Details revealed on Biden’s upcoming 2024 announcement

Details revealed on Biden’s upcoming 2024 announcement

Rep. Debbie Dingell, D-Mich., joined ‘Fox News Sunday’ to discuss President Biden’s potential re-election bid, the debt ceiling, and the U.S.’s aid to Afghanistan.

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Within a few days President Biden is Expected to officially announce a Re-election campaign he's already facing Two Democratic challengers in polls show There is a relatively negative view of The job he's done so far joining me now To discuss democratic congresswoman from Michigan Debbie Dingle congresswoman Welcome back to Fox News Sunday Good morning Shannon good to be with you Okay so you know that listen when we Talk about approval ratings by an Average of 11 points the president is Underwater there we've got polling out Of key early States like New Hampshire Where half of the Democratic primary Voters there say Don't run the AP 73 Percent of people say they don't want Him to run again how worried are you About a potential lack of enthusiasm on The 24 election for this President and Should he give someone else a chance I'm not worried at all you will remember Who you were talking to I'm someone that Does not believe in polls they're a Snapshot in time I told all of you in 216 that I thought Donald Trump could Win and then that Donald Trump was going To win and even on Election night I was Debating whether he was going to win on Headlines and I was right so uh you know When I'm out there I'm talking to people And I'm I'm in communities and they Don't you don't know who he's going to

Be running against in the midwest people Think Joe Biden understands their Challenges they think that he's someone That cares and when we are in the midst Of a campaign I think you will see Strong enthusiasm and passion for the Outcome of the election next year so one Of the things he's got to deal with here Domestically we were just talking about Is the debt ceiling and he had said Absolutely no negotiations over that Then there was a conversation about well We need to see the House GOP budget he's Got that now from the speaker laying out A plan Senator Joe says it's time to get Moving here's what he says You should be able to respectfully Disagree and sit down and talk about Your differences my difference is this I Believe that we have to get our finances In control and under under control our Debt you know if you can't manage your Debt you're in serious problems and ours Is going out of control You have also said this has got to start Progressing what's your message for the White House this morning So I have two messages here I want to be Very clear that raising the debt ceiling Is a separate discussion from spending It is making sure that we pay our bills We did it three times during the Trump Administration and both president Trump And President Reagan said you should not

Play games with raising the debt ceiling Honoring our bills it hurts us Internationally with where we are now so Let me be clear we need to pay our bills We need to honor them and if we were Into any way shape or form default on Our spending our working men and women Across the country would have immediate Consequences of increased credit card Bills auto payments mortgage payments Etc do I think that that people should Sit down anybody who knows me so let's Get the debt ceiling done let's not play Games let's not we shouldn't be doing it And it's already hurting uh into what's Going to happen in our economy Threatening Etc do I think that we Should all be talking about how do we uh Cut our spending I'm always somebody That says sit down at the table talk to Each other listen to each other I think It's very important I'm concerned about The budget that they put forward this Week and I'm not sure he's got the votes For it or not because I don't think There are some Republicans that want to Vote to cut education reduce veteran Spending by 22 percent that's going to Hurt veterans health care it's going to Hurt Meals on Wheels it's going to hurt Cancer research it's going to hurt law Enforcement First Responders and I do Think that we got to look at who should Be paying their fair share I want to

Bring manufacturing back to this country That budget is going to continue to Support offshoring but I want to sit at The table I want to have discussions Because Joe manchin is Right President Biden is Right everybody's right we got To work towards reducing our spending But doing it in the right way that it Doesn't hurt working men and women in This country and help the billionaires And corporations who aren't paying taxes Yeah and just as we've noted on the show Before back in 2006 President Biden said He was a no vote as a senator then on The debt ceiling on raising it because He said it was just rewarding Reckless Spending and it wasn't an unexpected Situation so the tables have turned We'll see how they do on that but one of The things that the speaker has proposed Is getting people back to work who are Able-bodied do not have dependents at Home President Biden himself said this In 96 when voting for work requirements He said the culture of welfare must be Replaced with the culture of work the Culture of dependence must be replaced With the culture of self-sufficiency and Personal responsibility we've got 10 Million job openings in this country Recent survey shows about three quarters Of Americans they back work requirements So why not as part of this proposal get People back to work again if they're

Able-bodied and there are no dependents At home So I do want to see people get back to Work if they can we do have job openings But I want to talk about the challenges That people are facing in the workforce You just talked about it and you know Women are the ones that left the Workforce during covid more than anybody Child carries and available it's too Expensive 54 of people over 50 in this Country are caring for someone that is Older is elderly we have to have the Support system in place so people can go Back but again just to be clear and These on these particular proposals it Wouldn't apply to people who have Dependents at home it wouldn't apply to Pregnant women I look we had a there may be people look I think everything should be on the Table that's why I say we go to the Table and talk about it but I also want To say that there are people that want To work that aren't able to work either So let's sit down let's talk about how You do it but I really want people to Understand I have talked to so many People who want to go back into the Workplace but for many different reasons Cannot do it and I think we've got to Address that as well caregiving being I Think the biggest issue the president This week laid out addressing that issue

But caregiving makes all other work Possible and we have a crisis in this Country let's also talk about uh tax Dollars when it comes to foreign policy Because this week the special Investigator overlooking Afghanistan and What's happening with her money there he He testified before the house oversight Committee and essentially said he's been Stonewalled by this Administration in Trying to track the money that we are Sending into Afghanistan here's some of What he said Unfortunately As I sit here today I cannot assure this Committee or the American taxpayer we Are not currently funding the Taliban Nor can I assure you that the Taliban Are not diverting the money we are Sending from the intended recipients Which are the poor Afghan people and That comes on the backs of this headline From The Washington Post Afghanistan has Become a terrorism staging ground again How do you reassure the American people That our money is not flowing to Terrorism Well he's sincerely hope that our money Is not flowing to terrorism I think Pentagon's got to do a better job of Showing us uh that that is not happening But I am worried about I've spent so Much of my career trying to help the Women in Afghanistan and what is

Happening to them now makes me so Devastated that we need to ensure that Those dollars are going where they're Intended to do in a way that we can get Them there and uh I think as we need to Ask questions and get answers but I we Have a lot of people in Afghanistan that Helped us As Americans when we were There and we need to be helping them Yeah and especially getting those out That we're counting on that promise I Want to ask you about a whistleblower That came forward this week to Democrats And Republicans in Congress a longtime Supervisory agent in the IRS saying Essentially they have information that There may be political problems going on With a potential case there it's Believed to be about Hunter Biden would You want to hear from that whistleblower So I have two different things I want to Say one I want to make it really clear That President Biden has made clear Since he went into office that there Should be an independence of the justice Department in any investigation and I Think he has tried to make that clear I Support whistleblowers as a matter of Fact uh I think whistleblower should be Able to come forward give us information Protect their identity and I've LED Information to put more protections Around them I don't know what the facts Of this case are I have no details and

I'm not going to speculate on things That I don't know but was plaro's play An important part in our government if They believe that there is wrong doing And they do need to be protected okay And quickly I want to ask you about the Supreme Court leaving mifoprestone the Abortion pill on the market while the Legal fight about it plays out I want to Read you something from a pro-life OB GYN who wrote about this battle and the Fact that she says the FDA has ignored Safety issues with the pill she says This It Fast Track abortion pill using Its accelerated drug approval Authority Ludicrously designating pregnancy is a Quote serious or life-threatening Illness she says as many as seven Percent of women who use abortion pills Early in pregnancy need follow-up Surgery up to 15 percent will Experiencing Hemorrhage and 2 percent Will have an infection so why shouldn't That be part of the conversation legal And otherwise shouldn't the fda's number One priority be patient safety The number one priority FDA needs to be About patient safety I don't think the Supreme Court and I think they made that Clear this week it um you had Conservative justices joining uh with Others that sent it back to the courts And have set let the FDA do their job You know I think a lot of people don't

Understand what they wanted to do was to Ban a drug that also is used in Cushing Syndrome I was a woman that suffered From meteorosis and was trying to get Pregnant it helps fibroid urine Endometriosis FDA is the scientific Agency that is supposed to ensure that Patients are safe and study these drugs I'm certainly not in a position to know That I'm not a medical expert nor do I Think the Supreme Court Justices are and We have agencies designed and set up to Do the scientific process and that's Where I think the responsibility belongs We will watch that legal battle play out Congresswoman Dingle thank you so much For your time subscribe to the Fox News YouTube YouTube channel to catch our Nightly opens stories that are changing The world and changing your life from Tucker Carlson tonight

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