DeSantis-Disney battle ramps up: ‘These days are over’

DeSantis-Disney battle ramps up: 'These days are over'

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody weighs in on Disney’s lawsuit against Gov. Ron DeSantis over the loss of their special district status. #FoxNews

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I don't think the suit has Merit I think It's political they had no Accountability no transparency none of That and and that Arrangement was not Good for the State of Florida we did not Think that that should continue so we Now have brought accountability and so The idea that somehow uh being Pro-business means giving companies Their own governments that is not what a Free market is all about the days of Putting one company on a pedestal with No accountability are over Wow uh overnight uh just about actually Two hours ago Governor Rhonda Sanderson Israel hitting back at Disney as the House of mouse files a lawsuit accusing Him of quote government retaliation After he revoked the special tax Privileges it has enjoyed for more than 50 years Florida attorney general Ashley Moody joins us now so this thing is uh Getting deeper and deeper Mr in general Your reaction to this lawsuit Well you know off the that I was puzzled That they would even name DeSantis as a Defendant in this case you know it was The Florida legislator and the central Florida oversight board that took Actions that effectively eliminated uh Special privileges or a self-governing Authority of of Disney uh and so you Know it puzzled me and you know you Wonder if it was an attempt by Disney

Maybe to put pressure on this Governor To shut him up to make him start stop Talking about these privileges or maybe Stop talking about their change in Approach to kids but I can tell you I Have spent a lot of time with this Governor he is driven by principles and Convictions period not corporate Pressure not even a lawsuit against them Uh he won't back down so I give these Lawyers an a for effort it was certainly Creative legal drafting but I don't see This changing anything thing and the way DeSantis approaches his State and making Sure that he's treating everyone fairly Well they say that it's he's uh they're This is a targeted campaign of Government retaliation and it started When they came weighing in and Mislabeled a bill that don't say gay Bill which it wasn't and they spoke out About it and he said really well why are You enjoying this autonomous status I Think I'll take it away but before they Left they had their board before they Dissolved themselves re-established this Autonomous status what is the legal move There to take that back away Well really where this really started is You had leaders in the Florida Legislature that looked at whether these Special Districts should still be Operating those that were set up before Our Constitution addressed these Special

Districts at a certain point in time uh And and I think really this lawsuit you Know they want they will assert and Certainly they have done illegal Drafting this has something to do with Their Free Speech but really they're Upset that the legislature took a Re-examination of these Special Districts and when they were right Um when they were created and then took Action that did away with self-governing Status and special privileges so you Know again there could be many reasons This lawsuit was brought the court Probably is because they're trying to Protect Um or go against the Florida legislature That made some decisions regarding these Special Districts right I guess we're Going to find out uh do you guys have a Legal move or just to defend yourself is There something you're going to counter Sue Well certainly the governor has been Named as a defendant as well as this Central Florida Another 80 within our State you know again I Will tell you I've been a judge I've Been a lawyer I serve as the Attorney General now I don't believe the governor Should be named as a defendant in this Suit I think there were probably other Reasons for that move by Council and

Certainly we will Um make sure that we put forth that Argument but you're not stopping the Fight you're still looking to do this to Get away from Reedy Creek and just make Them part of Orlando Well again that those that that decision And Leadership decisions and how Florida Law comes out we'll be up to our Legislative leaders they're the ones That took this uh took this action and And the central Florida oversight board Took actions as well that will be up to Them uh you know the governor certainly Is not going to back down from pointing Things out that's his job as Governor to Talk about what is in the best interest Of the State of Florida I can tell you He does that every day and will continue To do that uh attorney general Ashley Moody thanks so much All right this story is moving quick I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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