and they do that even Here in the United States interestingly Enough I spoke with an Immigration and Customs enforcement officer this week About that and about the adjudication Process of getting people into the United States that's where they do the Interviews and many times what ice Officers will tell me is that they don't Even carry identifiers so we know a lot Of the people that come in won't even be Hearing their identification they'll Make up who they are and they'll even

Make up their age so think about this They'll come in saying that they're a Young person so they'll give an age of Like 17 when they're actually like 26 so Then they move these folks into Facilities where they are holding Younger people And exposing the younger children to Older uh adults post 18 and those Children are be now susceptible to be Abused by older folks so this is a Problem that we've seen across the board For sure just when you thought I Couldn't get Wilder they expose exactly What they want hopefully this bill never Becomes law but it's already happening On the border as you talked about Sarah But we want to get your take real quick On something else happening in California you know the Border has Brought in unfortunately tragically uh Deadly amounts of Fentanyl and it's Happening in multiple streets including San Francisco in California governor Newsom is now directing the National Guard in California to try to deal with The fentanyl crisis here's what he said On Friday said two truths can coexist at The same time San Francisco's violent Crime rate is below comparably sized Cities like Jacksonville and Fort Worth So we've got to take a swipe in Florida And Texas and there's also more we can Do to address public safety concerns

Including the fentanyl crisis we're Taking action so now they deploy the National Guard to deal with the drug Crisis they won't address otherwise That's absolutely again we're seeing the Hypocrisy see right on the part of the Democrats and particularly on the part Of this Administration you know that Border has been wide open now and Purposefully open uh we the Biden Administration made it very clear when They overturned everything that President Trump had put in place uh with His executive orders and so the Border Became a sieve for Fentanyl and for Other narcotics coming into the United States like crystal meth but if you just Focus on Fentanyl and the fentanyl Crisis one of the issues that has been Very downplayed by this Administration They haven't addressed it frankly is the Fact that the Chinese Communist party Has been pumping in precursor chemicals Into Mexico so that these Mexican Cartels can then create these Counterfeit pills that come on our Streets they make an exorbitant amount Of money of them hundreds of billions of Dollars in cash that flow back by the Way through Chinese Banks so they Launder the money the Mexican cartels Through Chinese Communist Party Affiliated Bank thanks so we have no Access to them our streets are flooded

We've lost over a hundred thousand young People Um as well as Americans to this crisis Sixty percent from Fentanyl and all you Have to do is walk through the streets Of San Francisco go to Pennsylvania Unfortunately to Philadelphia and Kensington you can see it spreading and I even see it here in Texas in San Antonio so it's moving across the United States it's a little too late for Governor Newsom and for this Administration to actually act like They're going to do something about it Because I don't buy it well Sarah it's Great to talk to you this morning thanks For getting up early with us we always Appreciate your perspective Sarah Carter

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